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Sound OFF: 2/25/2015

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 

• “I find it funny that people are more concerned with McNamara’s demeanor than with the good that he has pushed for to make Middletown a better place. Yes, he is brash and rude, but he gets things done and moving. Instead of talking and talking and talking about doing this or that, he puts his foot down and, yes, sometimes steps on people along the way, but he gets things done that need to get done. So if all you haters want to go back to the talk nice and do nothing council of the past, keep talking your trash. Instead of moving forward for a better Middletown for all, we will keep falling backward until Middletown looks like the City of Harrisburg.”

• “Has anyone else noticed the way the timer is set up on the traffic light in front of Hardee’s has traffic significantly tied up all day? As busy as Route 230 is, there is no reason that traffic should come to a halt when there is no one coming from the shopping center or, more importantly, down the hill. That light should have a sensor for someone especially coming off of that hill and out of that plaza. Traffic on 230 does not need to be stopped unless there is a need for it! Who authorized the decision for the way this traffic light is timed?”

• “It is official: The town council is stuck with McNamara as president. Thanks to Congressman John Payne for endorsing McNamara supporter Mike Bowman to the opening on the council and stacking it in favor of dictator McNamara. Let’s get rid of Payne next election.” Editor’s note: Rep. John Payne is a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing the 106th District. He is not a member of Congress.

• “I do not like the adversarial and non-engaging attitudes on council, but I also do not buy into the unity crap either. We are not a bunch of drones that need saved by the likes of McNamara, but we are also not a town in total agreement as to our best direction and future. I think a good, healthy, respectful debate and dialogue is the answer – and face to face, not on Facebook or in the public comment period of council meetings. I believe we need a regular forum outside the parliamentary constraints of an organized meeting, but have those in attendance that can make things happen, bringing open minds and hearts to the table.”

• “I understand there is interest in a private developer building a small private airport north of Route 283 in Lower Swatara Twp. on a large tract of land near a poultry farm. This might make a lot of sense to keep private airplane owners out of Harrisburg International Airport. Can anyone direct me to the right place – local or county? Thanks.”

• “I want to give a shout out, thank you and ‘great job’ to all the local police, fire, ambulance and highway department employees and volunteers (and anyone I missed) for keeping our roads open and our families safe during the recent snow events and cold weather! Thanks very much. Great job!”


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Sound OFF: 2/18/2015


Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 


• “I love this cold. I hate summer. Ahhhh I can breathe, no bugs, no sweaty body. Just cold fresh air. Ahhhhhhh.”

• “It’s apparent that McNamara has good vision to get Middletown financially stable and into a ‘college town’ role. However, he just doesn’t know how to do it in a way that doesn’t offend almost everyone. He uses a spokesperson and manager, he doesn’t involve key members of the community to work on the projects and he turns off key legislators who are trying to help the town. You have the right idea, Mac, you just fail miserably at the execution of it. Step down as president.”

• “Thank you for caring about the Olmsted Recreation program, Carl. What a change from last year! The kids actually have games to play. Thank you again!” 

• “Why can’t anyone do something about the poor dog which is tied out 24/7 on South Catherine Street? The weather is below freezing with wind chills minus degrees. Please take this dog in during this terrible stretch of bad weather even if it’s only to put it in the basement where it is in out of the cold and wind.”

• “In his letter to the Press And Journal, Rep. John Payne states, “I don’t normally become involved in local issues.” Yet he feels compelled to write a letter endorsing Mike Bowman for council. Typical politician talking out of both sides of his mouth. Let’s vote this buttinsky out of office.”


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sound OFF: 2/11/2015

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 

• “I think Mike Bowman is what council needs. He’s not scared to speak up and has a special love for Middletown. Go, Mike.”

• “Can we spend less time bitching and complaining about Middletown Borough Council and who is and who isn’t playing nice and actually get down and do something for the people of Middletown? Let’s get the projects rolling and make Middletown a better place to live and raise our children. A place people want to move to not away from. Let’s sit down with the police department and hash out a reasonable fair contract for both sides. Let’s give our new chief John Bey the support and tools to make the Middletown Police Department one that is spoken about in a positive way and proud way. Let’s bring back the pride in Middletown for its residents and future residents.”

• “Mike Bowman has never won an election in his ward and public attendees at the board meeting spoke out against him. So why does Congressman John Payne stick his nose in and help stack council against the reformers? Remember that, voters, when he is up for re-election.” (Editor’s note: John Payne is a state representative who represents the 106th District.)

• “Vote McNamara and his buddies off council at next election. This is the only way to get our town back.”


