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SOUND OFF: Jan. 18, 2017

 “Actually I thought Southern Cal would win by two or three touchdowns. Any way the Big 10 only won three bowl games.”

“The North Union Street Bullies have infiltrated the School Board, BOC and Commissions. Say something contrary to 5-0 and you get the boot. Time to make a change in the upcoming election!!!!”

“Apparently the current Board of Commissioners wants a bunch of friendlies everywhere. Who is next?”

“Today I attended the service for John, the Mayor, Hoerner. You can learn a lot about a person from their funeral service. It was standing room only and this was the second day. If only he could see the many people he has touched that came to say goodbye and show their respect to his family. Proof of how good of a man he was. He not only helped his youngest constituent (a small child that had a bee problem at the playground) but the seniors that needed help with yard work and all ages in between. He earned the respect and admiration from people from all walks of life and professions. He had truly life long friendships that were still going strong. Borough employees were present so that tells me he was good to work for. A local business was happy to open their doors to help celebrate his life. I don’t know what more you could ask for. I heard once that we should write our own obituary, and then live our life to try and fill the shoes of the person you described. Well John, I think you succeeded in being that great person we would all hope to be.”

“They brought everybody on board except Ron Paul the guy who has more Lower Swatara knowledge and know how than all combined. I think the voters will see that differently come election time.”

“Funny how this week’s paper indicates that Middletown and Lower Swatara are ‘still’ in talks about regionalization. Seems that Mehaffie’s legacy continues. I don’t recall any PUBLIC meeting or input to date about the issue. This issue has been the topic of rumors, chatters, and debate for how long now and yet the public is still in the dark about the progress or lack thereof in regionalization. The issue just goes to show how much lack of public care and support goes. When people don’t care to get involved these people can get away with anything. The only time you hear anything from the public is when it directly affects them, ie truck terminals, crematory. People seem too dumb (unfortunately) to realize the power of their voice at least at a local level.”

 “Meryl Streep: I repeat, ‘Don’t you just hate it when people use you as a captive audience and project their political views?’” 

“Lower Swatara Police are not going to police Middletown. They don’t like coming into town as it is. And merging will ensure that you never see police in town unless to get a drink or food. They’ll be on 283 looking for drugs and drunks.”

“This new Swatara School board, how did that happen without an election? Did I miss that? Who is on the board and who is working for our kids, and who do you feel this is just a political rank?”

 “Tear down Bunky Burger. We need more parking! Tear down the Elks. We need more parking. Tear down Klahr’s. Oh, that’s right, we did, still no parking.”

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SOUND OFF: Jan. 11, 2017

 “Highspire lost a truly great Mayor, leader, resident and I can’t name all the hats John Hoerner wore. He was a genuinely good person who truly cared for his community and was involved for all the right reasons. The world truly was a nicer place with him in it.”

“Two first team running backs one is player of the year and we were minus---yards in rushing in state finals. Great play calling #nevergetanotherchancelikethatagain.”

“‘When you lose, do it quietly. When you win do it more quietly.’ Lou Holts.”

“It’s about time someone had the courage to speak up and say what many of us are feeling. The college students do not respect the residents of this town. They do not consider the fact that many of us are raising families and that we have to get up early to go to work. They litter, don’t obey the noise ordinance, and they don’t follow the speed limits throughout the town.”


“‘For those of you who bother to use your turn signal when driving should know that the LAW states that it should be turned on 100 feet ahead of time NOT at the time you turn!’ THIS IS NOT TOTALLY CORRECT AT SPPEDS LESS THAN 35 MPH A TURN SIGNAL SHOULD BE ACTIVATED NO LESS THAN 100 FT. AT SPEEDS GREATER THAN 35 MPH A TURN SIGNAL SHOULD BE ACTIVATED NO LESS THAN 300 FT. TITLE 75 SECTION 3334 (b).”

 “How unfortunate that a young girl was raped in an apartment at Pineford by two international students. That lady was speaking the truth when the paper quoted her last week. The students do not care about this town or they wouldn’t have committed such a horrible act against that young girl. This town has a bad reputation as it is and the bad behavior of the students doesn’t help.”

 “I hope that Hiester and other prominent and involved citizens of Middletown who own multiple properties take the time in 2017 to make sure these places are not eyesores, that they are kept up and that they operate as considerate landlords. Some people who go to borough meetings would do well to spruce up their own places. That would go far to beautifying Middletown. Especially problematic is the square. In neighboring towns of Hummelstown and Elizabethtown the squares are showplaces. Not so in Middletown where owners lack the class to know how to improve their properties.”

