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Lower Dauphin High School announces fourth-quarter honor rolls

Posted 7/18/18

Lower Dauphin High School recently announced its distinguished honor roll and honor roll for the fourth period. Distinguished Honor Roll requires all ā€œAā€™sā€ or perfect marks. For the ā€¦

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Lower Dauphin High School announces fourth-quarter honor rolls


Lower Dauphin High School recently announced its distinguished honor roll and honor roll for the fourth period. Distinguished Honor Roll requires all “A’s” or perfect marks. For the Honor Roll, a student must earn all “A’s” and “B’s.”

Distinguished Honor Roll

Grade 12: Rebecca Anderson, Abigail Berrios, Justine Bonham, Evan Bowman, Kayley Brookes, Micaiah Bulgrien, Danielle Cake, Rachel Clouser, Erynne DeLano, Cameron Gardner, Alexis Goddard, Ella Hickey, Jacob Janssen, Aidan Klassen, Rory Klingensmith, Alison Kreider, Hannah Laychock, Alexandra Little, Abigail Mauger, Chiara Meyers, Spencer Miller, Jacob O’Donnell, Benitez, Olguin Angela Orwan, Nandini Patel, James Perry, Brendan Roth, Faith Swanger, Rebecca Tezak, Kourtney Whittington, Michelle Yohe and Colin Yohn.

Grade 11: Kelly Barr, Summer Blouch, Miles Book, Robert Bray, Avery Cassel, Annie Dickinson, Jeanine Ebling, Hailey Foreman, Alexandria Frantz, Marine Ghazaryan, Baylee Hall, Josiah Helmer, Caitlin Holland, Tanner Kennedy, Sydney Koons, Brendon Little, Collin McCanna, Grace McCloskey, Nicholas Messner, Luke Miller, Lauren Natkin, James Ramsey, Jacob Snyder, Kendra Trowbridge, Jenna Waughen and Maxfield Wootten.

Grade 10: Sophia Balshy, Kellie Chandler, Natasha Ebersole, Zachary Feehrer, Aidan Ferguson, Christian Gingrich, Alayna Graeff, Brandelynn Heinbaugh, Bryce Hickey, Ryan Hsing-Smith, Isabelle Johnson, Donavan Kann, Zachary Landis, Jack Levi, Daniel Little, Amy Miller, Morgan Mosco, Ashley Nguyen, Micah Nye, Tanav Patel, Devin Roth, Nidhi Singh, Shenandoah Stull, Hunter Thomas, Clayton Ulrey, Carson Wendling and Ethan Westerberg.

Grade 9: Nicole Baker, Rachel Blessing, Josalyn Byers, Alexandra Cassel, Alvin Coulbourn, Caiden Covell, Kiara Cressinger, Sophia Ditty, Abigaile English, Katherine Foley, Bella Fry, Steven Goss, Nathan Helmer, Maya Hoover, Lauren Hunter, Noah Leach, Abigail Lennox, Briona Lookenbill, Annabel Mauger, Derek McGlaughlin, Tristan McQuiddy, Robin Mitchell, Kayla Pedersen, Melina Putt, Miran Rezhan, Alaina Riley, Janie Rost, Kilee Sims, Angelina Smith, James Taylor, Mason Wahlers, Emma Walt, Catherine Walter, Grace Walter, Lillie Weaver and Julia Zewe.

Honor Roll

Grade 12: Daksh Adhikari, Lindsay Aurand, Olivia Baker, Jacob Banning, Jackson Becher, Bryce Boyer, Thomas Bramley, Annabella Branchi, Laura Breidenstine, Madalyn Bridges, Rain Campbell, Phillip Canis, Courtney Castaldo, Michael Comport, Laura Conway, Thomas Cromwell, Shontonel Dillon, Emalee Douglass, Ty Dreibelbis, Amber Drumheller, Thomas Freeburn, Olivia Friedrich, Jace Fry, Devon Gauker, Cheyenne Gearhart, Emily Given, Tiffany Golobek, Emilie Goss, Jason Harris, Tyler Heath, Zachary Hevner, Kayla Hoffer, Cali Hofsass, Natalie Holl, Paige Hollinger, Cameron Hoover, Luke Janssen, Emma Johns, Hannah Johnson, Thomas Katzenmoyer, Jack Kilmore, Olivia Kirsch, Devin Kreiss, Derick Kriner, Carson Kulina, Jessica Landis, Emma Lawn, Marion Lemarr, Garrett Little, Amber Longreen, Hannah Malinen, Pauliina Malinen, Amelia Marcavage, Madison Marto, Evvy Matako, Evan McMurray, Sydney Natishin, Sarah Perales, Ryan Pumo, Alexis Putt, Patrick Richards, Alexandra Sassaman, Joshua Saufley, Elizabeth Schindler, Emily Scholfield, Kevin Segura-Hernandez, Brendan Shaffer, Corrine Shirk, Kealey Smith, Clay Spencer, Kaitlyn Steigerwald, Zachary Stoner, Jennifer Strohecker, Victoria Tredinnick, Ryana Wagner, Ingrid Wallace, Devon Wallish, Gavin Walmer, Morgan Walt, Tyler Walters, Jordan White, Garrett Williamson, Sarah Wright, Derek Wyld, Garrett Wylie, Wyatt Yoxheimer and Paige Zewe.

