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Born in Middletown, Pa. 68 yrs ago and never left town. A graduate of Middletown Area High School. Survived some courses in the school of hard knocks, with a continuing degree in education.

Photography, gardening, sports, softball top of the list interests. Have coached everything from rec ball to women’s fast pitch softball. Hunting, fishing, boating on the Susquehanna River also enter into my fun things not to mention 40 years of firefighting and still active.

Vacation for me are great times in the OBX or in the woods of Potter County. Love both places.

Things just got faster but I got more be hinder

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Where is Schwenksville, PA you may ask? Well down around Limerick, on the way to Philadelphia via 422.
 A long weekend of softball at the Upper Salford Ball park. We played 7 games in the cold and wind this weekend - 3 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.
 The girls started off on a losing way on Saturday but ended up winning some exciting games on Sunday finishing as runner up for the tournament. I don’t believe I have gotten completely warm yet but we would not have missed the games for anything. This seems to hold the most interest for the wife and me. 
Trout season is here and I have not been out yet, but I will get close this Saturday when I venture out to the Middletown Reservoir to take some pictures of the youngsters catching trout.
This is a treat for me, seeing the looks in their eyes. I have done some picture taking up north in Potter County for the FOLR (Friends of Lyman Run) at their Kids’ Rodeo - that was a blast.
Sure has been a very busy time of the year around here, with some basketball games with the grandson, softball with the girls and trying to get the garden ready and mow some grass. I truly don't know how I got all this done before. Somehow with the modern age of electronics things just got faster but I got more be hinder, as the Dutch folks would say.
Lets just leave it at that and call it a night.


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