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Sound Off--06/12/13

Posted 6/11/13

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“I was out of power for nine hours, and McNamara and Mark Morgan have the nerve to say …

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Sound Off--06/12/13


“To our worthless council, may I please say WHEN THE POWER IS OUT NO ONE CARES HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SAVED THEM. Never in my 30 years have I lost power for nine hours. So now we suffer so Sue Sullivan and Middletown slumlords with electric heat and Popsicle stick houses can save $30 bucks on their electric.”

“Press And Journal refuses to post all comments in ‘Sound Off’! Such a slanted, biased publication. Glad I didn’t renew my subscription.”

“Bravo, ‘Glass half FULL.’ We need more of you in Middletown!”

“Hey Rob what’s next council meeting’s prayer going to be, that all residents donate to the church of Louer?”

“Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Cruise-in. I know it was a lot of work. But I wonder, why wasn’t the town council involved in some way to promote this? I didn’t see one councilperson there. I saw the mayor and one of the candidates for his job. You give the term public servant a bad name.”

“Is there a place in Middletown or even Highspire that free concerts can be held for the people? We don’t need fancy stuff – just local people performing during an evening. You want people downtown – how about having something like that? Maybe a business downtown would open its doors to that? Any takers?”

“I would like the Press And Journal to interview Mark Morgan and our council president to find out exactly what experience they have with running utilities. For my elderly mother to sit without power for nine hours overnight because these two incompetent individuals along with our dysfunctional council laid off most of the employees in the light department makes me disgusted. I am sure the borough’s spokesman will put a spin on it so council doesn’t look so bad, but enough is enough. I just wasted $600 on a generator, because this is just the beginning. Thank you!”

“I would like to say to McNamara and $150,000 consultant-buddy Mark Morgan: Just another lie exposed. You said this council did not cut services. I say you cut about eight hours of service last week when my power was off.”


“Watch out for the kids on bikes and running around town. Summer is here. So, drivers, please be mindful of them. Let’s have a safe summer, folks.”

“Is Middletown Area School District REALLY that stupid? Doesn’t ANYONE on the school board know ANYTHING about sports? You just made a stupid move AGAIN!”

“If Suski wanted to ruin football, why didn’t she just talk Mills into staying? Nice job of getting the program headed back in the direction it needs to go – all because you did not want to promote a man that is a winner.”

“NO to the sale of our water system. You already cut the workforce in half – not to mention all the people who quit because of the jokers running this town – plus took away services to us taxpayers. It never took eight hours to fix an outage. When is this town going to wake up and get rid of these criminals spending and hiding our hard-earned tax dollars? Our water department is self-sufficient and our rates aren’t anywhere near what a private for-profit company would charge.”

“Will you vote in November? Or will you preach that someone should, but never step into the voting booth and push the buttons.”

“You’re trying to ruin the town before you leave office. Selling the town’s assets would be suicide for this town.”

“Thank goodness Middletown will get a new athletic director! As for Coach Deibler: Go join Roy O’Neill as one of the worst coaches in Middletown history.”

“Won’t someone help the Kids’ Kastle in Hoffer Park? I would’ve thought the same group that did the Christmas thing there would be chomping at the bit for something else to do. Well?”

“Does anybody know what Givler’s platform is other than making a police officer available to the public? I guess he couldn’t come up with more to write about himself in the Voters’ Guide.”

“Didn’t we all know that the borough was going to try selling the water department? They lied about it so many times in the past. All of a sudden, out of the blue Mark Morgan thinks it’s a good idea to sell. These whole shenanigans have been planned since these clowns came into office, if not before.”

“Mark Morgan, I bet you weren’t out of power for 9 hours last week, your horrible recommendations for our town are driven by our incompetent council president and councilors like Sue Sullivan and Louer who are nothing more than slum lords that care how much they can make off their roach motels, but I can’t blame you, if I was paid over $200,000 I would just keep agreeing with them also. Just make sure your business insurance is paid up for next year because you never know what lawsuits may come your way.”

“I’ll write it again: The money given to borough council should be cut just like everything else has been cut in the borough. You’re an expense that should be eliminated. Plain and simple economics to me. How’s that for a structural savings?”

“Councilman Rhen, do I feel sorry that you lost the election? Absolutely not. I remember when you were running you were quite the Chatty Cathy, telling me what you were and were not going to do. After seeing your performance in council, I have come away with an opinion that your loss was well-deserved!”