Grade 11:Adonijah Allsup, Katie Arnold, Elizabeth Bailey, Garrett Bauer, Nicholas Bennett, Sophia Bertovic, Joshua Blessing, Logan Boshart, William Bowen, Jared Byers, Blake Cassel, Arianna Colon, Caitlin Cummings, Morgan Cummings, Lexie Dalton, Mark Davis, Audrey Domovich, Olivia Dreon, Myla Dressler, Anthony Dumais, Kailey Eldridge, Roayah Elfawal, Jacquelyn Endy, Elyse Erdman, Amya Fisher, Madison Gaughan, Ryan Gerst, Andrew Gilbert, Sarah Gingrich, Sylvana Gregg, Sara Hagen, Makenzi Hannan, Luke Hedrick, McKenna Helder, Emma Hirons, Stacia Hoke, Ashontae Kelly, Ashleigh Kenney, Nathanael Kirman, Ryan Kutz, Jacob Lauer, Kaylee Laychock, Michael LeBlanc, Anthony Ledbetter, Owen Lehman, McKenna Lennox, Mayson Light, Vance Mader, Brody McCulley, Catherine McDonough, Cassandra McIntire, Quinn McMonagle, Ethan Miller, Caleb Murray, Ellah Ogden, Morgan Olszewski, Nicole Ordille, Taran Patel, Samantha Pence, Alexis Portser, Grace Proitte, Sabrina Richmond, Kira Sarsfield, Shea Sarsfield, Jamison Schaefer, August Schumacher, Elizabeth Scipione, Ava Sebastian, Brenna Seitz, Vanessa Skidmore, Jordan Spagnolo, Colin Stockton, Madison Swartzlander, Brian Swist, Colton Taleff, Hayden Tierney, Allison Townsend, Gannon Ulrey, Anai Walters, Kyler Wuestner and Alexander Yuncker.

Grade 10: Kayla Ajala, Emily Ball, Madison Baumgardner, Sarah Blouch, Samantha Bonawitz, Kylie Boyer, Juliana Bramley, Matthew Brian, Ian Bruce, Ashleigh Cake, Morgan Chiara, Anna Duncan, Elijah Durantine, Zoe Epler, Zachary Felter, Morgan Fenstermacher, Isaac Fox, Nicholas Giampetro, Anna Given, Cody Gonzalez, Anastasia Hahnlen, Andrew Harnsberger, Claudio Hernandez, Seth High, Madelyn Hoke, Tad Hummer, Madison Karcesky, Kaleigh Kindall, Ryan Klingensmith, Aubrie Koser, Joshua Koteles, Dakota Lawson, Richard Laychock, Meghan Lehew, Helen Lemarr, Christopher Leslie, Matthew Little, Hunter Lohmann, Katherine Lynch, Alex McQuain, Emma McQuinn, Olivia Meyers, Mauricette Musser, Emma O'Neill, Sienna Pegram, Sofia Pendolino, Annalisa Petrascu, Eva Pumo, Clare Raser, Andrew Rhodes, Katelyn Riddle, Mitchell Ross, Claudia Rutledge, Ryan Sanson, Adriana Scheaffer, Tori Schrader, Kane Schrum, Carly Shaffer, Alexandra Sierer, Emily Singiser, Kyla Smith, Katelyn Sparks, Micaiah Stiffler, Eva Stoessel, Alexa Swartz, Abigail Tarczynski, Janel Thompson, Julia Thompson, Mark Walsh, Destiny Weiler, Gavin Winfrey, Willow Wisniewski and Rebecca Yeager.

Grade 9: James Abraham, Nischal Adhikari, Casey Ahern, Lilliana Apperson, Zoe Baer, Madison Balmer, Maya Bayhart, Natalie Bennett, Benton Black, Adam Bonawitz, Bethany Bonham, Emma Bretz, Ashleigh Briar, Caroline Brubaker, Jackson Bruce, Coryn Buck, Sophia Bunting, Randy Burkhardt, Cassidy Burton, Jason Carver, Hailey Clouser, Grace Craig, Eva Day, Brielle DeCampos, Nicholas Dirkman, Kasey Eldridge, Sierra Endy, Sofia Feeney, Daniel Fombu, Miguel Garcia, Kylie Gerst, Zeina Gouda, Anthony Hannan, Travis Hershey, Brooke Hofsass, Lauren Kirsch, Kyla Knauber, Timothy Koons, Daniel Kreiss, McKenna LaDuke, Abby Lauer, Kate Little, Makayla Lookenbill, Julian Loraschi, Mya Macfarlane, Joshua Mackrell, Cole McCulley, Jack McNally, Clarissa McQuain, Aidan Mende, Alec Merry, Matthew Michalowski, Rachael Miller, Brady More, Mackenzie Mowery, Matheus Neves, Sara Novosel, Jacob Pegher, Sebastian Perez, Isabella Portser, Avery Price, Luis Radanovic, Yessenia Reza, Benelli Risser, Ella Robinson, Deyanery Rodriguez, Camila Rojas, Morgan Roth, Madalyn Sanders, Vaughn Sarago, Valentina Scottodicarlo, Elijah Sells, Madison Seymour, Cameron Shearer, Daniel Sheffer, Zackery Sholder, Sierra Slentz, Jenna Spencer, Alexis Stockton, Luke Thompson, Ashlynn Tolbert, Marissa Vandernick, Emily Wealand, Katherine Weigle, Luke Wren and Madison Zerbe.