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Sound Off 6/29/16

• “To the person defending those folks flying the Mexican flag, I'll just bet you were one of those people that were flying the Vietcong flag when I came home in the late 70s.Or at least of the same mind set.”

• “What if someone in that club in Florida had a gun, the outcome could of somewhat been different.”

• “I am hoping that Trump wins the election, just so I can see that racist bag of wind Whoopi Goldberg move out of the USA. She said she would, and I'm holding her to it.”

• “‘I didn't tell the JAPANESE to bomb Pearl Harbor’ There, now, does that appease your politically correct heart? Geeeze, some people and their ‘holier than thou’ ways, just makes a person want to vomit.”

• “What bozo engineer decided to tighten the downtown intersection and also put the clock so close to the street? Morons! Better get a good insurance policy on that clock!”

• “Hey Press And Journal - enjoyed the coverage about the clock. Especially liked the smiling faces. Glad to see you’re behind this.”

• “I'm so sick of these Democrats whining. The reason we have all these shootings is because we don't enforce the laws we have now. Look how many people were told about the Florida shooter and they did nothing and it's happening all the time. Look at the illegal immigrants in this country The Democrats say keep the law abiding ones here. Well if they came over illegal, DUH, they broke the law.”

• “If you were at the last Middletown council meeting - well what the heck? It was like the meetings when Mcnamara was the prez. I thought things changed.”

• “I just saw the downtown roadwork. There's no way trucks, let alone cars, will be able to make turns at Union and Emaus,. Are you going to to keep working on it? No way way should it be narrow!!”

• “Do we know who will be replacing Tom Mehaffie in Lower Swattty Township? Can’t the people decide?”

• “Want a good evening in a beautiful spot? Go to the Sunset Grille at the golf course in Londonderry Twp. What a treasure!”

• “Am I the only one who has noticed this? Reading police reports - most of the people arrested are not college students. So much for the area going to hell with them huh?”

• “I know it’s a lot of money but I tell ya, the downtown in Middletown will be f=great. And I don’t live in Middletown but certainly will be coming back.”

• “Editor - you hit the nail on the head about the streetscape thing in Middletown. Locals grumble and complain. People from out of the area get it.”

• “Apparently the P&J isn’t a Trump fan.”

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Sound Off 6/22/16

“We went from having the Gestapo police department to no cops to be seen. I'm sick and tired of the way people drive in this town, which didn't happen when we had cops all over the place. People drive 20 miles over the speed limit coming down the hills on Union St., run stop signs and drive like maniacs. Shootings aren't the only reason I don't go into the 'burg, it's also they way people drive, which is now becoming how it is in town. Once the bar is lowered, it's hard to bring it back up. I guess driver and citizen safety isn't important. Is anyone in charge of this town anymore, or are we just in a free fall?”

“I was shocked to see the high school being torn down with desks still in the rooms! Why weren't these removed and sold or donated?”

“Seen on a pick-up truck the other day, 4x4=16.”

“Hey neighbor, is somebody grilling steaks, or is that the crematory I smell.”

“There is no good reason for a publication to print an offensive term like ‘jap’ that appeared in last week's Sound Off. Shame on you, you must be trump supporters.”

“So Middletown residents don't want a crematory in their town, but no one is complaining about a medical marijuana dispensary? Where are your priorities? A crematory is so common these days. It's not going to ruin your town. Relax.”

“Thank you Chief Brandt for your decades of service and protection you have given to our community.”

“Isn't it funny that in the history of the Lower Swatara police no other commissioner has ever tried so hard to get rid of the Lower Swatara police before these ‘2’ got in. You already have the lowest paid officers in the area and still one of the best PDs around, what more do you want? Or what is this really about? Does the rest of the board even know what these 2 are doing half the time?”

“What is going on in Londonderry Township? It used to be a first class place. Some of the properties look like the codes officer must be blind, or they just don't even have one! And they have the nerve to complain about the people on the islands? Even the way they've handled that is a travesty! There was another accident at the intersection by the Tool Shed. When are they going to do something about how dangerous it is and always has been? Sad to see the way the township has gone down hill over the years.”

