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Chemystery? At Steel-High, curious mixtures get quite a reaction in a lively science show

mattermonsters11 4 15WEBPress And Journal Photo by Eric Wise - After a little stirring, the liquids in these students' plastic cups produced a surprising creation.

As students filed into the auditorium at Steelton-Highspire Elementary School, they probably did not know what to expect.

Sarah Troy – that’s “Solar Sarah” to the students – whipped them into a frenzy with a slew of demonstrations of types of energy. After launching a ball across the auditorium with the help of some students, Solar Sarah had to bring the students back, and she did with a chant – “Science!” from her, answered by “Rocks!” from the students.

Her lesson of the day: Introduce the students to six types of energy – mechanical, electrical, chemical, light, sound and heat.

The science program, brought to the school in October by the Berks County-based Sparks Foundation and Science Explorers, built up to this finale: Solar Sarah gave a second-grader a quick ride in a floating hovercraft.

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