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Sound Off - 10/15/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


• “Congratulations to a Middletown graduate: Justin Anderson came in seventh in a military combine event. This is a grueling race which starts out with weights and exercises. It then goes into a long race with many physical obstacles.”


• “For 30 years, I have paid for water/sewerage I didn’t use because of the minimum amount cost. Now I pay for what I use. My bill last month was $23 cheaper! Thank you, Borough Council.”


• “Not another year of the same booster issues. Time for a mutiny.”


• “You thought the electric utility was bad in ripping us off with illegal inflated bills? It is nothing like our water and sewage utility bills. Middletown Borough residents have been overpaying this bill for years in addition to two service charges added in. Now with the new rate it is sky high. With the sale of the water and sewage utility we will be paying a 2.5 percent increase annually for several years and 2 percent after that. Thanks to our council for selling us out again. The deficit in this utility is from people not paying their bill for months, possibly years – and no one tried to collect it. This is why there was a recent increase in our water and sewage bill. I have been told by a source in this utility that the ones who can pay their bills will be paying for those that will not. And this has always been the utility’s policy. I think there should be a state audit of our electric and water and sewage utilities. Clearly there have been illegal billings and the Middletown residents have been paying for it.”


• “Elections will soon be here. Don’t make the mistake voting for someone who is talking negative about their opponent. It might sound good to you, but most candidates who talk negative about their opponent are telling you zip about what they’re going to do. Vote for people who are going to tell you what they’re going to do for you, not what their opponent isn’t.”


• “In response to the person who spoke about the cheerleaders not cheering in front of the students and the band: At last week’s game, the cheerleaders went to the student section to cheer a few times and students repeatedly threw rocks at them. Would you want your child to be made fun of or have stuff thrown at them while they are there supporting and cheering on their school football team? I would hope not. That is why the cheerleaders don’t go down there for long periods of time. I hope I saved you from having to write back in to the Sound Off again next year, because there are no more blind eyes and deaf ears.”




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