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Economic authority's death premature

ICDA peopleRobin Pellegrini, Mayor James Curry and Ray Jones debated the future of the Middletown Industrial Community Development Authority June 7.


 The fight over whether to keep Middletown’s economic development authority is far from over, despite borough council’s surprise 4-3 vote on June 7 to dissolve the body.

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Green light given for smart signals



Smarter traffic lights are coming to Borough of Middletown, with the help of a grant provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

PennDOT says the signals will have special cameras that will improve traffic flow. The cameras will feature new technology that can sense when a cyclist or motorcyclist is in a lane of travel in order for the light to change.

The changes are coming to traffic lights at the square at Main and Union streets, at Main and Vine streets and at the intersection of Emaus and Union streets in the downtown, according to PennDOT.

The cameras are not the type that are used in some municipalities to assist police in monitoring motorists who run a red light, said Erin Waters-Trasatt, PennDOT spokeswoman. Instead, the cameras are used to detect the presence of vehicles in order to best determine the length of time the light should stay green based on real-time traffic conditions. The images are not recorded or stored.

Waters-Trasatt explained that “loop sensors” will replace detectors now in the travel-lane pavement. Bicycles and motorcycles don’t cover the entire travel lane, so as a result they can miss being detected by the in-ground equipment, she said.

PennDOT is giving the borough $7,500 for the improvements under Green Light-Go, a program where up to 50 percent of the funding for a traffic light improvement project can come from the state.

It is unknown how soon the work will be done to the three traffic signals.

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Interest is high: Medical marijuana dispensary may be in town’s future

MedicalMarijuana PJwebPress And Journal Photo by Dan Miller -- Alexander Fox Person is pictured at recent meeting of Middletown Borough Council outlining his vision to set up a medical marijuana dispensary in the borough. Person’s presentation included the following statement from the World Health Organization: “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being …”

A 28-year old Air Force veteran and student at Columbia University in New York City sees both the humanitarian and economic benefits of a medical marijuana dispensary in the Borough of Middletown.

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Public's help sought in Middletown theft investigation

RiteAid2Middletown Police have released photographs of an individual believed to be a “person of interest” in connection with a theft investigation.

Middletown Police Chief John Bey told the Press And Journal the incident took place at a convenience store in the borough. He stressed the incident did not involve public safety.

Additional details about the case were not released by the police. “This is a minor retail theft case and the investigating officer is hoping for some assistance,” Chief Bey said. riteAid1“We are in the midst of the very beginning of the investigation and don’t want to release any additional information that may hamper the case.” An officer did say no harm to the public took place as a result of the theft.

Anyone having information about the person in the photos is requested to contact Middletown Police at (717) 558-6900 or may submit an anonymous tip through Nixle at

The request for assistance was released by police on Mon., June 13 at 7:30 a.m.

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Info Sought about robber of Middletown Rite Aid

RiteAidRobbery 6 9 16Middletown Police are looking for a white male they say was responsible for the robbery of the Rite Aid store, E. Main and Vine sts., on Thurs., June 9.

Police said the man got away with an undetermined amount of oxycodone pills.

The robber is described as male, about 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall and thin with a reddish brown beard. He was wearing a blue hoodie, dirty blue jeans, a black baseball hat and sunglasses.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them at (717) 558-6900.

Police originally reported the robber approached the store's pharmacy counter with a note that requested the pills and said no one would get hurt if they were provided.  

The man did not show any weapons during the robbery, and he took only the medication in the heist, not any cash, said John Bey, Middletown police chief. He said police are continuing to investigate, although they currently do not have any suspects. Bey was not sure how many pills were taken or their value.

Oxycodone, a synthetic opioid, is a narcotic pain killer that is found in several prescription drugs including Oxycontin, Percocet, Combunox and Percodan. 

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