“To Councilman Louer, I am very disappointed in your prayer at last week’s council meeting, for you to summon God in hopes He will help the good residents of Middletown understand and endorse this council’s lies and corrupt agenda is downright blaspheme. A true Christian would pray for the sick and lost souls as I am now praying for you.”

“Does responsible government, who says they have limited funds, spend that kind of money they are spending? Do you throw $300,000 into a brand new building? Do you buy $40,000 or more worth of uniforms? Do you spend millions on buyouts from the flood when you’re not getting reimbursed from the federal government? Do you spend thousands of dollars to have all the police cars painted black because the new police chief wants it that way? Why, this Borough Council can’t even pay the Humane Society. Is that why a sick dog, possibly hit by a car, was left all weekend long in their cages? Shame on all of you! This is definitely not responsible government.”

“Ask any official in the towns that surround Middletown about their opinion of the local jokers in office now. Go ahead. Do it. You’ll see them shake their head, laugh and then admit that it’s such a shame about what’s going on. You’ll also hear them say they’re thankful they’re not involved with Middletown.”

“You people in Middletown amaze me. You complain about fiscal matters but you gave previous councils the keys to the city and they spent and spent and spent. And what do you have to show for it now? A bankrupt town, that’s what! Current council: Sell it all. This town needs the money. I’ll do without a library, and even a police department. I’m OK with electric off for a couple of hours late at night. We have to live within our means. Deal with it, folks.”

“Did I read somewhere that this council lied about how much money was in the electric trust fund? There was a little more money in there than you originally stated. Why do you have to keep things hush-hush?”

"I don’t care if some properties have lawns that are high or there are weeds that are high. So what?  It’s the homeowners’ job to take care of that. It’s not the borough’s job!”

“If you want to know what a great job this council is doing, just try calling the police. Better yet, try going to the police station and talking to somebody without jumping through hoops. Well, try calling the borough, and good luck with that. Try even asking them a question at one of their council meetings. They won’t answer! They don’t pay their bills but they want you to pay yours. Now they wanna sell off one of our town’s assets that pays for itself – the water/sewer department. When a for-profit company sells water at elevated prices (because they have to make a profit) remember the man who is responsible – KING LITTLE!”

“I hope the employees keep their union. Without it they would have been fired a long time ago. I think it’s a shame that the people in charge of our town want to get rid of people who have done nothing but spend their life working in our community. This is a small town and we all pretty much know one another. I don’t take comfort in knowing that this town wants nothing more than to break the unions so they can ruin people’s lives who spent their life serving the people in this town.”

“I’ll say again, this council is the best thing that ever happened to this town. I’ve waited 30 years for them. Finally it has happened.”

“Mr. Courogen, I’ve heard your tone of voice when you speak to people, and what you say. It’s always an excuse, or someone is new, or there are only so many people. You may not know it, but what you say and how you say it will come back to you. “

“I saw the new business downtown has planted things – flowers and other things – and it looks very nice. Thank you. It’s the business where the post office used to be.”

“I spoke to King Little: He said it’s all about getting rid of the unions. Ha, ha. That’s why they spend and spend and spend. He would ruin this town to brag about getting rid of the police and the Teamsters Union. What’s that saying about small minds?”

“Chris Courogen, borough secretary, your days are numbered. But remember, people, karma may come back and bite you in the a$$.”

“It’s summer, and there will be a lot more kids in the streets. Can the borough please break free some money and paint the crosswalk markings before someone is hit? I mean, for goodness sake, you spent over $300,000 on legal fees – can you imagine how much you’ll have to spend in legal costs if my kids get struck because you were too lazy and arrogant to not properly mark intersections in town?”

“If council wants to be a one-term wonder, then sell off our utilities. That will kill all chances of re-election.”

“$4.4 to $1.7 million, in just one year. Not very responsible. You’ve got to go and let someone with some smarts take care of town business.”

“Let’s be honest: You’re not taking a year off. Nobody wants you.”

“OK, let’s get to the root of the Middletown Area High School’s sports problems: Fire the AD or have him just resign, as the principal did. Our school taxes have been wasted long enough. We are not getting what we paid for in both cases.”

“Football – will they still have the youth football camp?”

“In response to, ‘I’m a high school student and I have to tell you adults, I was embarrassed to see all of the garbage that was placed on social media from the various political groups. Who are the mature ones here?’ Apparently, you haven’t learned about the history of nasty political campaigns. Do some research about the mudslinging of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. If you’re embarrassed, don’t read it!”

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