“Just suppose that 10 of those victims in Orlando would have been packing. Since only one off duty cop stopped the carnage, what would have 10 legal carrying people have done. And the gay bars would probably be taken off the ‘soft target’ lists for terrorists.”

“That one penny a kilowatt from Middletown doesn't look so bad anymore, does it TMI?? No one wants your power. And since you wanted to screw Middletown out of the lifetime contract, now you're gonna pay!”

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Sound Off 6/15/16

“As the election heats up I hope Sound Off edits out offensive hate speech. Whether we are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Green Party, we should engage in civil discourse, arguing persuasively, avoiding name-calling and especially racist tinged language. The person who called protesting Mexicans ‘thugs’ who should ‘go back South’ crossed the line.”


“Ron Paul should replace Tom Mehaffie on the Lower Swatara Board of Commissioners. He was a long time Township Manager who knew how the Township should be run.”


“Imagine: Hillary Clinton calling someone a liar. Now there's the pot calling the kettle black.”


“I deeply appreciate and sympathize with the Tillitson family who wanted us to know that their son lost his battle with addiction and succumbed to a heroin overdose. At the same time a Camp Hill family also went public with the fact that their 27-year-old son died of a heroin overdose after a long battle with substance abuse. The opioid epidemic is hitting us right here. We need support groups and treatment centers so that addicts can recover and lead productive lives.”


“Lower Middletown or Upper Swatara, maybe Township formerly known as Lower Swatara?”


“The June 1, 2016 Article by Dr. James Hanak, ‘In God We Trust ‘ appears to have misleading information. The article states  ‘that we have a National Motto that has been recognized since the writing of the National Anthem in 1814’ is deceiving, in that it leads one to believe it was our ‘official’ motto since then. Yes, it is mentioned in the Anthem, and placed on coinage around 1864, but we also had E Pluribus Unum from the Great Seal of 1782. The Motto ‘In God We Trust’ was not made ‘official’ until 1956 during McCarthyism, ( a sad time of our history ).”


“PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR = EASY TO HIRE AND FIRE AT WILL. Good luck to whoever is dumb enough to take that position.”


“I smoke, but I don't drink. I go to the local smoke shop to pick up my cigarette, which is beside the liquor store. In my observations, the people who are going to the liquor store are some of the most rude and inconsiderate people I've come across. If someone parked in the handicapped spot without the proper plate or sign, they're probably in the liquor store, not the smoke store. If someone is parked like a butt, they're probably in the liquor store. Today, a lady in a nice expensive car was backed into the space beside the handicapped spot. She was over the line and partially parked in the handicapped spot. I left her a note and explained that it was a good thing I didn't use a wheelchair. Not surprisingly, before I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw her come out of the liquor store. Ps, it's a known fact that alcohol causes brain damage.”


“Good Job Eric Wise from the Press And Journal. Your great journalism has created enough passion for the commissioners to call you out by name at their last meeting (6/1/16). Keep up excellent work.”


“How long will it be until they put the red light at Hardee's back to using the road sensors instead of using a timer? Only three to four vehicles can make it through the light at a time before it turns red again. It causes an unnecessary backlog of vehicles.”


“Let's see, there were 16 full-time officers at the beginning of 2015. Two left in 2015 and were never replaced. This brings it down to 14. The chief is now leaving and another left at the end of May. That means 2 two less, which is 12. You now have two officers out for injuries, which means another two are down and out for the count at this point. That leaves 10. Out of those 10, two are detectives not on the street, so now we’re at eight. But wait there is an SRO in the schools that is temporarily on the streets for a short two months during the summer. If you really want to get technical that leaves all but seven guys on the street, literally almost half of what you had only last year. This is a first class township with first class taxes to match. Why has it come to this point!?”


“I said this when it all started. After speaking to his buddy Bill Clinton, Donald Trump decided to run for president. I think he's a plant to destroy the Republican Party and insure Hillary the presidency. And now they are speaking about making history, the same BS that got Obama elected. Pray, people, pray for America.”


