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Drug and alcohol addiction support groups available online during coronavirus pandemic


Dauphin County agencies and support groups are providing drug and alcohol services to people who need it, through virtual meetings and over the phone to limit spread of the coronavirus.

The county’s Drug and Alcohol Services is taking calls for information, referral and treatment at 717-635-2254. Calls are being answered 24/7 and transferred to an employee who is trained to help, the county said in a press release Tuesday.

“For individuals who need an assessment or treatment, those vital services will continue,” said county Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III, who oversees the county’s Drug and Alcohol Services Department. “We’re quickly adapting to the changes caused by this pandemic and ensuring that everyone who needs help receives it.”

The county also listed a number of online resources that are also available, including:

• Narcotics Anonymous PA has a Facebook page for those that have social media. Each group updates the page if their home group is open or closed. The help number for NA is 717-233-3733. If a client does not feel comfortable leaving their house or is unable to for whatever reason, they have the option to search the Virtual Meetings.

• Online NA meetings are at  These meetings are also available via telephone as well.

• Online AA meetings, the individual will need to become a member after going to the link: 

• Online SMART meetings can be accessed at

• Online Refuge Recovery Meetings can be accessed at