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Sound Off - 04/29/15


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Forgive the person(s) and their actions – never give in to hate, let it go, set it free and Karma will take care of what is meant to be.”

• “I recently realized that the school bus is dropping off the middle school students first, then the high school students. Doesn’t the high school start first? If it’s because of the new school construction, then maybe that should have been put in the budget for two buses so some kids aren’t rushing in the morning.”

• “Why isn’t there a boys’ volleyball team for Middletown?”

• “We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.”

• “Why don’t the gay people take a field trip to Russia and tell me how they liked it?”

• “If you want change, do not vote for Chris McNamara.”

• “Harborton Place is starting to turn into a race track with people always getting on the gas. They won’t be happy ‘til they hit someone or a child.”

• “When you micro-manage employees, it’ll begin to take a toll on morale and productivity. When you butt into affairs that truly do not concern you, or there is a staff on hand that is paid to deal with certain situations, then you should know that you need to let that person do their job and not overstep your boundaries. There are a lot of good employees that go above and beyond what they are required to do – however, if actions like this keep up, eventually it will cease.”

• “I fully support the female candidate for township commissioner. Hopefully she can be a breath of fresh air on the board.”

• “Save our town! Let’s vote new faces into office on May 19.”

• “It looks like the political action committee Concerned Citizens of Lower Swatara Twp. is starting to use the Sound-Off column as a communications forum.”

• “If you have to sneak to do it, lie to cover it up or delete it to avoid it being seen, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.”

• “Coaches, watch hazing. Just because of talent or team status doesn’t mean they are allowed. If they are belittling and not supporting or encouraging their teammates, kick them off, or you will be.”

• “When is the borough going to stop neglecting what it already has? Why does the borough not care about MABA? They used to help for years and now they receive no help at all. One would think the borough would have some pride in the baseball fields for when visitors come they won’t think the rest of Middletown is as run-down. Also, the borough for the second year in a row has let the football club have their carnival during baseball season. That takes up two baseball fields that numerous teams play on and now have to move games all over. Why are coaches and volunteers putting their money and time into borough property?”

• “I'd like to comment on a post submitted for Sound Off on 4/15/15: ‘Beware citizens of Lower Swatara, I hear that President Mehaffie is friends with Middletown Borough President McNamara. It is just a matter of time before he has us in the hole like the borough! I am sure in no time he will be talking about disbanding the Police Department, and higher taxes and sewer rates!’ The borough is debt free! Mr. McNamara didn't create the financial problems within the borough. You have the former borough manager Stonehill and his gang to thank for that. You should stop complaining and start getting involved! Where do you think the money should come from if you don't want to pay higher property taxes? The salaries, retirement funds and medical benefits are out of control within the police departments across the state. Mr. Mehaffie has done well to maintain a business and he'll do well serving Lower Swatara.”

• “So disappointed with our mayor. Not sure why he can't get along with the people on council. To call any resident or council member a name or to badmouth a resident or council member is unacceptable. He should be a role model for our youth. His posts on Facebook are childish and unprofessional.”

• “The mayor questions how much the clock renovations will cost the taxpayers. He likes to create conflict with those who are trying to improve our borough. If it's not his idea or he's not getting the recognition, he fights it. Please, Mr. Mayor, stop creating drama. The ICDA as part of the streetscape project is paying for the $75,000 renovations for the clock. You knew this! You just like to start drama on Facebook. You should be a more positive representative of the borough.”

• “A certain commissioner would like to take the police department down to the minimum manpower to save money – one police officer on at a time. Let your voice be heard and support your police department, Lower Swatara Twp. Your officers work truly hard and are dedicated to the township. Help them, and help them continue to provide the best and professional services you deserve and expect.”