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Sound Off: 06/18/14

Posted 6/17/14



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“Yes, I was just reading the Sound Off for Lower Swatara …

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Sound Off: 06/18/14


Click here to submit a Sound OFF.

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.



“Yes, I was just reading the Sound Off for Lower Swatara …”

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“Yes, I think it’s funny how I contact Middletown Police Department …”

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“Yes, I would like to know where the police presence is …”

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• “Barnes & Noble owns the bookstore that is on the campus. It would be great if they’d move it downtown so that students would see other businesses in that same location. I’m sure Alma’s will find a more suitable spot. The Elks is not closing! They can’t afford to make renovations as it is so someone needs to purchase that whole building and make the necessary upgrades. Middletown has gone through many changes over the years and it’s good to see our elected officials making the positive changes needed to move this town forward.”

• “Hillary Clinton is a legend in her own mind.”

• “The Red Cross better not assist those people who have their electric turned off in July! There’s a difference between ‘people in need’ and ‘people not financially responsible.’ I’ve donated to the Red Cross in the past, but this upcoming electric shutoff of Middletown squatters does not require their assistance!”

• “I read all the time about council. They finally got rid of some bad ones but still there are one or two that must go. It’s a shame Tom Strohm didn’t win when he ran. Hopefully next time he will run again and do some campaigning so people know who he is. I met him for the first time by accident at Giant market – so impressed by him. I am sorry I did not vote for him but if he runs again I will. Please run again, Tom. We need you here in Middletown!!”

• “I don’t know why you don’t put this in Sound Off because it’s the truth: If the world was gay the human population would die off.”

• “Being segregated or alienated is wrong in any form, but some didn’t get the memo. Just waiting on the karma train.”

• “I want everyone who reads this to comment on what they would do: I have two people in my neighborhood who watch my house all the time. My family and I see them using camcorders to watch who comes to our home. And they have sprayed weed killer on our flowers, shrubs and bushes. It all stems from being jealous that we take pride in how our home looks. Their homes have decaying roofs, tall weeds growing, Duct tape on cracked windows, old sheds that are ready to cave in. What would you do? They lie to the police and the police believe them. Because they are such good actors, and can put the tears on at a drop of a hat. What would you do? My family and I have never had any trouble with any other neighbors in the past. I have been in my home for over 44 years. My other neighbors are my neighbors. I don’t call these other people ‘neighbors’ because true neighbors are kind and respectful and always lend a helping hand. My family and I do not do anything to these people to cause them to spy on us!”

• “How many libraries do we need? We have a public library, county library, PSU Harrisburg library, school libraries – and now Richard Ammon wants to keep paying for librarians. No offense, Mr. Ammon – 99 percent of the population doesn’t use them! Kids sleep or do homework in study hall, or use a computer for information. English teachers can show the kids how to use the library. Otherwise, it’s a good budget cut!”


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