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911 Gibson Blvd
Steelton, PA 17113
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In response to Sections 324 and 301 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, the Dauphin County Local Emergency Planning Committee has set forth the following guidelines in regard to requests for information (plans, data sheets, forms and follow-up notices) by the public. Should any member of the community make a request, the following procedures will be taken:

1. All requests for information shall meet the following conditions:

a) The request is issued in writing to:

Chairperson, Dauphin County LEPC

c/o Dauphin County EMA

911 Gibson Blvd.

Steelton, PA 17113-1899

Phone (717) 558-6800

Fax (717) 558-6850

b) The request specifically describes the document and/or information being requested;

c) The request states how the information is to be provided to the requestor; and

d) The request includes the requestor’s name and a daytime telephone number.

2. Requests will be reviewed against Section 324 of the Emergency Planning And Community Right-to-Know Act and the Dauphin County Right-to-Know Law Policy/Procedure.

3. Upon approval of a request, the LEPC will make the requested information available to the requestor within 30 business days of its approval to honor the request.

4. Upon the request by an owner or operator of a facility subject to the requirements of SARA section 312, the LEPC shall withhold from disclosure, the location of any specific chemical listed on a tier II inventory report.

5. Costs associated with copying and mailing the requested information will be paid in advance by the requestor.

6. Should the request be made for information not in the possession of the LEPC, the request will be forwarded to a representative of the facility that is the subject of the request. The LEPC will notify the requestor that their request has been forwarded.

By Order of the Board

#101DC 0110-1T

Posted 12/31/1969