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Sound OFF - 7/29/15


• “Pennlive just published Mid-Penn and Lancaster-Lebanon Athletic Directors' salaries. Middletown didn't disclose the assistant AD plus equipment manager salaries. Oversight or omission -- Hmmm!”

• “I had a mother, three sisters, a wife and a daughter. I seen them go through menstrual cycles, child birth, puberty, PMS, among other female problems (breast cancer). Mister Jenner you are not a woman, you haven't paid your dues pal. You are probably a homosexual and are just using this fad to cover it up.”

• “Ah, yes, CUBA. Another country we can put on the ‘foreign aid’ list. They bankrupted the Soviet Union, then they bankrupted Venezuela. Now I guess it's our turn.”

• “Had a wonderful dining experience on Main Street last night. Met hundreds of happy people walking along the sidewalk tasting food. Too bad it was TASTE OF HUMMELSTOWN instead of Middletown. Go there and it’s just a dreary reminder of how depressed a town can become. There is such a difference between the two.”

• “Now I see the counsel voted to buy a handheld metal detector to keep guns out of the meetings. Of course they did not think it through. A handheld metal detector will go off for anything metal, belt buckles, rings, jewelry etc., etc. So that means everyone will have to empty their pockets, the pocketbooks and the list goes on and on. I don't think they want anyone at the meetings. Go up to the courthouse and you will see what I'm talking about. They use a hand held metal detector too.”

• “Paul Heise's column asked the question ‘Why so many Republican candidates are running for President?’ That's simple, almost anyone can do a better job than this bozo that's in the White House! In seven years, prices on everything have skyrocketed. Muslim terrorism has expanded. More people are out of work than ever before. He's added 7 trillion to the debt. Do I need to keep going? I'll say it again since liberals aren't too smart. Anyone can do better!”


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SOUND OFF - 7/22/15


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• “To all you people who think Trump has no chance, and he is a sideshow: Watch and learn. I know people who never voted in their life and for the first time they are registered – they want to vote for Trump. Me included.”

• “OK, so now we know that Pluto is ‘bigger’ than we thought. It has its own moons (yep, that’s plural) and it orbits the sun. So how is Pluto not a planet?”

• “Remember when Mayor Reed took over in Harrisburg and everybody thought he could walk across the river and not get wet? Remember when state Attorney General Kane came to power and everybody loved her? Well, your time is also coming, Joe Paterno. Some day the truth will come out. And all those sheep will find you out.”

|• “Hate is in your heart – not a flag.”


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Sound OFF - 7/15/15

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• “Tired of the rebel flag drama. You can buy a Nazi flag – why are people not upset about that?”

• “Fellow Middletownians: Are you prepared for what’s ahead? That is, are you ready for what is happening in Greece to come here? It is a matter of time until the U.S. economy collapses. The dollar is weakening and will eventually be considered worthless as the Feds are printing money out of thin air. We have also doubled our national debt in the last eight years. I am by no means a survivalist, but the more people who are prepared and alert in this town, the better. I am especially concerned about babies and small children, that they not be vulnerable when this happens. If you don’t think another stock market crash will happen, or that the U.S. could default on a loan, please consider that this is the lowest food prices will ever be and stock up on what you already buy now while you have the chance.”

• “Trump says what all the other candidates are afraid to say because they’re bought by special interest groups. Trump for president – yep, I’ll vote for him.”

• “And if they want to remove the rebel flag then don’t forget to remove anything with the black fist on it which represents the Black Panthers.”

• “I hope that one day Middletown schools will have an administration that looks to other schools for guidance. Why do we not have a turf field? The investment pays off in the long term – that is why other districts have done it. Plus, our youth programs could use the field too. That is probably the main reason the administration does not switch to turf. They fight the community tooth and nail to keep taxpayers’ off the property.”

• “I used to wonder how stupid people were when Noah warned them about their demise. Well, Bible prophecy has been coming true and we are very close to end times. And once again, stupid people aren’t listening. They don’t believe and therefore they continue to sin and corrupt the world without any repentance. The Bible foretold the current events. Wake up, people! Stop your evil ways. Get back to church, ask forgiveness and lead a Christian life. The time is near. Heaven or hell?”

• “I wish the police would patrol the closed roads more. I see a lot of senior citizens accidentally hitting cones and getting confused amongst all this construction.”

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Sound Off: 7/8/2015


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• “No artificial turf at War Memorial Field? Look no further than the director of school operations, who convinced the administration it was not needed. Another boneheaded decision.”




• “What will the haters and mud-throwers do in January 2016 when there is no one else to blame but themselves?”






• “People need to stop prying in other peoples’ lives. You really need to grow up! Life is not a junior high gossip session. Do the world a favor and address it to the ones involved. Don’t make grapevines for you to get your information from because it’s petty and childish.”






• “This rebel flag stuff is getting out of hand. Now they won’t show “The Dukes of Hazzard.’’ This country is getting pathetic. I’m against gays – it’s my right, and I want all the TV shows with gays in it pulled. You gays make me sick. Why don’t we just ban all white people for having the slaves back then? There will always be race issues in this country no matter what anyone says.”




• “The end is near! The world doesn’t want saved. People, get off your cell and get ready for Armegaddon!’’






• “Sheetz put up a building in a few months on Route 230. What’s taking so long for you folks at the old Olmstead Plaza? Get the lead out!!”






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