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Sound Off - 01/29/14

Posted 1/28/14



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Sound Off - 01/29/14


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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



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“Is it true the president of Borough Council…”


:( “I was surprised one local elementary school didn’t even acknowledge Martin Luther King Jr. Day…just National Popcorn Day.”


:( “So a man is seen running down the street with his hands tied behind his back with rope. He's yelling for help. The police arrive but nothing is ever heard about it. Section 8

cover-up? I don't feel safe four blocks away because I don't know if there's still someone out there. Why so secretive, Lower Swatara?”


:( “You Penn State kids want to be accepted? Show respect for our town. Volunteer.”


:| “You hear that, people? Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia needs to cleanse itself of homosexuality if it wants to increase its birth rate.”


:( “So tell me, Middletown Borough, you were so worried about cracks in sidewalks and the potential of lawsuits from someone tripping, yet block after block of sidewalks went unshoveled and were icy and snow-covered. Not worried about that liability, huh? Are you as shortsighted as I think you are, or just plain vindictive?”


:( “The Olmstead Regional Recreation Board for basketball this year is extremely disappointing. There is NO COMMUNICATION from the league to the coaches. It is such a mess. The only thing this program is worried about is the travel portion. It is a shame what has happened to this program. To charge you to go watch your child play after paying the registration fee… I think raising the fee is a better solution than charging at the door. I really think they are going to be losing a lot of players next year!”


:( “Can someone please explain to me why our police department is so inept? If you can't handle routine matters, why would I think you could handle something serious?”

:| “I really hope our local cops will be able to use radar to catch speeders. We need the money.”


:) “I’ve been seeing the Lower Swatara police on North Union Street. Thank you! People are driving too darn fast and it’s good the cops are trying to stop it. Speed and you’ll pay. It’s easy : Slow down!”


:( “Am I the only one who sees this new train station in town as a way to screw the commuter? You can bet they’re going to charge to park there – and I wonder who will get that money?”


:( “Who are the geniuses on the school board that built no snow days into the schedule? They rolled the dice on that one and lost big.”


:) “I wanted to thank the folks in Londonderry Twp. for trying their best to plow the snow. A thankless job. But I’m one township homeowners who appreciates your work.”


:( “Middletown people, please be aware that developers are all about buying up everything on Emaus Street to turn it into one big strip mall. Here come the pawn shops, check cashing businesses and probably more rental stores. That’s progress.”


:( “Why do Middletown cops have to get an attitude every time you deal with them? I'm just an average citizen trying to make a complaint. I'm upset about the situation I'm in, and right away he tries to use the bully attitude. They either need some sensitivity training, or get rid of the ones with the old mindset of intimidation.”


:( “Why weren’t other members of Middletown Borough at the party for Bob Reid? Couldn’t get into the door with those chips on your shoulders, huh? Sad!”

:) “The Monty Python films at the Elks Theatre were great. The movie theater is why I really like Middletown.”

:) “I just wanted to say something nice for a change about Middletown: While other communities are neglecting their duties at snow removal and leaving roadways so bad that people are dying in car crashes, Middletown has been on the ball with every snow- storm we have had. I am so glad they realize how important it is to keep the roadways safe for residents traveling to school and work and back home again. Thanks so much!”

:| “Christmas lights still up in Middletown. Have a thought: Exchange the lights - put red ones in them for Valentine’s Day and then green lights in for St. Patty’s Day.”


:( “I hope the state Education Department adjusts the number of days our kids have to be in school this year. With the number of snow days my kids have had they’ll be in school all of June.”

:| “Who is responsible for removing and safekeeping the decorations of the trees in Middletown’s square? They’re going to be ruined. What a waste of money that will be. The same goes for the lights in Hoffer Park.”


:( “Money, money, money. The cost for Middletown schools is incredible. It’s time to cut out the frills and get down to only what’s required. That means goodbye to sports. Goodbye to band. Goodbye to chorus. Hello reading, writing and arithmetic.”

:( “The two or three times I've had to call the non-emergency police number, the dispatcher always asks me to repeat the name of the street. One time the dispatcher said, "Did you say Front Street?" There is no Front Street in Middletown, as all of you know. I'm talking about basic street names, not the difficult or unusual ones – but they're completely unfamiliar with them.”

:( “On the afternoon of 1-22-13, the day after a snowstorm, I had a visitor come to my home who doesn't live in the borough. He remarked how bad the streets were in regard to how they were plowed. Glad we could make a good impression on an out-of-town visitor.”

:( “How much more would I have to pay in taxes to have my street cleared, as well as the main streets? It gets ridiculous to come home to snow-covered streets when surrounding areas are cleared.”

:| “There is one thing good about the cold and snow. I live in Harborton Place and there are holes all over the roads there – but the snow filled them up and now the roads are smooth.”

:( “Good morning, New Borough Council. We have been waiting for you. Could you please find us a codes enforcement officer that actually pays attention and enforces the borough codes? These landlords and renters in town have no pride or care about keeping their properties cleaned up. Just drive down North Union Street at Main Street. The front of some of those properties looks awful. Embarrassing, actually. They need to be made to clean up their garbage and porches. What a site that greets you when you are coming into town. You have to be blind not to see how embarrassing some of these houses look. Some people have no pride. Sad, for sure. And what about the Christmas lights? Are we going to keep them lit and up until they are all ruined? I know the actual work force in the borough is down to just a few, so how about the council that made all this mess and their flunkies putting on their long johns and pitching in? It would be nice to see you doing something positive for once. New Council, we are counting on you. Good luck!”

:| “Is there anyplace in the area to ice skate?”


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