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Sound Off--03/27/13

Posted 3/26/13

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“McNamara, you claim that these changes are at the recommendations of your …

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Sound Off--03/27/13



 “What has happend to Middletown . . . ”


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"It's pretty bad when somebody has to take three pills..."



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 “Yeah, I think it's about time they do something with. . . ”



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"All the Lenten meals at the churches..."



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“Lent season is going to be sadly missed . . . ”



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“It’s my understanding over $300,000 was spent by our frugal Middletown Borough leaders on lawyers in 2012. Middletown voters, THERE’S your sign!”

“I, for one, do NOT believe all of this cyber warfare nonsense.”

“Did the Catholic Church take a step forward or backward with the new pope? I believe it was a step backward.”

“The only good thing about Mike Bowman running for two offices is that we will get to see him lose twice! I couldn’t think of a better day.”

“Rachelle Reid is not a quality candidate. Hopefully, since Uncle Bob will not be on the ballot, she will lose. Can’t ride them coattails forever!”

“Seven people running for First Ward council person – two people who obviously are only running because they need power. Dave Rhen and Mike Bowman are running for council and mayor. This obviously tells anyone with common sense not to vote for them! They only care about themselves and their agenda, not our town. As for the other five candidates, the only two quality candidates appear to be Tom Strohm and Tom Handley.”

“I just wanted to thank Mike Bowman. When I read the Press And Journal on March 13, you made my day. I saw that you petitioned to be on the ballot for two positions. Most people might say that is a nightmare. Me? I say that is a dream come true. I will now see you lose two races in one day. Boy, will that be a great day for our town!”

“Mike Bowman has already destroyed our town with his properties. Can you imagine what he’d do if elected?”

“Mike Bowman = comic relief.”

“I wanted to say that the Press And Journal should send a free subscription to Dave Rhen. Since he enjoys your paper so much, give it to him for free. I’d be willing to chip in.”

“Well, well, wouldn’t you know it – Mike Bowman throws his hat into the ring. He thinks he knows everything. I would like Mike Bowman to promise this country (notice I say country, not town – he is that big of a disgrace) one thing, and that is that when he loses both seats, we NEVER see or HEAR from him again!”

“Mike Bowman? Isn’t this the guy who did ‘Sieg heil?’ Now is the time he should be doing that at council meetings, with our little dictator running the show.”

“If you dislike Chris McNamara, you do NOT want to vote for the following: MICHAEL BOWMAN, DAVID RHEN, ROBERT LOUER, BARBARA ARNOLD, DONALD BROOKS, JAMES CURRY AND KENNETH CLUGSTON. These people are all associated with corruption and dictatorship.”

“Scott West, a fine young man, should be on the council ticket. VOTE SCOTT WEST!”

“Instead of cutting down trees and removing the beauty in this town, I wish they would start knocking down burnt-down houses. Off of Ann Street in Middletown, I’m surrounded by three buildings that have never been repaired or destroyed. Come on, Middletown, I don’t want to live in or around these trash holes. Push the owners to do something with them. Now Demp’s bar adds another eye sore.”

“Bus drivers, stop speeding! If you ever run off the road in Lower Swatara Twp. with my child on the bus again, you will be reported to the superintendent. Drive safe!”

“What an embarrassment that the new chief administrator isn’t a chief of police. You can call him chief, but he isn’t a police chief. He’s a chief administrator. He can’t carry a gun or make an arrest. He’s not legally a police officer. He is a ‘good ole boy,’ though. Remember, birds of a feather flock together. He’s a crony of McNamara’s.”

“More back-door deals with our beloved council. Is there no such thing as debate? And then McNamara had to tell Louer how to make a motion because he couldn’t figure it out on his own.”

“If you’re going to post an article AT LEAST GET THE INFORMATION RIGHT. People make mistakes, and if you don’t like that then you can kiss it. Any person can drink and drive. At least no one was hurt. I don’t understand why you idiots that live here feel the need to judge others.”

“In the beginning of 2012, this town had a surplus of funds. But try and prove that now. Council refuses to give anyone the 2011 audit. If you allow this council to continue ruling in the future, we will definitely be bankrupt. We are now in Act 47 Early Intervention Program? Whose bright idea was that? They dropped electric so low that we will be lucky to stay afloat until the new council comes in. Oh, that’s right, you have all that surplus money and not even a Right to Know request can get you a truthful answer. Actually, you get no answer at all. This deficit is a phony deficit – but mark my words, repercussions will follow. It’s just a matter of time before this council’s self-inflicted cuts in revenue, services, etc. will catch up to them and the borough. By the time council is done blindsiding everyone about how dire we are financially, all that surplus money will already be gone and we will truly be in a bankrupt situation. But why will they care? They won’t! A new council will be here to clean up the mess – and it will be a mess.”

“Where is the library’s fundraiser money that they never received yet? It’s going on four months. How long does it take to give the library the profits from the fundraisers? Could it be that this council really doesn’t care about the library? I do believe that’s the case –just another example of inefficient government. Come on, Middletown, you can do better than this. You can elect people who actually care about the people in this town, citizens, children, employees, retirees and elderly alike. And Rhen, our public safety is in jeopardy – you roadblock every effort to keep this town safe. You’re more worried about shuffling the police department all over town from building to building and buying new uniforms than you are with letting them do their jobs. I definitely don’t see a police presence in my neighborhood as much because of you and your council cohorts.”

“:( Where was PennDOT on Monday, March 18, on Route 283 east and westbound during the rush hour snowstorm? It’s really hard for me to understand why the roads were iced over when there’s a PennDOT maintenance shed right off of the Toll House Road exit. It’s certainly not like PennDOT was kept busy taking care of snow-covered roads all winter long. Granted, the temps were one degree below freezing – but, treated properly, there shouldn’t have been the amount of glazing on the road’s surface. I’m talking about 283 westbound/eastbound between the Hershey/E-town exit, and I went as far as Hummelstown/Middletown exit. A sheet of ice with numerous accidents! Shape up, PennDOT, and keep our roads safe!”

“I am so proud of Middletown Area High School students who are starting a Gay-Straight Alliance. Whatever a person’s beliefs, bullying, prejudice, and social exclusion toward LGBTQ people must end. I am a Christian straight ally myself because I believe Jesus wants us to love and support all people. I hope that homophobia and other such hatreds end with this generation of children. I have higher hopes now! :)”

“Read on the Journal’s website that one of the candidates for council has already dropped out. Good. You just saved the public a lot of drama and frustration. Leave the guys in place and they’ll work it all out. Stay out of the kitchen because you can’t stand the heat!”

“Can’t wait until the people on Middletown council win again. The majority will speak – AGAIN! The bunch of you other liberals are nothing but losers!”

“If you judge a person based on a mistake, you’re a hypocrite, because clearly you have made many mistakes. Some of you have your heads so far up a person’s butt that you’re screwed up forever.”

“Council, like it or not what you need to do is bring Sweitzer back. Nobody knows the police department better than he does. Nobody knows this town and its people better than he does and nobody is as respectful and respectable than he is. Please stop embarrassing us with all the bad decisions. Bring Sweitzer back. Let him run the department and stop making our police department the punch line of everyone’s jokes.”


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