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Sound Off--06/05/13

Posted 6/4/13

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“Another piece of council propagation with this newsletter. This council …

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Sound Off--06/05/13


“Mr. John needs to run Middletown. Waste of a good man, having him on school board.”

“Hey, Bowman, third time’s a charm. Maybe your other partner could have got two or three more votes if he would have run instead? I am still laughing.”

“The ongoing “Save The Elks” campaign is worthy of serious attention from every movie lover in Middletown – and anyone who is serious about securing a great future for our beloved little town. The classic film series and “Cult Corner” programming thus far has been stellar, with many more gems to come. Max and Dan and everyone that’s part of the campaign are to be commended for their efforts. I wholeheartedly encourage us locals to turn out in huge numbers for any and all films that they screen. Not only are you guaranteed some fabulous classic film entertainment, but your dollars will go to a worthy and immensely important local cause. “Save The Elks,” indeed, and tell your friends about our jewel of a movie theater – the absolute best in central Pennsylvania!”

“So Daniel writes a blog about bullying behavior during the Middletown election. Again, slanted reporting! Thank goodness for Wesley or the residents wouldn’t know the truth behind a lot of politics in this town! I agree he was too harsh – but that’s what kept people entertained. People in Middletown like mudslinging. Plus, the Press And Journal promotes the candidates they’re behind in this election. If you seek truth, contact the candidates personally. The Press And Journal has been known for its slanted reporting for many years. Daniel’s blog was proof of that!”

“If the borough employees could and would realize the union’s greed cost so many of you your jobs, you would be better off getting rid of them.”

“Congrats Brooks, Arnold, Louer. Fine job.”

“I wonder how long it will take the current council to alienate the new library director. And once again, did the borough ever provide the money to the library it said it was going to give?”

“Mr. Handley can now try to bring back AMP Ohio so they can finish bankrupting the borough. Way to go all of you that voted for him. Don’t cry if your electric bills go up.”

“I can honestly say I am embarrassed at the poor turnout of voters in the Borough of Middletown. What was more important, a TV program? Your town’s future is at stake and in some wards a lousy 200 people voted. Your show of citizenry responsibility was pathetic. You deserve every crummy decision the current council continues to make. Sign me ‘Disgusted With You.’ ”

“Mr. Rhen, you are a good man. You must continue to do a good job ‘til your term is up. The people that voted against you did not hear the truth.”

“I would be very interested in seeing a debate between Mr. Givler and Mr. Curry for the position of mayor in town. Who will sponsor that?”

“Obama is destroying this country. He needs to be impeached.”

“Thanks to all who enjoyed the Memorial Day parade in town. It may have been small but everyone who participated and watched it showed true patriotism and love for our country.”

“So, Middletown Residents United – didn’t do too good, did ya? You’re not the majority. We are and we will continue to be.”

“I’m a high school student and I have to tell you adults, I was embarrassed to see all of the garbage that was placed on social media from the various political groups. Who are the mature ones here?”

“When was the last time you went to the Elks Theatre in town? Better go, because it needs your help. And if you do go, how about giving them a couple of bucks as a donation? The town needs this place. You need this place. Show some community pride and spirit before it’s too late.”

“Are parades going by the wayside? Went to watch the Memorial Day parade and what a shame – the turnout along Union Street where I was standing was sadly lacking. I remember the streets used to be packed for parades. So, Press And Journal, here is a challenge to for you: Look in the archives and see if you can print some pics of past parades. Might be nice to see.”

“I was just poking around on an EPA database and I saw that it says Highspire’s sewage treatment plant just got hit with a major violation after not being in compliance 10 out of the last 12 quarters. Is that right? Did they spend millions of Lower Swatara and Highspire taxpayers’s money to upgrade their plant for it not to work? Is there any accountability?”

“After watching ‘The Nightmare Next Door,’ I wish Sweitzer would come back. When he was chief I could always go talk to him about certain problems – and he’s a nice guy. Bring him back, too, when you get rid of these clowns.”