“Who is even on school board? I heard Tom Mehaffie’s wife, but I assume she will have to quit now that he is a state rep. Did building the new school burn out the old members? If members are quitting someone should be asking questions.”

“Mr. Fager from Middletown and Ms. Scott from Royalton, rest of the board is from Lower Swatara.”

“Hi everyone. It’s the P&J Pastor. Many people like to forget the old and start new on January 1. Goals and hope replace bad luck and failed ventures. God reminds us we don’t need to wait until January 1. We can come to him anytime with our needs, our problems, and our thanks. Stop trying to accomplish things alone. The creator of the universe actually knows you and wants to be a part of your life. You’ll find things will be a lot easier! See you in church on Sunday!”

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SOUND OFF: 1/4/2017

“Could’ve- should’ve gone Union.”

 “To be on the ‘new’ Middletown School Board do you have to be wealthy, apply after the deadline and from Lower Swatara?”

“Print his stories. He wasn’t afraid, why are you?”

 “So if the borough stops the sale of Harborton Place and when the next flood happens does that mean the residents can’t get help, and the borough won’t get help either. We are in a flood zone do what’s right let the state buy it and help the residents out. So can the people that can’t afford to move out of the flood zone can they sue the borough if they don’t sell and there is another flood and they can’t get help?”

“So many good Face book Christians out there – ‘Jesus is the reason for the season.’ Read it over and over this year, but wait, if the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior conflicts with the day Santa Claus brings us presents, do NOT expect us to be there in worship. If this is you, you are playing right into the hand of those that say religion is a farce and Christianity is full of hypocrites. There were even churches that cancelled their Sunday services this year...why? What does that say about our priorities? These churches KNEW their members were not going to come and didn’t want them to feel guilty, I guess. Jesus is not just there for you when it is convenient or He doesn’t have something better to do.”

“For the love of God, Mayor Curry, at least wait until the Press And Journal goes on the newsstands to go on Facebook and ‘defend’ yourself. What is with all the Facebook posts? We know you care about the town and about us. You have to know you are doing a good job as Mayor. Why do you have this incessant need for 110 people to comment (suck up to you) and agree with you? You cannot possibly be that insecure. Please stay off of Facebook.”

“I hope Ron Paul runs in the next local election. Thank you Ron for caring and trying.”

 “I am a proud Democrat. I am not whining about Trump winning so stop lumping everyone in one group. I am not afraid of him getting me a job I have been working since I was 14 years old, two jobs most of the time.”

“The state should of never have left it up to the borough to turn down the state for a buyout of Harborton Place. Middletown is greedy and they put their needs ahead of the people of Harborton Place. Why didn’t the state just come in and buy it, $20,000 for what? Look at all the money they waste on their chambers. Middletown needs to be audited to see where all the money is going. Wait till the next big flood, and it is coming. They will wish they took the deal because they will end up with nothing. Remember the state won’t help next time.”

“Based on the 12/28/16 Sound Off comments, quite a few of you have gone off your meds.”

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SOUND OFF: 12/28/16

You may email your Sound Off any time day or night, at our website:

- “For those of you who bother to use your turn signal when driving should know that the LAW states that it should be turned on 100 feet ahead of time NOT at the time you turn!”

- “I would like to commend the Press And Journal for the awesome timeline of the Blue Raiders football season last issue, that was very cool and thoughtful and showed how great this team was! Thanks!”

- “If you know of wrong doings, report it, even if you signed a contract to guarantee your silence I think you would be protected under the PA Whistleblowers Act. Why would anybody be asked to sign a contract that requires them to never speak about something?”

- “I heard, not sure if it is true that three school board members at Middletown abruptly resigned? Can anybody shed some light on this? I have three kids in the MASD and would be very interested to know what is going on. It seems uncommon and unusual for school board members to just up and quit? They can say it’s not our business but we all pay the school taxes and have a reason to be concerned.”

- “Why was there no interest in running for PA Representative, Mehaffie for the most part ran unopposed, making his win guaranteed. The position pays $80,000+ a year and only one guy ran for it? Why is there no interest from other PA residents to run for this position, seems odd.”

