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Sound Off 7/27/16

“The best thing about having our own police department is knowing that when things go really bad or you’re in distress we always have officers dedicated to us close by. Officer’s who know the township and know us. None of us want to suddenly be in a terrible situation and wonder if somebody is coming to help or save us, that’s why we have our police officers and they have proven themselves true to us for a long, long time, let’s get behind our men in blue they’ve always behind us! Let’s all come together attend meetings and say okay we’ve had enough!

“Leave the cop and his K9 alone, you must have better things to do with your time!

 “Every time those terrorist scumbags kill a bunch of people the world gets together and prays for the victims and for peace. Well that doesn’t seem to be working, so lets have the world get together and kill all the SOB’s, their families and their sponsors wherever they may be. To hell with Political correctness and collateral damage, rid the world of this cancer.

“The buzz in the hood is that some residents think Middletown can afford the Elks Theater, they also believe grants will cover the whole cost. They better crawl down off their high horse and do some research on why the borough owns the building to begin with.”

“I wish Anne Einhorne would stand up for other issues in the borough the way she is fighting for the Elks. Seems to me other then the Elks, she simply shows up to meetings.”

 “I was so mad when I read that another police officer left his K-9 in the vehicle and he died from the heat. And all the officer got is a desk job, he should be prosecuted. A K-9 is considered a police officer and he left him die that has got to be a very agonizing way to die. I wish they’d lock that police officer in a hot car.”

“I sit and watch these new council members week after week making decisions for our town and I wonder how some of them sleep at night. On the left side of the table you have people that ask questions and seem to be really into what is going on and on the right side you have people who seem to just want to spend tax payer’s money with no real solution. Than at the head of the table you have two people who cannot even speak to each other. They say they all wanted change but in reality they are no better than those before them. I see the same divide occurring and relentless spending occurring. The third ward reps seem like they don’t care and are too busy for the town, one second ward rep just goes along for the ride while the other two try to push through and the one first ward rep asks question upon question while the other one just wants to spend money that this town does not have. Lord, help our little town because we have more political games occurring than in D.C.”

“Please help me understand how 2 years ago when our Mayor stood up to McNamara he was deemed a hero now that he is standing up to another council member he is deemed a Zero. I personally did not vote for him but I am glad that he stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid to use his voice unlike some council members.”

“I wish the entire council could just get along. You can see the divide occurring across the table. You can see and feel the tension in the room. I am glad to see that this council allows residents to voice their concerns and is actually listening to the residents but please be careful because people are seeing and feeling your divide and that is what is wanted by others.”

“It truly amazes me how people send messages to Sound Off regarding our Mayor because he simply said someone should not vote on an issue. Now when he was standing up to the last council president everyone thought it was great. I really hope that people who were not at the meeting only take the negative talk with a grain of salt because some people just like to stir the pot and watch it boil over. I really hope that a few bad apples don’t make us loose a good Mayor because this Mayor has done a lot for Middletown.”

“Last week someone compared the Mayor to Donald Trump. Why? Are you against him holding your friends to the same standards demanded of Mr. McNamara? You need to ‘get a grip’ on reality. It’s about time elected officials attempt to maintain moral and ethical standards. Keep up the good work, Mayor.”

 “I hate seeing the new Council argue but sometimes things need to be said. I’d like to know what the attorney thinks about Anne Einhorn voting on the future of the Elks when her husband is part of the group looking to get control of the theater.”

“Can we clone Dawn Knull?”

 “No way does it make any sense to narrow a street. Who’s running this town anyway, that stupid mayor of Harrisburg?”

“As long as people raise their kids with the prison mentality, eg. ‘Snitches get stitches’ or to turn in a criminal makes one a ‘Rat.’ You will never see an end to crime and violence.”

“I find it crazy that the Mayor stands up to councilwoman and he is called Trump, but when he did it to the previous council he was called a hero. I really hope people of Middletown realize all that our Mayor has done and don’t run off a good Mayor.”

“I wish the second ward council member would stand for more issues with this town like she is standing up for the Elks Theater. Friends of the Elks have had their chance to run the theater and they failed, what has changed?”

“Why does the Press And Journal only print the Sound Off write ins calling out the Mayor? I have written several in the past three weeks and they have not been printed? Beginning to understand why local people have quit buying or advertising with them.”

