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‘Feel the Bern’? That’s a road to catastrophe: Ed O'Connor

Posted 5/15/18

Hello, gang. How’s everything at your end?

Things are going well here. Thanks for asking.

Well, let me modify that a bit. There are now more people on the street here than ever before, …

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‘Feel the Bern’? That’s a road to catastrophe: Ed O'Connor


Hello, gang. How’s everything at your end?

Things are going well here. Thanks for asking.

Well, let me modify that a bit. There are now more people on the street here than ever before, and I’m not referring to the usual pedestrians.

Since the socialist government of Venezuela has destroyed its once-prosperous country, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have fled their country, most going to Colombia, Brazil and now Ecuador, putting huge strains on resources and social services.

In Venezuela, inflation in 2017 was 2,400 percent and hyperinflation is predicted to be in the five-digit range this year. The currency has lost 99.9 percent of its value over the past two years. The murder rate is now the second highest in the world. Hunger is widespread and medicines aren’t available. Freedom of the press has been curtailed. Government intelligence agencies advised by the Cubans have been working to control the people. Corruption is rampant. ATMs have no money. People wait in line for hours at the banks to get the equivalent of six cents.

The country’s situation could be worse, but I don’t know how. At one time, Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in Latin America. Then the socialists took over promising everything. Now one can see the end product of this socialist “utopia” — equal poverty and equal misery for all.

And this is what the loony, lying, lefty libtards desire for the US of A. If this is what you would like to experience, be sure to vote for dumborats and you too can enjoy the fruits of socialism and “Feel the Bern.”

As for more people on the streets, now you know why — the Venezuelan refugees are coming to Cuenca with nothing. Gringos (North Americans) are opening soup kitchens to help feed these people. Benefits are being held to help raise money for them. I only see the situation getting worse. It could be that the crime rate will increase fueled by these desperate people. Time will tell.

While walking through the city, I noticed stores of the same genre grouped together. In one two-block stretch there were 13 appliance/television stores, and in another two-block area there were 27 auto parts retailers. A new mall opened May 1. That makes a total of six malls in the city, and all are doing well.

Another thing I noticed would have your local gendarmes getting carpal tunnel syndrome from writing traffic tickets. I watched 14 cars in a row run a stop sign without slowing down or using turn signals.

I was almost hit twice last week crossing at a traffic light-controlled intersection. Both times the cars blew through the red light.

I was lucky. In another part of town, a man was not as fortunate. A 91-year-old American was crossing the street with his wife and was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. Traversing streets here is not for the faint of heart.

However, it is affordable to keep fresh flowers on our table. The cost to have a dozen long-stemmed roses delivered is $5.

Time to move?

Olga and I have decided to take a five-week trip to Romania. We will leave in June and return in July.

If we like it enough, it could be the next place to live. I’m starting to get wanderlust again. It might be time to move on.

That’s the great thing about renting and not “owning” a property — we are not shackled by home ownership. We are free to go where we want to go, and live where we want to live.

If you think you will ever “own” your home, think again. You are merely leasing it from the government. Don’t believe me? Stop paying extortion money (property taxes) to the government and let me know who owns your home.

Odds and ends

From the “Tell me it ain’t so department”: Penn State University is shutting down three student programs that have been around for years. Being eliminated are hiking, backpacking and kayaking. Why? They are “too risky for the students.”

Really? Apparently, the PSU administration has never heard of football and rugby. But have no fear. I have come up with alternatives.

• To replace hiking: Walking to mommy and daddy’s minivan from the basement.

• Backpacking: Tenting in mommy and daddy’s backyard -— as long as there is an intercom.

• Kayaking: Bath-tubbing with rubber duckies and toy boats, but a life vest must be worn and a lifeguard has to be present.

What is happening in Pennsylvania?

Let’s see what else I discovered about the Sylvania of Penn. Did you know that your governor is the highest paid in the nation? Yep, you’re No. 1 — $190,823 yearly.

Now there is money well spent.

Of the 15 U.S. cities with the worst air to breathe, three are in Pennsylvania — No. 12, Philadelphia; No. 9, Lancaster, and No. 8, Pittsburgh.

According to GOBanking.com, the cost of living in Pennsylvania is $45,602 yearly — ouch.

At $15,291, Pennsylvania has the ninth-highest education cost per student in the United States, according to Wall Street 24/7.

Honoring the Irish

I couldn’t sleep the other evening and was sitting on the recliner when it hit me. There’s Black History Month, but we Irish, the Greenies, only get one day a year — St. Patrick’s Day. Now is that fair? It is time to “level the playing field,” to use libtard terminology.

There are 34.5 million Irish Americans and 46.7 million African Americans and we only get 24 hours. I think it is time to get our shaleles, take to the streets and protest this injustice. We’ll get drunk (you know how we Irish drink), head for the beer distributors, liquor stores and supermarkets where we will loot, taking Guinness beer, Jameson Irish whiskey, potatoes, corn beef and cabbage. We might even burn an English car or two.

It is about time we are recognized. By darn, Green Lives Matter.

Final thoughts: When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. The difference between a politician and a felon? A felon has a parole officer.

Your expat buddy from Cuenca, Ecuador … Eddy O

Ed O’Connor, a former resident of Middletown and Lower Swatara Township, is an expatriate living in Cuenca, Ecuador.