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Born in Middletown, Pa. 68 yrs ago and never left town. A graduate of Middletown Area High School. Survived some courses in the school of hard knocks, with a continuing degree in education.

Photography, gardening, sports, softball top of the list interests. Have coached everything from rec ball to women’s fast pitch softball. Hunting, fishing, boating on the Susquehanna River also enter into my fun things not to mention 40 years of firefighting and still active.

Vacation for me are great times in the OBX or in the woods of Potter County. Love both places.

Mini Vacation

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Just back from Potter County where we spent time with our freinds and realitives at Camp Middletown on Lyman lake. Joing us were Judy Lipiec, Bob & Bobby Barillia, Carol & Glenn Hemperly and Joann & Gravy Krupilis. What a crew that was, lots of laughs and fun.

Went up to the Corning Museum of Glass and saw some great things made of glass. Nope we did not buy anything other than lunch. We did see a nice size bear on the way home just outside of Galeton on the way to the lake.

We all went to Wellesboro for the Laurel Festival and met the Housers (Ron & Betty Lou), there. Very nice parade there on Sat. with lots of bands and floats.

The grass was cut at camp after a bout with the lawn mower. Seems we had bad gas in the can from last year. Got it started and the mowing began and after 3 1/2 hours it was looking good. Weed wacking was another story but I got that done too.

We all stayed up late every nite and played a card game called pay me. Tjis is a great way to have conversation and snacks and laugh.


Well till the next time,


God Bless


Don Graham




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