“Does anybody here know if Kuppy’s sells alcohol? I really enjoy a cold Genny Cream Ale with my pancakes in the morning.”

“‘Just because a zoning board can deliberate in private doesn’t mean it should.’ Just because the Press And Journal has the right to freedom of Press does not mean that they should. Just because the Press And Journal can stir the pot does not mean they should.”

“Two years ago when Mayor Curry was standing up to Chris McNamara and making comments like ‘it is not your dog and pony show’ people applauded him. Now that he is doing the same thing and standing up to a council member and pointing out to others that she does have a vested interest, he is called names and made to be the bad guy. I applaud him for having the courage to speak what he feels. I wish others on council would do the same.”

 “Common sense says you need an ID to vote to prove you live in the right district and to prove you are a U.S. citizen. And all these courts overturning the laws that say you need an ID are so full of it. It’s all political and they say it’s a burden for the poorer people to get an ID. Well most poor people are on food stamps or assistance and you need an ID for that. The Democrats will do anything to win, no matter how wrong it is and Hillary is a big liar Trump will make this country better. It is getting so bad with the illegal’s coming here that they should put a minefield up at the border. I have no sympathy for anyone coming over illegal. We have the greatest country in the world and we can’t protect our borders, Oh, let me rephrase that, we do not want to protect our borders or our citizens.”


“I wonder if the commissioners would explain to the public why they denied putting security cameras up around the Police Department? The cameras were around $6,000 to purchase and denied even though approximately $100,000 was returned and not used. A private citizen then offers to pay the $6,000 of their own money and donate the cameras at no cost whatsoever to the township. Again, this was denied by the Commissioners. Now, could you explain why the commissioners would deny something like this? In the past three weeks, police all across the country have come under attack from snipers to ambushes. Shouldn’t the commissioners protect those who protect us when it costs them nothing?”

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Sound Off 7/20/2016

“One commissioner says that the county offered $100,000 to help merge Middletown and Lower Swatara Police. Another says that it is a downright lie that there were even talks about merging, I'm confused, who do I believe? I think I remember that there were talks with Swatara that were originally denied as well, yet found out later to be very true.”

“As I sit here watching the breaking news of the Dallas Police Officers shot and killed, I am overcome with anger at the treatment and handling of my local police department. If you aren't angry then you aren't paying attention. Get involved. They need and deserve all the support we can give them. Don't think it won't ever happen here. I'm sure Dallas wasn't expecting it either.”

“I think the Elks Theatre should be restored, people are not going to just come to downtown to eat. They need something else to do, like go to a movie either before or after dinner, especially since there are no stores anymore to shop at and nothing else to do in downtown.”

“Good thing that Lower Swatara forces its police department down to MINIMUM MANPOWER on holidays. Common sense and common practice with NORMAL police departments put extra officers on the street. Yep, they don't want to spend the extra money so when a lot of people are out celebrating, drinking in excess, shooting fireworks off at all hours of the night, and just being loud there may not be an officer available to handle your calls. Please know that the police are being forced to the minimum to save money.”

“We have to come to a crossroads in American History. It is not about race, democrat or republican, or even what gender you ‘identify’ with. This country is fastly losing its place as a world superpower. We are falling from the graces of what our forefathers tried to create. We have become a nation of lazy, self-entitled, overly offended people. We are so politically correct anymore that this country cannot face the music. We let people in from countries that absolutely hate America. We give tax breaks and welfare to people who have come to this country as an immigrant and have contributed nothing to our country. We are so caught up in our own world that half the people don't have a single clue as to what is coming and coming fast to this country. We have people who live in poverty that can't afford to legitimately feed their families even after working a full time job and yet we hand out money to people who are too lazy to get up and get a job. Not all that long ago, cell phones and Internet were things unheard of. Now we give it free to people because they can't live without it. Why do we drive through Section 8 housing projects and see brand new luxury cars parked out front? Why do we stand in line and watch people pay for food with access cards and turn around and buy cigarettes and lottery tickets with cash? Why do criminals get weak sentences and then we act like it’s a huge surprise when they go out and commit even further crimes? Why is it a big deal to show your ID to prove that you are who you say you are when voting? Why do people in power who are absolutely dead wrong and caught red-handed get away with murder? The truth is that this country has slowly built itself upon lies, deceit, and debt. We have lost all credibility in our attempts to ‘police the world.’ The middle class is diminishing and there is truth to the old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It's a shame that this country has every opportunity to make itself such a great place, a powerful nation, and a nation united and yet we falter because we have created a society who feels like things should be provided rather than earned. Wake up America, the path we are going down will only destroy a once great nation. Empires have mostly never survived for more than 250 years. History speaks for itself. Do the math, 1776-2016 is 240 years, we have about 10 years left unless we get our act together.”