“What are the commissioners so afraid of that they make it a point to prohibit employees from talking to the media?”


“Press And Journal, please don't tell me you pay Paul Heise for the garbage he writes? Us conservatives are all racist, bigots, and greedy intolerant haters in his eyes. He fails to see any wrong with Obama and Clinton. How stupid can you be? And as far as Trump, he's an equal opportunity offender. It doesn't matter race, color, or ethnicity, f you're a pathetic dirt bag, he'll tell you. It's just a shame he doesn't get to read and respond to Mr. Heise's column. I'd pay to see that!”


“Oh that's good, I have a police officer who has been up for 18 hours, better yet almost 24 coming to help if I call 911? Will it be an officer from Middletown? Oh wait, that's right, they go without police coverage in that town. It's like playing Russian roulette. Eventually this will catch up and the only ones who lose in the end are the tax paying citizens.”


“How many officers are actually on patrol in Lower Swatara? I was talking to one of their officers the other day. I asked about all the issues that I've seen in the paper. I was told that there are only eight officers on the street right now which includes the SRO who normally patrols the schools during classes and now another who may be going out for medical reasons which would leave it at seven. He also shared that at one time there were 21 officers, who included part-time officers as well but the township eliminated those positions. How can the department function after essentially losing 2/3 of its officers? These officers have to be exhausted constantly working overtime and long days. The sad truth is that eliminating departments or cutting them to the bare bones is only a bandaid to a problem that needs more than just a cover up.”


“Please tell your columnist Paul Heise that what he perceives as HATE is just protectionism. We're tired of illegal immigration of Mexicans, Central Americans, Chinese, and Haitians. We're tired of spending billions on welfare and medical. We're tired of defending Muslims when all they want to do is destroy our world. We're tired of the gays and transgendered thinking we have to cater to their every need. Paul Heise and the liberals want to act all high and mighty that they are tolerant. All they're doing is weakening our society, which is on a course for implosion.”


“Silencing the minority only hurts the majority in the end.”


“When you force a dog into a corner with no means of escape, eventually even the nicest dog will bite.”

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Sound Off 6/8/2016

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted. 


• “President Obama seems to do a lot of apologizing. Well listen up, I didn’t tell the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor. I didn’t push any Indians off this piece of suburbia that I own. I never owned any slaves – as a matter of fact I don’t know anyone who was once a slave. I didn’t shove any Jews into the gas chambers. Huh! Seems like I don’t owe anybody anything. If you begrudge me what I have, work for it – you too can have it.”

• “ ‘I would trade the rundown decaying houses around my house for a crematory any day. I can’t sell the house because of the neighbors. Not sure why codes can’t do anything about it.’ Have you filed a complaint? Probably not, but like most people you want to complain that others do nothing.”

• “Trump is educated, knowledgeable and intelligent and best of all he’s not one of the ‘good old boys’ politicians. We as a nation have been [expletive] about pols for years, now is your chance to get away from them. Because to me there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats – that is, up till now.”

• “It should be very interesting to see who this board in Lower Swatara Twp. picks for the public safety director position. Very interesting! They’ve had a Chief of Police for over 50 years out there, let’s see what they do.”

• “It is hard to figure out how Mr. Fager and his family are so nice to people after how everyone has treated him over the past nine months. The guy spends time helping the community grow and the people that do nothing in that aspect sit around smoking cigarettes and watching their teeth fall out complaining about a cremation machine.”

• “In this election season, whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or a Libertarian, you should be able to express yourself in Sound Off without name-calling. In the June 1 Sound Off one person called a group of Mexicans ‘thugs’ who can ‘pack up and head South’ simply because they held Mexican flags and protested the candidacy of Donald Trump.”

• “I think Ron P. should fill the to-be-vacated seat on the LST board. We couldn’t find a more qualified, dedicated or knowledgeable person.”

• “Was the change of chief to Public Safety Director ever discussed in a public meeting? Was there a vote on it, if one is needed? I would think there would be. For transparency I would sure hope so.”