“Well I’d like to know what Reid’s legacy is? Told pregnant women to evacuate during TMI? OK. School teacher? OK. Is that why a school was named after him? Please enlighten me. When are they going to break ground in Washington for the Reid Library? Give us a break!”

“There are two seats up for the Second Ward come November. You get two votes. Everyone who is unhappy with these loons destroying our town, vote Einhorn and Kapp.”

“Come January, Middletown will no longer have Bob Reid as an elected official. He has spent a lifetime serving our wonderful slice of America. He is due a debt of gratitude this town will never be able to repay. I can only say with as much sincerity as I can: Thank you, Robert G. Reid – you will always be an inspiration and shining example of a great person. The world is a better place because of you.”

“On Memorial Day, I was returning to Middletown via Union Street, and I ended up behind a car in the vicinity of Frey Village. This person was either drunk or texting. In the past I would have called the communications center to report this, knowing that the relay to the police would be quick enough that they probably could have intercepted them. As it is now, I just shook my head, said a prayer and continued home.”

“I just cannot believe the dirty politics that was played in Middletown this past election. Such trash talk, name-calling – why did it get that way? It was a show of desperation and a win-at-all-costs mentality. Sad. So very sad. Why did this happen? What point was proven? And again, our town was made into a laughing stock.”

“It’s the day after Memorial Day, and I’m wondering if trash pickup is still going to be tomorrow, or is it delayed a day? I checked the borough’s Facebook page – nothing. I checked the borough website – nothing. Maybe Chris should do the job that the taxpayers pay him to do.”

“It is amazing how people, including those in charge of this town, are so screwed up in their personal lives that this is their only way to have control over situations. Get your own affairs squared away, council, before you try to show us how to lead!”

“Comment: “When you say you want ‘camaraderie,’ that doesn’t mean sports bus ‘segregation.’  Many thought the same over the years. Even coaches label kids. Crude form of hazing.”

“School is almost over, or for many it is over. Have a great summer and get ready for a fun time.”

“A lot of coaches are good coaches and some should never have that seat. Coaches of school-aged kids have to win and don’t realize it is a bunch of kids. Instead they cut or bench kids who then lose the love of the game because of the Almighty Win status. If they wrong a player by personal bias, time for them to step down. Some coach just so their own kid has a team.”

“Did you see that beautiful Rambler in the parade on Monday? We should have more old cars in the parade to honor our military. It would make a nicer parade. Thank you, vets.”

“Thank you, Michele, and ‘Creations with You in Mind’ for the beautiful flowers. Great way to honor our vets.”

“The second-grade class from Kunkle School enjoyed a nice day at Lake Tobias, and a packed lunch was provided by the school. Just imagine going back to the bus to get your lunch of a ham and cheese sandwich and a pint of milk that has sat there for four hours on the hot bus. I sure hope no one’s child got sick.”

“It’s going to be a long, hot summer in downtown Middletown. Even more so since all of the trees are gone. What was the rush to destroy those beautiful signs of God?”

“I really believe the MCSO Building should be sold to a developer and made into condos. I also believe the buildings across the street from it should be taken by eminent domain, torn down and new condos be put up there and sold, not rented. Those buildings have been in need of updating and repair for decades.”

“So tell me why trees in other parts of Union Street were not removed, because roots from them are bucking the sidewalks?”

“Thanks again to the Kupps and all of the other volunteers who have the community spirit to keep the fantastic Cruise-in going. It’s my understanding one member of the borough’s workforce worked his butt off to help.”

“I read about the fixing of Middletown’s downtown. I think it’s a great thing if it happens. I also want to know if the businesses there now will spend money to fix their places? Nothing is for free. How much will you give to make this a success?”

“Goodbye, Dave Rhen.”

“I believe all newly-elected or re-elected officials in Middletown should donate their pay back into the borough’s treasury. Be a true, selfless public servant. I don’t see any school board members getting paid.”

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