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Pa. Lottery is breaking the law with Internet games: David La Torre

Right now, if you go to pailottery.com you can sign up to “demo” the lottery’s new online casino-like games. That includes your children. Not only is the Pennsylvania Lottery … more

Hurricane Trump, Season 2, will have same result: Wim Laven

A year ago, I wrote about the problems in Houston. I wrote with great frustration about political expedience, poor planning and supreme errors in judgment coupled with selfishness, but things have … more

Animal lovers should love animal testing: It helps saves lives of pets: Matthew Bailey

A team of researchers is testing a groundbreaking vaccine that could prevent cancer in dogs. About 800 dog owners have volunteered their healthy canine companions for a clinical trial. The pets … more

Learn about diversity in our community and how we are better for it: Susannah Gal

While I have talked several times about my love of dancing, I have not talked much about one of my other pastimes — quilting. I’ve not done a lot of quilting, although I really … more

Shed light on rights of new workers: Charles Mitchell

Labor Day marked 10 weeks since the Supreme Court ruled in Janus vs. AFSCME that government employees should not be forced to pay a union or risk losing their jobs. In Pennsylvania, that means … more

We must work hard to close our cultural gap: James Miller

How can elites stop another Donald Trump from ascending to the top of the political hierarchy? I know outside the Washington beltway and the isle of Manhattan, the question is perturbing, maybe … more

Tougher penalties for litterbugs: Tom Mehaffie

Take a quick drive down one of our local highways and it’s clear that fines alone are not enough to deter people from littering. From cigarette butts to old electronics and tires, our … more

Travel adventures continue as we reach Romania: Ed O'Connor

As continued from my last column regarding our trip to Europe … Finally, with Madrid in the rear-view mirror, Romania was just a four-hour, 1,300-mile flight away. Oops — not … more

"Medication-assisted treatment" can help curb opioid abuse: Mark Parrino

Every day, approximately 170 Americans die from an opioid overdose. The opioid crisis has been building for 30 years. It started with physicians over-prescribing painkillers and has now morphed … more

It’s time to take advantage of Penn State offerings: Susannah Gal

I saw with joy the sign across Main Street at North Union — “Welcome Back Students.” What a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the new term at Penn State Harrisburg … more
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