- “When these ‘Wac ohs’ come out and get a child’s Christmas program canceled, because it contains the word God. They should plaster their pictures and names all over the news- papers and TV news. Just so when I see them in the grocery store I can tell them, ‘GOD BLESS YOU AND HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS.’”

- “By silencing a person that attempts to report the truth, you are as guilty as the wrongdoer. You are no newspaper.”

- “All these protesters against Trump get a job, oh, I forgot that’s why you are against him afraid he might get you a job. You people make me sick the Democrats are a bunch of whiners you people disgust me. WAH, WAH, WAH, Trump is the next president. Thank God for fox news for telling the truth. Clinton lost because she was a fake.”

- “Look out Middletown Borough, you’re next. It’s working its way downtown. Watch and you’ll see. Evil knows no boundaries.”

- “Win with class and lose with dignity. Tonight I attended the Middletown vs. East Pennsboro wrestling match. One of our wrestlers lost a one-point match where an additional stalling call could have been made earlier and there was a questionable elbow at the end of one period and a forearm at the end of another that could have changed the outcome of the match. Regardless, our young wrestler lost the match. Not only did our wrestler shake the hand of the opposing wrestler and coach after the match but he also went out of his way at the conclusion of the match to congratulate the other wrestler. I have known this young man for years and have seen him at some moments when he was not at his best. It was a simple gesture not made to impress anyone. With this said, tonight, I was impressed with what I witnessed and know that another young man from Middletown is showing signs of developing the necessary skill set to win at life. I will never forget the young man’s simple gesture I witnessed tonight. Likewise, I witnessed that same type of class and dignity this past football season from many of our players and students while watching their incredible journey. In Middletown we are not always perfect but nobody is. However, in Middletown, I see signs of a solid foundation being built to help our young men and women become better than us. As parents, that is what we all dream of and strive for. Here is to hoping that we all continue to come together to make Middletown better for generations to come.”

- “Name call and make assumptions all you want, it just makes you look foolish. That is part of their deception to make people believe that it is just one or a few people who are wise to them. Even very happy people get fed up watching unethical things occurring, then the same people getting honored for it to strengthen the deception. This is a sense of right and wrong that most people have. Many people contribute to Sound Off and simply point out truthful and suspicious things that go on in any Borough or Township, not saying criminal things because we have no way of knowing that, without a proper inquiry, but the same things that the Press And Journal has also objectively proven in their reporting as well as other local media outlets. Unfortunately being unethical is not illegal. I respect the Press And Journal because they are not afraid to report the truth or call out contradictions wherever they see them, they are neutral and report what they know after careful research, and if that is unfavorable to any local leader then that is their fault. If they think there aren’t many, many people who know better, then they are clueless. Eventually when it all comes to light people will understand better, being lucky always runs out on everybody who does wrong or helps themselves out more than they help others. See most people in any community (and it’s not totally their fault) have no idea of what actually goes on with local leaders in their community, they make important decisions that affect all of us at meetings with almost no attendance to witness what is happening and 99% of residents aren’t there, so yeah doing what they do is easy for them. The lack of checks and balances at the local level of government is frightening. Imagine if the better percentage of residents knew just how under-handed certain leaders are and what exactly it is they’ve done with our hard earned tax dollars and treating it like their own personal money, not saying in a criminal way because that is unknown, but in a way that serves their personal interests and friends best; not the community’s. If people truly knew all that went on; they wouldn’t be able to do the things they do and have done. Fake smiles and fake handshakes are enough to fool many, but they’ve never had the chance to know all the facts or look closely, and that is how they survive. The most interesting thing to look at is where and how much money has been spent in certain areas and not in others. I.E. how much total did this board spend on lawyer fees and why did this board need to use lawyers so much? Historically has any board ever used so much of our tax dollars on attorneys? Look at what happened to places where people left and not just one but many, some who’ve been in a position for a long time. Wouldn’t it be interesting if all these people spoke up about why they left and what was going on, given they didn’t agree to a gag order. If you know of wrong speak up let somebody know, otherwise we are feeding the monsters and keeping them strong. Often we need to look at what people don’t do as much as what they do, it can tell a lot. Most people would never talk badly or point out negatives about things or people without good reason based on knowledge or common sense, so if people or things get bad press you can bet there is something to it because why else would there be any desire, reason or need to do so?”

