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Museum’s new stairs adhere to history, borough codes

This is in response to the Oct. 26 letter to the editor that mentions the replacement of the stairway at the Historical Museum in Middletown.

1. The stairway is architecturally correct for an early colonial house of the period at which it was built. It is simple in lacking fancy turnings of a later period. Examples can be found in any reference book on early Pennsylvania homes.

2. As for the materials used, treated lumber have been proven to last twice as long as untreated lumber. Since the Historical Society depends on donations as well as volunteers, we want it to endure the elements of harsh Pennsylvania winters. Following one year of exposure, it will be painted in appropriate color tones.

3. The question of the building permit: It has been displayed in the front window one week before construction began, where it remains to date. The permit was approved by the proper borough officials as well as being signed by a certified civil building engineer, following a strict adherence to all building codes.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed by the Historical Society in our efforts to improve our museum. 

However, inaccurate criticism due to lack of facts is unwarranted.

Robin Pellegrini, Jenny Miller, Leslie Givler, Earl Bright, III and Gary Barkley

Trustees of the Middletown Area Historical Society


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Donald Trump as president? The very thought is terrifying

I am writing in reference to Diana McGlone’s Sept. 21 column, “Here are the reasons I’m voting Donald Trump for president.”

She is quoted as saying, “Donald J. Trump is an example of the American dream and success story. He exemplifies that if one works hard and remains persistent, they too can be successful.” She truly believes that he will bring back jobs and improve our economy, make our borders safe by building a wall and all his other absurd, egotistical promises.

I’m not sure if Ms. McGlone is aware that he inherited his “American dream” from his father. For a man who wants to bring back jobs and “make America great again,” why does he have at least six different companies in other countries? 

He is paying minuscule wages and receiving large profits, at the American worker’s expense. He considers this “The Art of the Deal” and “being smart.” 

Mr. Trump claimed bankruptcy six times. By not keeping his financial word, he forced many small companies to go out of business (not because he couldn’t afford to pay, but because he has high-powered attorneys that know all the loopholes so he can legally avoid paying his fair share). He considers this “The Art of the Deal” and “being smart” as well.  This is also why he refuses to release his tax returns. 

His attitude and disrespect for women is deplorable. He is obsessed with thin, beautiful women, and is quick to point out other people’s indiscretions and offenses. However, what makes Mr. Trump the moral compass? 

Mr. Trump has blatantly insulted many races and nationalities. He was quoted as saying his No. 1 source for foreign policy advice was himself, because “I have a very good brain, and I’ve said a lot of things.”

He claimed to know “more about ISIS than the generals do.” And, if elected president, he will fire all the generals and hire his own people. He has tried to minimize the many sacrifices of our military, in particular Sen. John McCain and those who have lost loved ones, to his perceived sacrifices.

The thoughts of this narcissist being our country’s leader terrifies me for not only America’s future, but for the entire world.

Paula L. Kinney


formerly of Lower Swatara Township

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