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WOODS AND WATERS: When I cast my line on the river, I'm all about the bass

The cast was made well beyond the drift of the boat. The plug hit the water and immediately the surface exploded with a loud noise and ripples. A feisty smallmouth bass just intercepted my Pop-R with a violent, aggressive strike.

This immediate response is common for above-average smallmouth bass. The larger smallmouth bass, from my river experience, hit almost as soon as the plug hits the water. If you are slow and not ready with slack line, or the bail on your reel is still open, chances are you will miss the fish.

A missed hook-up is usually the outcome, resulting in the shaking of the head of the angler in disbelief. A good friend of mine has said he thought the bass could see the plug in the air before striking it, since at times the bites are instantaneous upon hitting the water.   

How fish can hit a plug trimmed with several razor-sharp treble hooks and not hook themselves is a mystery. That same plug can hook a person in an instant, and most fisherman have hooked themselves many times, either releasing a fish or accidentally hooking another person in the boat as you reel back to set a hook on a fish.

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Big Buck Contest

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  $300 in prizes

In 3 categories 

Archery: 1st Place Buck $125
Rifle: 1st Place Buck $125
Junior: 1st Place Buck $50 





To enter, bring your buck to the Press And Journal office, 20 S. Union St., Middletown, to be measured and photographed. 
Call 717-944-4628 to schedule an appointment. 
The score is determined by adding the total number of points (one inch or longer) and widths in inches, at the widest part. (Ties will be broken by measurement from base of skull to highest point.) The deer must be legally taken during the 2015 Archery or Rifle season in Pennsylvania. Current PA hunting license and tag must accompany entry. Buck must be brought in by person whose name appears on tag. All measurements and decisions regarding the judging will be final.
The Press And Journal reserves the right to publish or reject any photos. Contest ends December 14, 2015 at 3 p.m. 
A $5 cash entry fee will be collected.



You don't have to enter the contest to submit a photo.

Email your photos to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Include hunter's name, date and county where buck was harvested. 

Photos and winners will be published in the December 23rd edition of the 

Press And Journal.
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