- “That story on the school board was excellent, written well and it definitely makes you wonder. I think the three new board members are great people and qualified candidates for sure, but at least one seems a little too handpicked for comfort, but I am sure nobody is surprised considering one of the people involved. It is curious why certain people decide to join the school board, most you can see their interest, they have kids in the district or are alumni, but then some just make you wonder what their angle is?”

- “There is a huge difference between people who have actually helped and served the people of their community, than the people who pretend they have or claimed they have with a big smile on their face. I am referring to real help, up close and personal help served with dedication and care through action, not spoken or claims of helping others that is really hard to actually see or feel. At the end of the day the real people recognize the other real people who have helped them in their community.”

- “If I run a 100 yard dash race and I’m the only runner in the race, did I really ‘win’ or did I simply run? Because even if I’m the worlds worst runner I’d be the only one crossing the finish line.”

- “Seems we have a ‘crime spree’ in Lower Swatara Twp. The Shope Gardens section, Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning at least a dozen cars were rifled through. Very risky kids, everybody today has a gun and you’re lucky someone didn’t ‘Bust a cap in your arse.’ I worked hard for what I have, too hard to allow some punk to do his Christmas shopping in my driveway. You’ve been warned. Tell your kids also.”

- “Trust me ma’am nobody is surprised you took yet another chance to badmouth and hurt the police, it’s what you’ve been doing for years now, and you know what happens when you assume ... you make an a** out of you and ...well... just you. The person you badmouthed ‘indirectly’ has done more for the community and it’s residents then you and the king will ever do. When people need real life help he’s who they call, not you or the others, they know he cares and will help them. That’s the difference between real men and pretend men, their work is proven and the whole community knows it. Some men have had everything already in place for them and really have never proven themselves in anything, they pick the races they enter after careful selection, but other men have no idea what they will enter into on any given day they can’t choose their battles just face them, and time and time again handle it and help people. You know who is who. You couldn’t snag something if you went fishing and don’t realize that some people want you to know.”

- “You want to know what wasted effort is? Believing you can control Freedom of Speech, you can’t, it’s a constitutionally protected right (you should know this) but power drunk people will try. If you don’t want people to say bad things about you, simply stop doing bad things, problem solved.”

- “Why on earth would Springer, Davies or Truntz feel Wilt should lead them?”

- “Press And Journal once again doing a solid story that lets the reader decide, the recent school board article, all fact based reporting what does it sound like to you? The biggest question is why do people sit back and allow it? Or tolerate these folks? Why did three longtime school board members up and suddenly leave?”

- “I want to know when all the championship banners and scoring leaders will be put on the wall at the new high school gymnasium? It looks barren and we want to remind visiting teams they’re in our house!”

- “No fair, a guy from Denver, Pa., shoots a mule of a whitetail deer in Chester County and steals the contest from the locals? Time to limit the entries to people who live in the readership area or we don’t stand a chance. LOL!”

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SOUND OFF: 12/21/16

You may email your Sound Off any time day or night,
at our website:

- “Really disappointed with the Press And Journal. Will not be renewing my subscription.”

- “Looks like we have our own local version of the Clintons. Scary!”

- “Maybe Council will take notice to the departing Bey’s parting words and LEARN SOMETHING!!!”

- “I would like to take this time to thank Mayor Curry and our current borough council for bringing the small town spirit back into our town. I have lived here for about 10 years and I must say this was the best year by far. I really hope that those that are sitting on council now that are up for re-election run again because they would have my vote for sure.”

- “Remember people, we went to war in Iraq because the CIA said they had weapons of mass destruction and they did not. And now they want to say Russia helped Trump win, give me a break. So Russia was to be hacking all this time and the Obama administration did nothing about it they let it happen, lolololololol.”

- “Looks like the disgruntled detective is back on the beat!”

- “I hope that Todd Truntz takes over the board of Lower Swatara Commisioners. He is a well-respected lawyer and we need someone with a formal education to take charge of our community. I wish the public voted for the president of the board. Good luck Todd!”

- “I guess decorated downtown Christmas trees and lights in Hoffer Park are considered a ‘need’ and not a ‘want’ for Middletown by Mayor Curry. When he is behind something he can certainly raise support and funds.”

- “Maybe the Press And Journal reporter should have also interviewed the Township’s Solicitor or another Sunshine Law expert instead of just relying on a biased Media Association lawyer. If he did, he would know that there was no violation of the Sunshine Law, as the solicitor explained at the last meeting. Sure would be nice if the Press And Journal focused more on the good things that are going on instead of being a venue for division in our community.”

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