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Reader's Views: Freedom still rings

Posted 1/22/13



Where has the America we knew gone to? It certainly changed, and part of that is good and part not so good.

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Reader's Views: Freedom still rings


I am a retired Family Practice medical doctor whose majority of practice was spent in rural Pennsylvania. My practice included being the school doctor for over 25 years. I was also ordained as a minister in the Church of Christ in Oregon and ordained as an elder of the Christian Covenant Community Church in Pennsylvania.

I certainly am no fan of Madeleine Murry O’Hare. Her murder tells me nothing about her any more than the suicide of Dr. Spock’s son tells me something about him. Serving as coroner for four years taught me that the murders and suicides I saw had little to do with parents of those who killed themselves or others.

Two major exceptions to this observation are the children whose parents sexually abused them and children of parents who were addicts.

We, as Christian Americans, need to focus on the fact that freedom of religion for Christians only is not freedom of religion, and never was. Imposing our Christianity on others because we are in the majority is an easily abused situation. Christianity was not meant to be imposed, but practices with such beauty that others would want it.

Nations in which Christians were in a majority have a poor track record of showing forth the beautiful Jesus. More often, it is rules and regulations that are imposed by those in authority.

The courts of our land have ruled that mandatory school prayer is not freedom of religion. Kneeling outside the school building for silent prayer each school day is not illegal, depending on where one kneels. I know. I did it for nearly 15 years before I retired from my practice in Benton in 2000.


                                            Grant C. Clark, M.D.
                                            Benton, Pa.