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Eisenhower’s tractor: Why is it on display at HIA?

SethLady steers tractor WEBPress And Journal Photo by Eric Wise — Seth Lady of Gettysburg helped his father, Jim Lady, and Kyle Hess of Lady and Taylor move the tractor into Harrisburg International Airport. The tractor, along with signs and Mamie Eisenhower's luggage, will help the airport promote the Centennial of the National Park Service and the two sites in Gettysburg, including the battlefield and the Eisenhower farm.


A display highlighting Pennsylvania’s connection with Dwight David Eisenhower, the World War II supreme allied commander turned president, has arrived at Harrisburg International Airport.

Unfortunately, planes used to fly Eisenhower during his terms as president, Columbine II and III, were not available to put on display. Instead, the National Park Service had one of the former president’s tractors, a Cockshutt Black Hawk Model 40, delivered to the airport’s baggage area Wednesday, July 27.

“It’s to promote the (Eisenhower) farm and the centennial of the National Park Service,” said Ahna Wilson, site manager for the Eisenhower site. The airport has been honoring the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Park Service this year, with four large signs throughout the terminal since this spring. In addition to the tractor, some of former first lady Mamie Eisenhower’s luggage will be displayed at the airport.

“We hope to inspire local residents to visit the Gettysburg National Military Park and Eisenhower farm when they return home and visitors to schedule some extra time when in the central Pennsylvania region,” said Timothy Edwards, executive director of the airport.

Eisenhower bought the farm near Gettysburg in 1950, and renovations were completed by 1955, when the farm bureaus from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania presented him with the Black Hawk tractor, which was said to be one of the largest in the area at the time.

Eisenhower was delighted with some special features on the tractor, which was equipped with an AM radio and cigarette lighter. He reportedly used the tractor for years on the farm.

“It originally left the farm because the engine seized up,” said Jason Martz, visual information specialist with the park service.

Airport officials asked for some artifact to put on display, Martz said.

“Conditions in the airport are good for a 20th century element, but not for a 19th century element, like something from the Battle of Gettysburg.”

The tractor had most recently been owned by the late Stanley Wolf, a retired businessman and farmer who collected farm implements and more than 70 tractors.

The Gettysburg Foundation bought the tractor from Wolf’s estate, and originally tried to have it driven to the Eisenhower site. Although the tractor had been restored, flakes from the fuel tank clogged the fuel line and carburetor, Wilson said.

The National Park Service opened the farm as Eisenhower National Historic Site in 1980, the year following Mamie Eisenhower’s death. The former president died in 1969.


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Missing: A cat with extra toes on each of its paws

It’s an unusual classified advertisement to have to put in a newspaper.

Cats go missing all the time, but ones with extra toes?

Michelle Croucher had to place such an ad in this week’s Press And Journal.

Her American shorthair feline named Aly went missing Monday night, July 25, in the Mountain View Road neighborhood.

She and her boyfriend have had the cat since last September.

“My brother’s girlfriend picked her up and rescued her from a house, and they couldn’t keep her so we took her in,” she said.

Aly, who she described as friendly, used to be an indoor-outdoor cat in Vermont. It was the first time Aly got out while in Pennsylvania.

She said she has never seen extra toes on a cat before.

“I just think they’re funny,” she said.

She has six on the front and five on the back. For those of you who aren’t cat experts, most cats have five on the front and four on the back.

There is a name for these types of cats: polydactyl, or “many fingered.”

The condition is usually found only on the front paws. It is much rarer for a cat to have it on all four paws. They are sometimes called “Hemingway cats,” because writer Ernest Hemingway had one.

It is a genetic trait but usually is not harmful to the cat.

If you see Aly, call Croucher at 434-5455.

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Out & About: Middletown Home Residents and Staff Toast Birthday with Root Beer Floats

CharlesAndNursePress And Journal Photos by Eric Wise -- Charles Hughes poses with a nurse from the Middletown Home.

Residents and staff from the Middletown Home gathered in the home’s chapel Aug. 1 to celebrate the 72nd birthday of Charles Hughes, a retired PennDOT worker who also marked his 10-anniversary of living at the home.

Hughes treated everyone for his birthday party with root beer floats.

He said a cool treat like a float was perfect for a summer birthday.


To see more Press And Journal photos of the event by Eric Wise, check out our print edition or click here for our E-edition.

