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LaVonne Ackerman
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What was your favorite grade in school?: LaVonne Ackerman

Hello there! Do you remember back in the day when you were in school? Did you have a favorite grade that you liked more than all the others? I’m not talking about A, B, C, D and F! I mean … more

Don’t forget to celebrate Grandparents Day: LaVonne Ackerman

Well, hello September! We are facing the final weeks of summer, but now some of us must focus on school. Many of us who don’t have to worry about classes, homework and school rules might … more

Students describe perfect school day: LaVonne Ackerman

Are you easing back into the swing of things? School things, that is! Remember back when you were a student. Did you long for the perfect school day? Read what some area kids are saying about this in … more

Before you know it, it will be autumn: LaVonne Ackerman

Eeeeek! School is right around the corner! Quick, do something summery ... drink water out of the garden hose, play flashlight tag, and have a popsicle or two! On the other hand, some of you may … more

It’s mid-August ... are you all ready for school to start?: LaVonne Ackerman

Hello, people! We can’t get much more in the middle of the month than the 15th. I hope you are enjoying August. The first day of school is in about 11 days, depending on where you attend. … more

Could we save some sunshine for winter?: LaVonne Ackerman

Hello, everyone! I hope your August is going well. Can you believe how fast the days are going by? What do you need to do before the back-to-school grind starts? I would like to ride my bike, … more

August is here, so don’t let summer slip away: Lavonne Ackerman

Welcome August! We love you, and we love summer. You are our last chance to do all the things we hoped to do this summer! There are lots of things coming up, and so much to enjoy. Have a … more

Goodbye to July, and hello to August: LaVonne Ackerman

Hi, folks. Time to soon say goodbye to another summer month. So, as we say goodbye to July, let’s look ahead and see what exciting things we can do next month. What do you have on your … more

Here are suggestions for a ‘staycation’: LaVonne Ackerman

Have you been on vacation this summer? Maybe you are driving to the beach, maybe to the mountains or maybe you are flying. Have you ever considered a “staycation”? This is when you … more

Help me answer my Questions of the Week: LaVonne Ackerman

Here it is, almost the middle of July! How does summer vacation go by so quickly? It seemed that it was just yesterday I was at the Kunkel Elementary School Spring Fair on June 3. I sat at a table, … more
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