“I wonder if the commissioners truly know or appreciate what the officers of the township really do on a day to day basis. They have a job most don't want nor could handle and to know that the people who are in charge don't even support them has to be difficult. Imagine coming into a job trying to make the community better a place and doing the best you can do but leadership does not acknowledge the great job and achievements of their officers enough so to not publicly recognize a chief who dedicated 34 years of his life to serving the community or withholding accommodations from the very officers who earned it. Leadership who makes the officers jobs harder in an already tough enough job by failing to provide safe or efficient means to do their jobs. Driving 12 year old cars or ones with well over 130,000 miles shows the mindset of the current leadership. Failing to replace officers who have since retired or left and forcing the department to an ultimate low of 1/3 of the amount of officers it originally had. Making these officers do their job with their hands behind their backs not only hurts the police but the citizens who rely on them to provide their safety or to bring them justice. The events in Dallas go to show just how fragile the relationship between the public and the police can be. Not supporting them as a leadership is disgusting and disgraceful. Lower Swatara police have built and earned a relationship built on trust with its community.”

“If certain people wouldn't be committing so many crimes, they wouldn't be so easily suspected as criminals. Statistics will bear me out on this. You know, If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and looks like a duck it's probably a duck.”

“Previously merely annoying, Eddie the Ex-pat is now undeniably reprehensible. He takes every opportunity to mock and criticize our country, but now that there's trouble in paradise, the big crybaby complains about the minimal aid from the mean ole U.S. of A. following the earthquake in his adopted Ecuador. Hopefully the new editor or whoever has the authority will consider axing Eddie's column. Let him brag about his idyllic life to his family and friends back home in an annual Christmas newsletter like everyone else.”

“Officer Young for chief, he's a cop’s cop!”

“Clever word play, I actually liked it, touché!”

“Every family has its traitor! But you'll expect them to be there for you after they chew you up and spit you out right? Don't fall for false hope.”


“There is no crematory at the funeral home as of July 6. Stopped to check on some family business and no one was there, same situation on the 7th. I assume they lost and have closed up shop.”

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SOUND OFF: 7/13/2016

“Kudos to Middletown Area High School - Onward and Upward - Brand New School and the First Graduating Class is 2017. The Best Is Yet 2 Be!”

“Parking, parking, parking! A successful downtown needs parking! Tear down the old Bunky Burger building and pave out the old Klahr's location.”

“Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.”

“So when is Mr. Fager going to start to build his crematoriums? Glad the 15 big mouths have been quiet. If they start again doting construction they should move. Time for Middletown to grow and become something other then an armpit of society.”

“When will they figure out that only they can stop negativity? You can't mistreat people then order them to like it or force them to be happy about it, that just isn't reality.”

“Does it surprise anyone that the FBI is not going to charge Hillary? The Clintons have been getting away with murder since they arrived on the political scene.”

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making people think he didn't exist, sound familiar?”

“What a perfect example of why the board needs to keep our township police department properly staffed. Because providing public safety is an absolute necessity that can have profound consequences if you fail to maintain it. You can't keep any PD at bare minimum staffing and below and it has never been clearer why. Our township policemen were already at bare bones staffing now one leaves to work for a smaller department, two go out on medical leave with injuries, one bit by a dog and was out, now what happens we all pay for massive overtime to have exhausted understaffed officers serving and protecting us. Not fair to anybody and terrible management of ‘our’ money and safety, and to boot we will now lose a Detective to cover patrol shifts, leaving one to manage all crime for the entire township. All reasons why when our township loses an officer we need to replace them right away and these issues never happen, especially when we ‘obviously’ have the money to do so. Who is the brainchild behind all of this? It's money well spent and I'll be interested to see if and when the two new officers they approved to hire comes to fruition, lets all wait and see.”

“Dear Mayor, you are not Donald Trump, so stop trying to act like him. Get a grip dude.”

