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Long walks, art and concert-going fill the time in beautiful Eduador

Posted 10/26/16

Hi, gang! How are things in the Town of Middle? And thank you for asking … everything is hunky-dory here in Cuenca (you can research the derivation of hunky-dory if interested).

As usual, there are all kinds of things to do here in the city. …

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Long walks, art and concert-going fill the time in beautiful Eduador


Hi, gang! How are things in the Town of Middle? And thank you for asking … everything is hunky-dory here in Cuenca (you can research the derivation of hunky-dory if interested).

As usual, there are all kinds of things to do here in the city. So far in 2016 we have been to 34 symphony concerts and/or performances, of which 32 were free. The other two were to benefit the Ecuadorean earthquake victims and tickets were $10 each. There is another free concert this week. One of the performances was held in a 14,000-square foot, three-story home that has been restored by a couple from Texas. It took more than four years to complete the restoration. If interested it can be yours for a mere $2 million. 

Last week there was a two-day art walk, which had 55 different venues that displayed various works of art. We walked for a few hours touring the various galleries and shops to see some very interesting paintings, photos, sculptures and various other art forms. In a few weeks, the city will celebrate its Independence Day with a three-day craft fair by the river, which is being billed as the largest in the world — the fair, not the river. There will also be an international food fair. 

Speaking of walking: I kept track of the walking Olga and I did over a 15-day span. We walked 28 hours. The average human walks about three miles an hour. If my math is correct, we walked approximately 84 miles. Imagine how many times a Middletonian would have to walk from his home to the car, car to the mall or work, back to the car and back to the house before 84 miles would be logged. Years? In addition, Olga had five one-hour Pilates classes and I lifted light weights five days.

Random observations

• Spring has sprung. Yep, we have entered spring. Our seasons are reversed here in the Southern Hemisphere. We have noticed that several stores are already displaying Christmas decorations and we are still weeks from Halloween. 

• Yesterday we heard some commotion in front of our apartment so we went to the window to see what was occurring. We are on the second floor so we had a bird’s-eye view of the action. There was a small fender-bender and the drivers were out of their cars yelling at each other. People gathered to watch the spectacle. No police were called for something this minor. In about 15 minutes when the oral combatants ran out of verbiage they got back in their cars and left.

• We received a call from a friend who told us he was very ill and was having trouble walking. We told him to go to the emergency room and Olga and I would meet him there. He was seen by the hospital emergency room staff, a cardiologist and a neurologist. He was there for several hours but would not stay overnight for observation as they suggested. He was given several medications. He had to pay his hospital charges before leaving. The total bill was $279. I think just the “cover charge” to enter a central Pennsylvania emergency room would be much more than that, not even considering the various doctor bills — unless one is a welfare recipient or illegal alien.

• Did you watch the Summer Olympics from Rio de Janeiro? Did you notice how small the team from Mexico was? An unnamed source stated that most any Mexican who could jump, run or swim was already in the United States.

• A friend of ours here is an international lawyer from the Netherlands. One of his clients was Freddy Heineken, as in Heineken Beer for you teetotalers.

• From the “Knock On Wood” department: There are only two continents on which there have been no terrorist attacks: South America and Antarctica. I think the prayer mats would stick to the ice in Antarctica.

• Having sold major appliances both retail and wholesale for years, I find two features of stoves/ranges here interesting. First there is a hinged glass lid that covers the burner top to keep it dust and dirt free. When lifted, it then serves as a back splash to keep grease off the wall in back of the range. And second there is a rod that connects the oven door to the oven rack so that when the oven door is opened the oven rack slides out, thus eliminating the need to use a hot pad. Rather ingenious. Not having seen a new range in America in four years, I don’t know if these features are now incorporated on new stoves there or not.

• I just celebrated my 50th anniversary of when I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. I find it ironic that I joined the military to help protect the country from the people that now run the USSA, (Uniformed/Uneducated Socialist Slaves of Amerika), and some of those that are currently running for president and other public office.

• Do you recall the cult horror classic movie that was filmed in Pennsylvania, “Night Of The Living Dead”? I started watching it the other evening and 15 minutes into it I discovered it was actually a presidential debate. I had to make a choice — either watch the NASCAR race or view another presidential debate. I would have watched NASCAR if they would have been racing slugs.

• Remember when you were a kid and the fairy tales began, “Once upon a time …”?  Now the fairy tales begin, “If elected, I promise …”?

• “We’re No. 1!” The USSA is now the No. 1 consumer of sugar in the world, averaging 102 pounds per person per year. No need to wonder why diabetes is rampant and the “yutes” act like wild animals.

• The rankings were just released rating the safest countries in the world. The USSA ranked 103 of the 163 countries surveyed.

• Well, it is the end of Western civilization as we know it. The big news? Brad and Angelina are getting divorced. Does anybody really care? It just doesn’t affect my life even a little bit. Gee, nobody got excited when I got divorced the first time … the second time … or the third time. Although it did make some lawyers happy!

Until later from beautiful Cuenca ... Eddy the Expat

Ed O’Connor, a former resident of Middletown and Lower Swatara Township, is an expatriate living in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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