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Middletown Area School Board policies


Board Procedures:

              -Policy 002: Authority and Powers

              -Policy 003:  Functions

              -Policy 004:  Membership

              -Policy 005:  Organization

              -Policy 006:  Meetings

              -Policy 011:  Board Governance Standards/ Code of Conduct


             -Policy 101:  Philosophy of Education

             -Policy 102:  Academic Standards

             -Policy 103:  Nondiscrimination 

             -Policy 104:  Nondiscrimination in Employment

             -Policy 105:  Curriculum Development

             -Policy 105.1:  Curriculum Review by Parents and Students

             -Policy 105.2:  Exemption from Instruction

             -Policy 112:  Guidance Counseling

             -Policy 113:  Special Education

                            -Policy 113.1:  Behavioral Support

                            -Policy 113.2:  Discipline of Students with Disabilities

                            -Policy 113.3:  Special Education Evaluations and Independent Educational Evaluations

                            -Policy 113.4:  Child Find and Screenings

             -Policy 114:  Gifted Education

             -Policy 115:  Vocational Education

                       -Policy 115.1:  Entrance Requirements for Technical School

            -Policy 116:  Tutorial Instruction

            -Policy 117:  Homebound Instruction

            -Policy 121:  Field Trips

            -Policy 122:  Co-Curricular Activities

                            -Policy 122.1 Discipline for Co-Curricular Activities

                            -Policy 122.2 Co-Curricular Activities for Charter School Students

            -Policy 123:  Interscholastic Athletics




                           -Policy 123.1 Concussion Management


           -Policy 124:  Summer School

           -Policy 129:  Band/Chorus

           -Policy 130:  Homework

           -Policy 132:  Alternative Education

           -Policy 137:  Home Education


-Policy 137.1 - Extra Curricular Participation by Home Education Students

           -Policy 138:  English as a Second Language

-Policy 140:  Charter Schools

-Policy 141:  Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Participation

-Policy 141:  Virtual/Online Courses

  Policy 801-Inspection and Copying of Public Records


              -Policy 801, Appendix 1:  Right-to-Know Law Contact Information

              -Policy 801, Appendix 2:  Request Submissions

              -Policy 801, Appendix 3:  Fee Schedule

              -Policy 801, Appendix 3A:  Detailed Fee Schedule