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Out & About: Middletown Area High School Fall Play


group11 25 15Photo by Jodi Ocker -- From left: John Hursh, Mitch Carson, Kelsey Dworchak, Zoey Bright, Sarah Fluke and Marie Chambers.

The fall play at Middletown Area High School, “Just Another High School Play,’’ is a high school play about a high school play that almost isn’t performed. The drama teacher ditches the cast on opening night because the students have not shown up for rehearsals.

So the students put on a play of their own.

There was improvisation, Shakespeare, audience participation, a rubber chicken, a bottle of soap bubbles – and more.
The playwright, Bryan Starchman, wrote from experience – he’s worked as a drama teacher at the high school in Mariposa, Calif., from which he graduated.

Performances were at the Middletown Area Middle School on Thursday, Nov. 12 and Saturday, Nov. 14. Ryan Boyles directed.
                                                         The Players

Sammi Altland, Zoey Bright,
Brian Carrera, Mitch Carson,
Marie Chambers, Kelsey Dworchak, Sarah Fluke, Owen Haederer,
John Hursh, Lydia Hursh,
Terrance Jeffereson, Jared Knaub, Ceajay Lawrence, John McDevitt,
Daron Ranck, Amir Simmons  here
and Victoria Spangler

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23 Years Ago 11/18/2015

11 18 15WEB23 YEARS AGO - Leaders Of The Pack – 9-year-old Ty Kerr (center) may suffer from painful Rheumatoid Arthritis, but he can still hit the gridiron with friends from the Middletown Boys Club football team. He’s flanked by teammates Jose Ortiz on the left and Shawn Cooper and Brad Barnoski on the right.


From The Wednesday, November 18, 1992 Edition Of The Press And Journal

Boy Out-Runs Pain, Dreams Of Future As Football Player

Imagine a child who lives with constant pain, pain so intense, it often jolts him from sleep during the night. And then imaging this same child having enough strength and determination to play a rough-and-tumble sport like football.

This is the situation of Ty Kerr of Londonderry Township, who recently celebrated his ninth birthday. Although the young Lark Street resident and his mother, Lynn, display a positive attitude, they have dealt with a great deal of hardship since Ty’s birth.

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Out & About: FACES OF PATRIOTISM: Veterans Day 2015

couple11 18 15Photo by Beth Graham -- Jessie McCurdy, left, Army, and husband Rene’ McCurdy, Army, Middletown, who met at a veterans’ function

If you wanted to thank a veteran for their service on Veterans Day, for defending our country, for preserving our freedoms, for their bravery and their burden, you could easily find one in the Middletown area – so many have answered the call to duty.

We found a group of them riding their Harley Davidson motorcycles through Elizabethtown, headed to a school assembly on the national observance on Wednesday, Nov. 11. We found more at the Middletown Home, including two survivors of World War II’s Battle of the Bulge. We even found a few shopping for groceries at the Giant Foods in Middletown. Young and old, male and female, black and white, retired from or active in the military.

Veterans Day became a federal holiday in 1938, beginning as Armistice Day and falling on Nov. 11 to note the armistice that was declared on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 between the Allies and Germany in World War I.

Congress renamed it “Veterans Day’’ in 1954.

Though it is the official day to honor those who have served our country, you could thank a veteran any day. Just look around – you’ll find one easily.

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FAMILY PLOT: A local cemetery and nearby road collide


The Stoner family settled on a farm in an area outside Middletown that is often called Jednota centuries ago, probably around the time that construction of a private turnpike, originally chartered by the Lancaster, Elizabethtown and Middletown Turnpike Company, began.

Soon after, the family had buried children Henry Stoner in 1814, and Mary Ann Stoner, in 1816, in a small plot on the family farm in Lower Swatara Twp. -- and family burials, including the remains of Civil War veterans, continued throughout the 1800s.

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Business association formed by ICDA

The on-again, off-again Middletown Business Association may be on again.

Or at least that is the hope of the Middletown Industrial and Commercial Development Authority, which voted on Oct. 27 to appoint the association’s first board of directors.

The authority incorporated the association in December 2014 and provided a grant of $20,000 in seed money. The association launched a Web site and a membership drive. However, the momentum ran aground with the departure of Jonathan Hicks, a borough employee who chaired the association but who departed Middletown earlier this year to accept a position with the City of Harrisburg.

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