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Sound Off - 01/01/14

Posted 12/30/13


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:( “I never …

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Sound Off - 01/01/14



:) “Friends of Middletown, let's make our 2014 New Year's resolutions to honor God and love our neighbors. Let's treat each other well, encourage each other, work hard and remember with kindness those who need kindness the most. Let's make 2014 a year like no other.”

:| “Time for all that has been good about Middletown to come around again. Time for us to stop saying what’s wrong, stop laying blame and do what has always been good for our town. The present officials – well, maybe one or two who are fueled by a chorus of idiots and self-proclaimed experts – have wrought wrongs that will now take years to undo, but I believe good will prevail.”

:) “I want to thank all of the decent and good people in the area who managed to piece together a nice Christmas in my town. You triumphed over the naysayers and spin doctors who blamed the good, decent hardworking people in this town who made our town a jewel. It may be tarnished, but I know it will shine again.”

:) “Those who operate the Elks Theatre: Thanks for a great year. Keep up the good work. Don’t sell out. Stay true.”

:( “Why is the borough demolishing the building where the electric department used to be? Where is this money coming from? I thought we were broke. Ah, yes – the ‘structural deficit.’ You mean the ‘fake deficit,’ right? You guys and ladies made this – it’s all how you look at numbers, and I don’t care what you say. the numbers don’t add up.”

:) “This is my last Sound Off to Mayor Bob Reid: Thanks for a lifetime of civic service. You are truly one of the greats and I for one thank you for everything.”

:) “Good luck to the new officials in Lower Swatara Twp. You certainly have big shoes to fill with Frank Linn’s and Bill Leonard’s retirements. You will do well. Just remember to keep the people in mind when making decisions.”

:| “There have been a lot of comments calling for Highspire to get rid of its police department. That would be a mistake and we know it. Walk in a police officer’s shoes one night, one 11-to-7 shift, and you’ll see they are worth every penny they’re paid.”

:( “So tell me what will happen when Middletown doesn’t get all of the money it is begging for from the gaming fund? You officials are just lining up to the money trough and gorging yourself. How pathetic. And don’t tell us we should do it because everyone else is. That’s what is ruining this country.”

:( “Can you explain to me why no communities are paying the dues for the Olmsted Regional Recreation Board? Why is it now so wrong to do so? Don’t you people see how that is harming our children? Why are you so self-centered to cut everything?”


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