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Sound Off--05/29/13

Posted 5/28/13

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“I’m so tired of the angry people on the Facebook page, especially the ones that sound …

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Sound Off--05/29/13



“Hi. I am responding again about the Christmas trees … ”


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“Plato was correct. Just look at Middletown.”

“Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government, you can smear Mayor Reid all you want. He will leave behind the legacy of a school that bears his name. That is a testament to the residents and how we feel about him. I will be placing a pile of dog poop at the square – that is a testament to how the residents feel about you.”

“When you say you want ‘camaraderie’ that doesn’t mean sports bus ‘segregation.’ ”

“I just read a letter Michael Bowman sent to presumably all of the Middletown residents. I guess a professional writer can make anyone sound like a wonderful man. In this case it is a false bill of goods. I used to have some respect for Mr. Bowman. I thought he cared about his community. He is the one in this paper a couple years ago who used a Nazi salute at council meetings.”

“Just saw Elks is doing a month of Spielberg. Can’t wait for ‘Jaws’ and others!”

“Middletown residents, is your glass half full or is your glass half empty? I have been a Middletown resident all my life. I graduated from Middletown, my kids graduated from Middletown and my grandkids attend Reid Elementary. Reading the Sound Off makes you feel like your glass is half empty, but only you can allow that. I have decided that I’m going to have a FULL glass and start participating in things within my community. I’m going to go to the Borough Council meetings, school board meetings and public school functions to see our talented athletes, choral members, actors and any other student I may have missed. I’m going to voice my concern about a nice downtown area and distractions around homes that need cleaned up. I want to see more people at the community pool and would love to see a young adult place for these kids to go – give them pool tables and pinball machines. Let them see the life we had when we were young. Let’s get on with the building of the new high school. We all hate to see this and what it may do to taxes, but these kids are our future. Give them the building and technology they need to learn without having to put an umbrella up in class when it rains. Yes, I do believe our current high school is shot – come on, it’s been there quite a while. Humans don’t live forever – why do we think our schools could last with a minor makeover? Take a look at Demey and Feaser, now Reid and MAMS. They are exceptionally nice, and the board of school directors has certainly placed great administrators, faculty and staff in these buildings. Yep, some of you will not agree, but my glass is still half full, and that’s how I see it. Let’s get out there, Middletown residents, and just see what we can do to our nice little town. COME ON! ARE YOU WITH ME? I’M GOING TO FILL MY GLASS UP!”

“Why is it so hard for Middletown to have a good athletic director when we are a sports town? Get someone that knows something about sports, and has connections to colleges. PLEASE.”

“Mr. Fager should have run for mayor. He has class, and that is hard to find in these political people in Middletown. If you saw his post on Facebook, you know what I am talking about. We need to thank you, Mr. Fager.”

“I just listened to the Sound Off from the lady who was complaining because her neighbor cut her grass without asking. Do you understand that this person probably thought they were doing a nice, neighborly thing? This is why no one wants to help anyone any more. You try to do something nice and someone complains about it.”

“I love the Elks Theatre and enjoy going to see all the old movies. I just wish I had more time to plan ahead. Maybe the theater would consider putting the schedule of upcoming classics on its website. Folks, it is worth going to see the old movies. And guys, it’s a way to show your lady a good time without spending a fortune. It’s such a good time that you may even get lucky after the movie.”

“Not everyone in Highspire lives in section housing.”

“Borough newsletter: What, no story about Kuppy’s car show? Really? Too busy putting a spin on all of the non-action you guys have accomplished? You are real spin doctors, that’s for sure.”

“How can you find out who the real owner of a Facebook page is?”

“So now I understand it will be years before anything is done in downtown Middletown. How is that moving fast, Mr. Borough Manager? You’re shoveling a load of horse hockey. Only problem: Nothing will grow from that type of fertilizer.”

“When will we ever get a chance to directly call a cop in Middletown without having to jump through so many hoops?”

“I remember the dinner dance that was held at Brenda Klocko’s place a year or two ago. Was that sponsored by the group that runs the theater? My friends were there and they remembered that it was a fun time.”

“What, no victory celebration by Mr. Bowman or Mr. Rhen? Oops!”

“Will we expect another borough newsletter right before the general election in November? I would say that would be a yes. Maybe they won’t violate postal rules about jamming them into mailboxes. What a waste of money. Talk about self-aggrandizing garbage.”

“Is Wesley dead?”

“ ‘Jaws.’ ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ ‘Carrie.’ And many, many more, Only at the Elks.”

“Why is the school property being used for a pinup girl contest? Am wondering what people are saying. Press And Journal, put question on Facebook.”

“Laying off over half the workforce in a hurry without any plan in place was a great idea! I’m sure the current administration will spin it to lay blame on the few employees left, but you lost the best – those most employable – as they weren’t going to sit back and wait for the axe to fall. Now you reap what you sow. So next month when your electric bill is lower, just keep in mind it could be because you had no electricity for 10 hours! And for the business owners who support this farce, wait until that electricity takes 10 hours to restore during the business day!”

“Well, Middletown, how is everyone this morning? Hot? Tired? Mad? I sure am – power out for 8-plus hours. Really!!!!! NO CODE RED CALL. Called the borough number – what a joke. Not everyone has an iPhone or Facebook. Let’s get it together, borough – it’s a long way until November when you will all be gone


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