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Beer delivery by your local bars and restaurants?


deliveryBy Melissa Melewsky, Media Law Counsel PA NewsMedia Assoc.

Q:  Several local bars and restaurants that deliver food want to run ads that tell readers they can now deliver beer along with a food order.  The ads note things like “now delivering beer,” or “beer delivery/up to two six packs.” Can they do that, and can newspapers publish that kind of ad?  

A: Yes. Businesses licensed to sell alcohol can deliver a limited amount of beer as long as they have obtained the proper permit, and ads promoting the service are acceptable.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB)’s policy on beer delivery notes licensees can obtain a permit to allow the transport of a limited amount of beer as long as certain conditions are met. The “Transport for Hire” permit allows those holding the permit, such as retail licensees like bars and restaurants, to deliver up to 192 ounces of beer (two six packs) per sale if the sale is completed on the licensed premises, the delivery vehicle is owned/leased by the licensee and operated by licensee employees.  

The PLCB’s advisory opinion does not specifically address advertising, but the law generally allows licensees to advertise prices and availability of products in newspapers.  If a licensee obtains a “Transport for Hire” permit and can legally deliver beer, the law allows them to advertise the service and prices, as long as the advertising otherwise complies with the advertising requirements imposed by the Liquor Code and PLCB regulations.

The general rules regarding alcoholic beverage ads are as follows:

Any advertisements of price may not contain any of the following:

• False, deceptive or misleading statements;

• Statements disparaging of the products of competitors; or

• Monetary comparisons of brands.

Bars and Restaurants may:

• Offer one drink special per day (drink of the day), which must end by midnight; and

• Offer one four-hour happy hour each day, which must end by midnight.

• Happy hour notice must be posted at the licensed premises seven days prior to happy hour.

Bars and Restaurants may not:

• Offer 2 drinks for the price of one;

• Sell an unlimited amount of alcohol for a set price (EXCEPT at catered events arranged at least 24 hours in advance);

• Discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, or disability (No "Ladies Nights" with specials exclusively for women); or

• Offer any discount pricing (happy hour, drink of the day) after midnight.

The following restrictions apply to all advertisements for alcoholic or malt beverages:

• The advertiser must be clearly identified in the ad.

• No printed advertisements are permitted within 300 feet of a church, school or public playground.

• No advertisements may be directed at minors to promote the illegal consumption of alcoholic beverages.

• Obscene advertisements are prohibited.

• Advertisements may not contradict the ideals of safety or safe driving programs.

• Licensees may not advertise any alcoholic beverages if they do not actually have a sufficient supply of the beverages on hand to meet the normally expected demands.

• Advertisements may not refer to the alcoholic strength of a malt beverage in any manner in order to induce consumers to buy the product. Terms such as "full strength," "extra strength," "high proof," etc. are prohibited.


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Middletown Boro's Snow emergency Routes

Following is a list of Middletown Borough's snow emergency routes. 

  1. Adelia St. East from Emaus St. to East Main St.
  2. Ann St. North from Swatara Creek west to Grant St.
  3. Catherine St. East from Emaus St. north to Main St.
  4. Emaus St. North from Adelia St. west to Wood St.
  5. Grant St. East from Ann St. to Wilson St.
  6. Main St. Both from Swatara Creek to Apple Avenue
  7. Roosevelt St. North from Vine St. west to Union St.
  8. Union St. Both from Ann St. to Park Circle Road
  9. Union St. East from Ann St. to its southern limits
  10. Vine St. East from Water St. to Aspen St.
  11. Water St. North from Vine St. to Catherine St.
  12. Wilson St. North from Grant St. to and over the overhead bridge to Main St.
  13. Wood St. East from Susquehanna St. north to Emaus St.

During a snow emergency, it shall be unlawful for any person to park, or to permit to remain parked, on any street named below any type of motor vehicle, boat, boat trailer, camper, recreational vehicles or any trailer used for the purpose of hauling motor vehicles or other items, with respect to the north side of east-west streets or with respect to the east side of north-south streets, unless otherwise indicated. However, upon complete removal of all snow from the total parking area, on such side of the street in front of any property, parking will at once become again permissible, so long as there is no interference with the snow removal program of the Borough and no interference with traffic during the remainder of such emergency.


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