“Hey commissioners, get over yourselves already, you are the only ones who don't see our police officers for who they are; hardworking, dedicated and caring family men who put their lives on the line for all of us everyday 24/7. We need them a lot more than we need you, has that ever occurred to you? If we took a poll to get rid of our police or our commissioners who do you think the community would choose? These guys love the community they serve that has always been obvious and is why they have the respect and relationship they do with their public. What has been going on is like kicking a puppy or bullying an easy target that can't fight back! If you’re tired of the negative comments then stop doing negative sneaky stuff!”

“First Amendment Rights. Freedom of Speech. Know your rights.

“The buzz in the hood is that we have to choose needs over wants or else our taxes are going to be raised. The biggest need right now is putting out the cash to buy the mayor an extension ladder so he can climb down off his throne.”

“The upcoming vacant seat on the Board in Lower Swatara needs filled by someone with local government experience and integrity. Someone that can help guide the Township back onto the right track. Someone with the best of intentions. Someone that's honest and who has a voice that will speak up and not follow the scripts. Someone that cares.”

“Anyone know what happened with the crematory? I am assuming the 20 loud mouths got their way, because it has been very quite. But cannot imagine the they did from all I have read.”

“It sure doesn't take a detective to figure out who's writing all this stuff about the LSTPD. Welcome back from vacation!”

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Sound Off 7_6_16

• “I’m so sick of these Democrats whining. The reason we have all these shootings is because we don’t enforce the laws we have now, look how many people were told about the Florida shooter and they did nothing and it’s happening all the time. Look at the illegal immigrants in this country The Democrats say keep the law abiding ones here, well, if they came over illegal DUH they broke the law.”

• “I just saw the downtown roadwork. There’s no way a truck, let alone a car, will be able to make turns at Union and Emaus. Are you going to keep working on it? No way should it be narrow!”

• “I’d like to congratulate Mr. Lee Brown for his award winning homemade toffee. Way to go Lee!”

• “I’m so happy to see time and money being invested in the infrastructure in Middletown. Pride in the community is infectious and the more we do to make the town more pedestrian and bike friendly, the better the people we can attract to live here. Times are changing; people want walk-able towns with active downtown areas, not to have to drive everywhere. Everyone needs to take a trip to Lewisburg and see what quality of life improvements can do to jump-start a post-manufacturing economy.”

• “How much more damage can the board do to the Lower Swatara Police? Reading last weeks paper I saw the manager said very casually that one of their detectives is being pulled to cover patrol shifts! This should have never happened had they kept our PD properly staffed, funny how all their dirt is causing more and more harm every day and coming to the surface now. Does that leave us with one criminal investigator for the entire township is that what we get for our tax dollars now? I’m sure making a detective and training him is quite an investment and one well worth our money. But you have the PD so upside down you can’t even cover shifts without losing an investigator, you failed to hire adequately and have made it so bad officers have left to work for smaller PDs and you pushed a great, efficient and decent chief right out the door. This is the reality folk’s, any question why morale might be low? You know the answer to that one. I’m sure the residents who experience major crime in their lives will appreciate having just one overburdened detective now and I’m sure that detectives job just got a lot safer having to work alone. I can’t imagine the manager wasn’t embarrassed to announce they have to use a detective to cover patrol shifts. Bravo first class Township, pathetic!”

• “So, Lower Swatara has to utilize a detective to cover patrol shifts according to manager Shambaugh. Detective work isn’t one you mess up on behalf of your residents! Detectives are officers assigned to investigate the most serious crimes, like sexual assault of children, rape, robbery, burglary, fraud and murder, which this township has seen at least two over the last three years. You don’t cut corners here because the people affected will be those residents who have experienced the worst types of crime possible. It’s simply not an area of police work you can screw up or do without. Detectives are assigned to solely work on solving major crime and all crime, like investigating and locking up child molesters and other sick animals who prey on kids and the innocent, people who steal your money from your bank, people who enter your homes and steal your stuff, but hey let’s put one of the only two we have back in patrol because you have to make up for your improper staffing for the past two years and failure to ensure you have a functional and efficient PD for your public to call on when they need them. You all should be completely ashamed at what you have done to our township and its safety.”

