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It’s time to take advantage of Penn State offerings: Susannah Gal

I saw with joy the sign across Main Street at North Union — “Welcome Back Students.” What a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the new term at Penn State Harrisburg … more

Learning from the past on the free market: Mike Folmer

Irish-born political thinker and British statesman Edmund Burke said: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” King George III should have listened to Mr. Burke, … more

Don’t gamble the planet’s future on unproven technologies: Hugh Sealy

A group of senators recently introduced a bill that aims to combat climate change by funding research into “negative emission technologies,” which take greenhouse gases out of the … more

International air travel: What a nightmare it is!: Ed O'Connor

It took five weeks and a total of 16,130 miles for our round trip from Cuenca, Ecuador, to Romania. Traveling would be great if Scotty could just “beam us up.” As it is, going vast … more

U.S. health system not as bad as study says: Sally Pipes

America spends twice as much on health care as its peers in the developed world yet fares worse on a range of health indicators, including life expectancy and infant mortality. That’s the … more

Taxpayers deserve explanations when government grows: Mike Folmer

I’ve searched both the U.S. and Pennsylvania constitutions and I can’t find it. Where is it written government must grow each and every year? Why isn’t government expected to live … more

Federal Reserve is ruling the swamp: Paul Heise

“At present, near-record high annual growth in the broadest U.S. money measure M3 is suggesting a significant inflation problem in the year ahead.” So proclaimed the oracles of the … more

New anti-fracking study combines old news and flawed science: Regina Thomson

Two environmentalist groups just released a scathing report which concluded that “fracking” — a technique for extracting oil and natural gas from underground shale rock formations … more

Here are multiple ways we can easily reduce energy usage: Susannah Gal

How much of the world’s energy costs come from our buildings? Any guesses? It’s more than 70 percent. Amazing. Thus, if we want to reduce our trajectory of using our finite energy … more

Good news, bad news, missed chances in final Pennsylvania budget: Nathan Benefield

For most of Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration, the state budget process has been contentious at best and downright hostile at worst. His first three years featured months-long impasses, vetoes, … more
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