• “If somebody is your friend for a long time and you think they are a good person, at some point you have to realize what a big destructive turd they are and step off their big idiot train before you become an idiot, too!”

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Sound Off 6/1/2016

Submissions to Sound Off appear as submitted.

• “Why is the person that owns the burned out property on Wilson Street allowed to let that eyesore stand for so long?”

• “It’s a great thing to hear the Lower Swatara commissioners have approved two police officers to replace the two that left. This is a great step in the right direction for our community and mending a lot of valuable relationships. I speak for many here so, sincerely, thanks for keeping our and your police department running. Positive actions deserve as much attention as negative actions. Kudos on this one, Board of Commissioners.”

• “Good acts breed great relationships and can quickly kill a lot of negativity.”

• “So I saw two Lower Swatara officers out on Friday night who looked absolutely exhausted. Come to find out that one was working 18 hours straight and another was on a 22-hour stretch due to low manpower. Firstly, I feel horrible for those two officers who had to work that long, but secondly, the danger this poses not only to themselves but the public in general. No one person can think clearly or straight with that long of time on duty. Officers are put in serious situations that sometimes require life and death split-second decisions and you have two officers clearly exhausted making those kinds of decisions. It’s a shame on the commissioners for allowing the manpower to get this way just to save a few dollars. I guess it doesn’t affect their family so they don’t care; bottom line is they’re saving money and that’s all they care about.”

• “Don’t you think that ‘news media’ should be impartial and neutral in their reporting? I was watching Channel 21 News the other day and they reported that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump said, ‘The EgyptAir plane was probably brought down by terrorists.’ Commercial came on, so I turn over to Channel 8. They were doing a segment on the ‘stupid things’ that Donald Trump has said. He said, ‘The Egpytair plane was probably brought down by terrorists.’ Never mentioned that their girl Hillary said the exact same thing. And that Susan woman, when she says the word ‘Republican’ she spits the word out like you and I would say ‘ISIS.’ Very unprofessional, Channel 8. If this gets printed, someone cut it out and mail it to whoever is in charge of Channel 8. Me? I’ll never watch any news on that channel again.”

• “Love how the Middletown Area School Board kicks the can down the road by two years of zero tax increase. The board is just setting up the next board to deal with the shortsightedness. Shame on the administration for not standing up to these goofballs.”

• “OK, the joke is over. Ha, ha, very funny. Can we please have Barbara Layne back on the school board to restore some common sense? These new board members are uninformed people.”

• “People, remember Benghazi. We already know how Clinton will answer the 3 a.m. call.”

• “Good employees do need protection when attacked without reason by self-serving small minded leaders, scary truth!”

• “Yes, the LSPD isn’t happy because they might make $60,000 to $100,000, but that is only if they work overtime, which means basically living at the station and giving up their life. How would you like to eat all your holiday meals at a little table with hard chairs and maybe have your family bring you leftovers if you’re lucky? Or better yet, how would you like to miss most of your children’s events because you only get off one weekend a month? But oh, wait, in order to make $60,000 I am going to have to take those two overtime shifts? People, come on, we need the police, start supporting them, go to meetings, they just want to be able to live happier lives with their families!”

• “I want to hear from Fager, not Finkenbinder. Fager is even at the hearings.”

• “I’m looking at the front page of the Press And Journal at the picture of the brick work. Does anyone else see the problem I see? When it rains, especially in the winter, I can see the water pooling and freezing. I can also see a lawsuit coming from the first person that is injured from a fall there. Just drive through Steelton when it’s raining and you can see the water pools in all of the places where they put brick, too.”

• “In a city of a couple million people, maybe 1,000 hit the streets flying the Mexican flag and protesting Donald Trump’s run for president. What do you think those other million plus people are thinking? When the majority of Americans cast their vote, those 1,000 ‘thugs’ can pack up and head south. No one’s going to miss them.”

• “It was Bill Clinton that pushed to have it made illegal for banks to deny a loan to people that could not afford it – folks making $10,000 a year and trying to buy a house priced at $400,000. Thereby he was the cause of the housing bust and foreclosures that caused the banks to go bust.”

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