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Born in Middletown, Pa. 68 yrs ago and never left town. A graduate of Middletown Area High School. Survived some courses in the school of hard knocks, with a continuing degree in education.

Photography, gardening, sports, softball top of the list interests. Have coached everything from rec ball to women’s fast pitch softball. Hunting, fishing, boating on the Susquehanna River also enter into my fun things not to mention 40 years of firefighting and still active.

Vacation for me are great times in the OBX or in the woods of Potter County. Love both places.


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Had a wonderful 8th grade tansfere until................................some ungrateful parents entered the auitorium. Then it began,,,,up and out of the seats 3 times. Standing up and cheering wildly and loudly. All this done when thier youngster entered the aile and after the announcement was made to hold all applause till all the 8th graders were in and up on the stage. Parents dressed in muscle shirts, hats on with the sungalsses on top of them, texting on the phones the whole time. Phones in their ears, dressed like they were going out to a night club. What a bunch of buffoons, no wonder the kids of today are confused how to act, dress and behave with maners. Many parents have none at all.

The play, Your a Good Man Charlie Brown was excellant, a great perfomance by the entire cast. I enjoyed the entire evening, except for the grinch people who stole the 8th Grade transfere.

Time to get busy planting flowers, doing the garden and removing some plants and making a bigger area for flowers. 400lbs of dirt was put down, oh my back, and spread around the beds. Next the flowers were planted and some were divided and put elswhere. The mums were cut some divided also, one plant becomes 2 and so forth till we end up with a dozen.

Several baseball and softball games this past week, as tho things were not hectic enough, but we got them in and cheered on our teams and grandkids.

Sad to say I attended my cousins funeral this past week. We did fish and hunt for a number of years, since our very early childhood, fishing at Hoffer Park and hunting in Potter County. Dave I am going to miss you, thanks for the good times.

Thursday was a sad day for me, the kids graduated and high school is now out. Oh I yelled at them and chided them as needed but I miss them already. Glad I get to see some of them around town and can say hello. Pray they all stay safe in their travels to the beach and get home safely.

I still have to put the boat in at the dock and need to go to Potter County for some R&R. That will be a good place for some pictures and play with the Ipad.


All is well, God Bless


Don  Graham






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