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SOUND OFF: 2/4/2015


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• “You know what makes me mad is when a policeman sends in a canine when they know the suspect is armed. Most times the canine has no chance. They say a canine is a police officer. Well, an unarmed police officer won’t go in after an armed suspect, so don’t ever send the canine, either.”



• “Thank you to the person that shoveled/blew the snow off the sidewalks on Shirley Drive the last two snowstorms. It was greatly appreciated. It’s nice to know that there are still great people in the world today!”


• “POLICE BLOTTER Jan. 19, 2015: The police who ride around on horses enjoyed another day of doing virtually no police work whatsoever.”


• “To all landlords in Middletown: Do you have an occupancy permit and have you registered with the borough office as to who and how many live in your apartments/houses? The answer is probably “no,” you have not – and those who think there are slum landlords in their area, here is a very easy way to bring attention to them. Report them to the borough for codes violations! We as residents need to stick together, not fight among ourselves. Win the war on urban blight and bring back the beauty that once was the Borough of Middletown!”


• “What an underhanded way for the Middletown Police Department to make money. Let’s call a snow emergency and not tell anyone and ticket all the cars in the wee hours of the morning. Way to go mayor and Middletown Police Department.”


• “I am so sick and tired of hearing about the 2016 presidential runners. Forget 2016 for now. All the Republicans do is blah, blah, blah. If the Republican Congress cannot get anything done now, what good are they – and we sure don’t want a Republican president then. As of right now I only see two Republicans who could win, but they’re not saying anything – and that is Donald Trump or Chris Christie. They’re the only two I see with backbone. All others need not apply.”


•“People need to be responsible and stop breeding pit bulls. These poor dogs take up more than half of the dog shelters – those need homes. You are ignorant of the issues these dogs face, obviously! Go get a second job if you want to make extra money! Stop breeding!”






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Sound Off - 01/28/15

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Mike Bowman recently tell the Press And Journal that he is done with this council and town because he didn’t get his own way with the codes department? And two of our worthless councilors are recommending him to fill a vacant seat? Are you kidding me? You people are out of control!”

• “I find it hilarious that Mike Bowman in his recent interview for council said, and I quote: ‘Council must finish the downtown improvement project to make Middletown more attractive to students, and housing in the town must be made safer for students.’ Does he realize that him and Humpty are part of the reason the town looks like it does?”

• “Every time the gas prices went up so did everything in the grocery store. They always said it cost(s) more to ship it. Now with the gas prices way down the food keeps going way up – well, they can’t blame the gas prices now. It’s always greed.”

• “The following is an actual quote, as published in the local newspaper: ‘I’m going to continue with what I’m doing, and if the people don’t like it, then they can take issue with that at the ballot box.’ Whoever runs in the election against McNamara, make sure you use this in your campaign against him.”

• “All I have to say is McNamara needs to go! He is ruining this town. You, Mr. McNamara, are voted in to do the people’s business, not run your own agenda. This is what is wrong with politics in this country. It’s all about agendas and not doing the people’s business.”

• “Here again I read about residents sounding off about “slum” landlords in Middletown. If you have a problem with the condition of a property please, please, come to the code enforcement office and file a complaint. This way those urban blight and code violations can be properly addressed by the borough. Too many residents tend to sit back and complain and point fingers at council without going through the proper channels to correct the problem.”

• “The mayor does not sound off on Facebook and pit the residents of the borough against anyone. I’m an intelligent adult, and I can think for myself. I just so happen to agree with the mayor, as do most of the other residents and members of the Facebook page. Tell me this: If the borough council has so many supporters, then why don’t they start their own Facebook page and let their supporters tell us about all of the wonderful stuff they’re doing and show their support? We know why. By the way, if something is truly wonderful, people flock to it – they don’t have to be bullied into submission.”

• “I am subscribing only because this seems to be the only organization watching what the Middletown council does and calls stupidity when it sees it. They are so unprofessional. Hah. Must take lessons from their Harrisburg counterparts. Morons.”

• “Once again Middletown Borough Council proved they do not represent the people of Middletown by voting in a two-time loser at the polls, Mike Bowman, who managed just a few votes from voters. The borough council is now stacked and a certain few council people can do what they want – and the borough people can do nothing about it. The people of Middletown lost twice. We all need to go to the polls and vote the council people out. The Middletown council was voted in by the people of Middletown to enforce the will of the people, but they are not doing that. Whether the people are right or wrong, council should do what the people want, not what they want as individuals. Middletown is probably the only city council that needs a police presence at the council meetings.”


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