• “To the Editor: Regarding the article ‘Helping hands for those in need’ ( The post states, ‘Press And Journal columnist LaVonne Ackerman has been in New Orleans helping the city’s residents recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.’ The fact of the matter, to my mind, is that the flooding of New Orleans was overwhelmingly the fault of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which was responsible for designing and building the levee system, not the hurricane itself. An irregular, flawed federal funding process led to a piecemeal levee system that included some low-cost solutions that compromised the quality, safety, and reliability of the designs, according to a 2007 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers Hurricane Katrina External Review Panel. Had there been no design defects present in the levees in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina would have made much less news and would not now suffer the fate of being referenced only as a terrible ‘natural’ disaster. Rather, it would be labeled a terrible ‘engineering’ disaster. It is my hope, as a former resident of New Orleans, that with wider dissemination of correct information, blame for the city’s flooding will eventually shift from nature to the failed infrastructure. Thank you for your time, William Ferguson Lac.”

• “Re: ‘Helping hands for those in need.’ WRONG from the get-go!!! CORRECTED COPY: Residents recover from the devastation caused by the failure of the levees and floodwalls that were designed and built by the Corps of Engineers...and let’s not forget the loose barge that breached and destroyed the Eastern floodwall of the Industrial Canal. We locals refer to this event as ‘the Federal Flood of 2005’! Jimmy Roy.”

• “I had to see the Union Street and Emaus Street intersection for myself. They are absolutely correct. That intersection is too narrow. I can’t believe no one noticed this from the start! Who is in charge of that project? Are you that dumb not to visualize what is going to happen?”

• “So if I have read these past few months worth of Sound Offs correctly, the Lower Swatara Police are down to eight guys on the street which includes two officers pulled from specialty positions (School Officer and now a Detective). With rumors that four guys testing for other police jobs, how long will it be until we have no detectives, no chief, and four guys on the street. Two guys left last year, two more left this year, and yet a year later the department is so low in manpower they’re pulling guys out of specialty positions.... At what point do the commissioners even realize their BIG MISTAKE and try to correct what’s wrong? How long does it take to hire officers?”

• “Holy Cow! Downtown Middletown has been sized for only Smart Cars!”

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Sound Off 6/22/16

“We went from having the Gestapo police department to no cops to be seen. I'm sick and tired of the way people drive in this town, which didn't happen when we had cops all over the place. People drive 20 miles over the speed limit coming down the hills on Union St., run stop signs and drive like maniacs. Shootings aren't the only reason I don't go into the 'burg, it's also they way people drive, which is now becoming how it is in town. Once the bar is lowered, it's hard to bring it back up. I guess driver and citizen safety isn't important. Is anyone in charge of this town anymore, or are we just in a free fall?”

“I was shocked to see the high school being torn down with desks still in the rooms! Why weren't these removed and sold or donated?”

“Seen on a pick-up truck the other day, 4x4=16.”

“Hey neighbor, is somebody grilling steaks, or is that the crematory I smell.”

“There is no good reason for a publication to print an offensive term like ‘jap’ that appeared in last week's Sound Off. Shame on you, you must be trump supporters.”

“So Middletown residents don't want a crematory in their town, but no one is complaining about a medical marijuana dispensary? Where are your priorities? A crematory is so common these days. It's not going to ruin your town. Relax.”

“Thank you Chief Brandt for your decades of service and protection you have given to our community.”

“Isn't it funny that in the history of the Lower Swatara police no other commissioner has ever tried so hard to get rid of the Lower Swatara police before these ‘2’ got in. You already have the lowest paid officers in the area and still one of the best PDs around, what more do you want? Or what is this really about? Does the rest of the board even know what these 2 are doing half the time?”

“What is going on in Londonderry Township? It used to be a first class place. Some of the properties look like the codes officer must be blind, or they just don't even have one! And they have the nerve to complain about the people on the islands? Even the way they've handled that is a travesty! There was another accident at the intersection by the Tool Shed. When are they going to do something about how dangerous it is and always has been? Sad to see the way the township has gone down hill over the years.”

“Just suppose that 10 of those victims in Orlando would have been packing. Since only one off duty cop stopped the carnage, what would have 10 legal carrying people have done. And the gay bars would probably be taken off the ‘soft target’ lists for terrorists.”

“That one penny a kilowatt from Middletown doesn't look so bad anymore, does it TMI?? No one wants your power. And since you wanted to screw Middletown out of the lifetime contract, now you're gonna pay!”

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