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Steve Knaub

Welcome! I'm Steve, and this is an introduction to who I am and the subjects I hope we can explore together.

I am an architect. I've designed buildings large and small from New Jersey to Colorado - even a little work in Kabul, Afghanistan. Architecture can be described as an intersection of art and science. Naturally, art, science and their various combinations are subjects we can share and critique. Local construction, published architecture, policy, culture, product design, interactive entertainment, film, television, literature, among others, can create possible discussions.

I'm also a cyclist, pedestrian, train passenger, and, when I can't do the preceding, I'm a motorist. In the acts of design or critique, I consider human rights, needs, and experiences higher than other considerations.

I like big ideas. Architects are problem solvers. We work at a limited scale, usually from the skin of a building in, somewhat less often to the extents of a site boundary, and sometimes at the small scale of the size of an individual beam. Finding solutions is gratifying - and necessary to fulfill a contract and collect a fee. There are larger issues that can be and need to be solved. While I'm not a fan of deconstructivist architecture, there is much taken at face value in philosophy and economics that should be deconstructed and subjected to the rules of cogent reasoning and to mathematics.

Lastly, I've said "we" a few times. I hope this can be a conversation with YOU!

Economic Immorality: Putting Our Fingers on It Featured

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There is increasing hand-wringing about economics, seemingly from all directions. There are masses of poor who say they don't have enough, up to the petite billionaires who say, or their actions say, they don't have enough.

While we are part of nature's economy, most of our talk is about the economy we have made. There is reason for this. There is little to complain about, and to whom do we complain, about the laws of physics or the extent of natural resources? However, our monetary economies are a very different story.

Monetary economies are human machinations. You are probably familiar with the term “promissory note”. Money, itself, is an abstraction, a promise. To say it plainly, it is an IOU; it is pretend. Because of this, money has no power apart from the state (the government). Monetary economies are inextricably linked to government, and thusly, to policy and politics.

While money gains its value and power from the state, there are forces that, with some irony, increasingly want government out of money or economics. Like biologists study the ‘invisible hand of nature”, these non-interventionists revere the “invisible hand of the market”, treating the monetary economy as a natural system, and wishing to eschew human agency, or intervention, within that system. While it may not be their end-goal, and they may not know why, they report that good-times for the wealthy equal corollary good-times for the poor, and vice versa – the “trickle-down effect.” “Trickle-down” is justified by its proponents as an anecdote to their ideological imperative of “free-market.” While the term “trickle-down” is often maligned, and its purveyors present it based on their feelings or predictions, there is very sound logic behind it.

Nature shows us with great, testable, consistency, that its varying economic or resource conditions affect proportionally the most advantaged and disadvantaged organisms. Regardless of the size of the resources within a group, there is a scientifically-observable ratio of productivity and resource distribution. This is Pareto Efficiency or the 80-20 rule.

Pareto Efficiency is observable in myriad systems: worker productivity, sports performance, word use, internet traffic, event probability, nearly every system that represents an economy…most importantly nature. And, it is the best, most rational, justification for acceptance of a market-monetary-economy, as just and beneficial. I believe it is also a mechanism through which to scientifically determine economic injustice.

While economic injustice is palpable to most of us, through observation or our experiences, our inability to truly define it, to measure it, stalls meaningful discussion. It remains an anecdote that is accepted or rejected along ideological lines.

These thoughts were brought to my mind, again today, by a thoughtful comedian. Mr. Brand, like most of us, can sense that something is wrong ( He knows that monetary economies and politics can’t be separated. But, the gut-knowledge of compassionate people is not now, if it ever was, enough. He, you, I, should be able to state, without equivocation, that something is wrong, something is immoral, when 95% of new resources go to just 1% of the population (

If there is a way to measure economic justice, we must find it and prosecute it. I propose as a starting point, that, if the resource curve isn’t 80-20, or flatter, the economy is not just. It is unnatural. It is oppression.


  • WilliamCefe

    調査団は、現場からミサイルの破片や残留物、ミサイルで破壊されたとみられる残骸などを回収、分析して、同機を撃墜したのが地対空ミサイル「ブク(BUK)」であることを裏付けたい考えだ。 ledセンサーライト しかし、武装集団が、ミサイルの爆発による変形など残骸の中から証拠となる部分を切断して現場から持ち去ったとすれば、原因究明に支障が出る恐れがある。ledセンサーライト 一方、ロイター通信によると、マレーシア政府は、原因究明の手がかりとなる「ブラックボックス」は、英国に送られることを明らかにした。AFP通信によると、オランダ当局が主導し、数か国の専門家が解析作業にあたるという。 ledセンサーライト ブラックボックスは、飛行データを記録した「フライトデータレコーダー」と、パイロットの交信など操縦席の音声を記録した「ボイスレコーダー」がある。 led照明器具 パリ時事】海に浮かぶ修道院で知られるフランス北西部の観光地モンサンミシェルで22日、新たな橋が開通した。土砂が堆積して本土とつながってしまう欠点があった従来の堤防道路に代わり、本来の「孤島」の姿を回復する交通手段として期待されている。led照明器具 堤防道路は1870年代に設置されたが、次第に土砂の堆積が進み、今では海にかこまれた修道院が見られる機会は少ない。橋は全長760メートルで、潮の流れをせき止めにくい構造になっている。堤防道路の撤去作業は、2015年夏ごろに完了する予定だ。ledキャンドル 仏政府や地元自治体は06年に一連の工事に着手、総工費は2億3000万ユーロ(約312億円)に上る。モンサンミシェルは1979年に国連教育科学文化機関(ユネスコ)の世界遺産に登録された。ledキャンドル 完全復活へまた一つ階段を上がった。済美・安楽が4回を被安打1の5奪三振。この日は制球重視で、全50球中49球がセットポジションから。力みのないフォームで初戦の三島戦を1キロ上回る最速147キロを計測した。ledキャンドル 充実の表情が出来の良さを物語った。5奪三振中4個をスライダーで奪った。昨秋の右肘故障後では「一番切れていた」と話す宝刀は決め球だけでなく、カウント稼ぎにも効果的だった。意識したのは「テークバックで力を抜く」こと。7割程度の力配分だ。ledキャンドル ライバルの思いも背負う夏だ。昨春センバツ決勝で投げ合った浦和学院(埼玉)の小島和哉、昨夏甲子園優勝投手・前橋育英(群馬)の高橋光成らが地方大会で敗退した。「仲のいい友達でもあるんで、あいつらの分まで頑張りたい」という。ledキャンドル 野球熱の高い愛媛県だが、夏の甲子園制覇は「奇跡のバックホーム」で知られる1996年の松山商までさかのぼる。「優勝すれば僕が生まれた年以来。深紅の大優勝旗を愛媛に持ち帰りたい」。安楽は悲願の全国制覇しか見ていない。

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