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Publisher's Voice: Faced with a perilous fire, they calmly went to work

Posted 11/13/12

Last Monday, more than 100 volunteer firefighters and emergency service people responded to a fire involving two homes in the 500 block of Spring St. As with every call to action, our communities’ volunteer firefighters were efficient, …

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Publisher's Voice: Faced with a perilous fire, they calmly went to work


Witnessing the all-volunteer organization in action, I was overcome with gratitude.

I watched superbly trained women and men calmly stare a horrible event in the eye and do their best to avert tragedy and devastating loss.

Their work involved no chaos, no confusion, no hysterics, no bravado. There was unruffled dedication amid stoic resolution to address and control the situation.

The volunteers’ work was a demonstration of the efficiency of a well-tuned machine.

As a witness to this potentially dreadful event, I noticed the details that surrounded the work performed by the volunteers. Tasks were organized, often initiated and undertaken by a simple hand gesture or word or two. The actions were accomplished with mindful concern for the victims as well as the safety of everyone at the scene. You could see the results of the volunteers’ countless hours of training. You could see the dedication as experienced individuals guided and led junior members.

Last Monday, during the cold early-morning hours, I was privileged to witness another inspiring and exemplary expression of individuals who have dedicated their lives to serve and save.

I want these words to convey my thanks and admiration.