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Sheldon Richman: The Iranian 'threat' is fictitious

By Sheldon Richman   President Barack Obama, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have at least one thing in common when it comes to Iran: All are guilty of flagrant … more

Dave Hickernell: ObamaCare will cost more than our state can afford

By Dave Hickernell It is now widely known that the original cost of $940 billion for the first 10 years for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, was grossly inaccurate. more

James Koutz: We face a defense disaster

According to dictionary.com, a popular definition of sequestration is removal or separation. Although the term sequestration is being bandied about in relation to massive defense cuts that threaten our nation’s military readiness, I prefer the … more

Douglas Shoen: Seniors may decide who wins the elction

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney will need to carefully consider how they approach the issue of Medicare in the coming weeks. more

Frank Ryan: Middle East rioting and our appeasement policy

Sticks and stones!Few people would consider denigrating any religion or person to be a reasonable, mature and decent way to behave. more

Editor's Voice: A legal fight that seems like a waste of our money

There were few fireworks at the most recent Middletown Borough Authority, despite the potential political clash set up by a Borough Council vote last month to replace the authority’s chairman. more

Peter Calcara: We face a pension crisis now

Pennsylvania’s pension systems are at a crisis point. Not at some point in the future. Right now. more

Publisher's Voice: You have a right to know

“A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both.” – James MadisonOver the past year, Middletown residents have voiced frustration over the scant … more

Editor's Voice: Police need the power to issue emergency alerts

The Nixle alert system is a good tool for police to warn residents of an emergency by e-mail or text messages, or to reassure them that an emergency no longer exists.Middletown’s police department has used it in the past, but didn’t on Aug. 19 … more

Paul Heise: The fall of the WASP elite has thrown us into chaos

The white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (WASP) elite that governed our country since its founding has collapsed. The social and political structure of our country is in chaos, with no replacement elite in sight. This change is strange for how little it … more
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