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Sound Off--06/19/13

Posted 6/18/13

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“Couldn’t Middletown spring for some flowers downtown? Just something to cheer it up. It’s like …

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Sound Off--06/19/13


“Tommy boy, I’d like to give you a clue, but from everything I see you’re too thick-headed to take it. Did you notice that the long-winded diatribe you post is never liked by anyone except your wife? The only other response you get is people who try to have an honest discussion, but you always have to go all Tea Bag/Libertarian/conspiracy/Second Amendment on everyone and cause problems. No one wants to post anything anymore, because it most assuredly will be attacked and picked apart by you. It’s apparent that you know everything and have everything figured out, and there is no room for any opinion other than yours. I hope you hate this town enough to leave it ASAP. I feel so badly for your children. They will grow up being indoctrinated by one very ignorant soul.”

“To Councilman Louer: I am very disappointed in your prayer at last week’s council meeting. For you to summon God in hopes He will help the good residents of Middletown understand and endorse this council’s lies and corrupt agenda is downright blaspheme. A true Christian would pray for the sick and lost souls – as I am now praying for you.”

“Thank Audrey Utley for doing a good job for the students and residents of the Steelton-Highspire School District. It is a tough job and you tried your best. I’m one taxpayer who is appreciative of your work. Enjoy your retirement. Please come back from time to time. We’ll miss you.”

“Mark Morgan, I bet you weren’t out of power for nine hours last week. Your horrible recommendations for our town are driven by our incompetent council president and councilors like Sue Sullivan and Louer who are nothing more than slumlords that care how much they can make off their roach motels. But I can’t blame you – if I was paid over $200,000, I would just keep agreeing with them also. Just make sure your business insurance is paid up for next year because you never know what lawsuits may come your way.”

“Sure, let’s sell the water department and have all of that cash in our pockets so we can spend, spend, spend. Police HQ redo, millions for a crumbling downtown that should be bulldozed. Yeah, that makes sense.”

“I’d like to see the Elks have films like ‘Casablanca,’ ‘The Birds,’ ‘Vertigo,’ ‘The Longest Yard.’ Please consider those films.”

“I’m glad the local political wannabes took all of their signs down, especially the ones in that dilapidated building next to the Journal building.”

“That was the worst-behaved audience at a MAHS graduation that I have seen in some time. The graduates were dignified – unfortunately, it was the adults that ruined it. How can we expect our children to act with decorum when they have such poor role models? That night was for the graduates, not for you to call attention to yourself by hooting and hollering. Sadly, most likely many of these socially ignorant buffoons are illiterate and will not read this.”

“After reading your article about the borough’s water system, I would just like to say that it sounds as though this council has someone in mind to sell it to, and there are going to be a lot of people behind the scenes getting rich – with the exception of our town, who would blow what little is left before these nincompoops’ terms are up. I just saw an ad where a neighboring private water company is charging $10 per 1,000 gallons, and when I talked to the lady at the billing department we are only paying $7. This to me sounds like someone is working a back-door deal and once again this council is getting bad information and making bad decisions. Thank you.”

“Miss Reid, you lost the election, now you want to be a Democrat? This is pathetic. You put the borough in financial problems – now you want to come back to finish ruining the borough.”

“Glad to see the business owners working with the council to better downtown. It would be nice to see the Press And Journal work with them instead of against them.”

“If the editor is not a liberal, nobody is. Your comments are pathetic. It’s a shame the Journal has someone work for them like him. He should work for the Obama administration with the rest of the liars.”

“I have a suggestion for the Elks movie house. How about charging $2 or $3 for a movie? Do it once a week, maybe a Wednesday. The theater in New Cumberland does that and it’s loaded with people.”

“Went to the Middletown Fair like I do every year. When I read about the changes in the Press And Journal I wasn’t too thrilled about it being moved out of Hoffer Park, but decided to check it out anyway. I think Hoffer Park is a much nicer place for this event and I’m sure the people that have a hard time getting around would rather have the paved walkways that are at the park. I noticed some of the longtime vendors didn’t show up, maybe because of the one-day deal instead of two. Also missed the Boy Scouts’ pancake breakfast. I did enjoy the car show and band. I just hope they don’t turn this into something people don’t want to be a part of. We’ve already lost some events that people really miss, like the air show and Fall Fest.”

“The Middletown Fair this year was better then expected. Even with the weather not the greatest there was a good crowd on hand.”

“Let’s clean out the whole Middletown sports program from top to bottom. This really makes the prior football coach look pretty good, now doesn’t it? The current (former) football coach should have stayed where he came from. No loss there. He did us a favor.”

“As I understand it, the single most devastating thing that stops people from moving to this town is the school tax. It’s so darn high. Electric? Nah, it’s not bad. But school taxes? Holy cow! They’re astronomical.”

“Everyone needs to get off the Lower Dauphin bandwagon, really. Middletown is still a good school. You get what you give. So sad people are acting so snobby.”

“This is in regards to the article last week about the veterans’ grave markers being stolen off the graves in Woodside Cemetery. I want everyone to know that I found those markers and I called the police to tell them who stole them and where they could find them. The police went there and retrieved them and took them back to Woodside. The people at Woodside said they were glad to get them back but they were NOT going to press charges. I cannot believe that they are going to let this matter drop! Robbing a grave is disgusting and these people should be held accountable. If you agree with me, please give a shout out. I would be interested in your opinion.”

“Dear doctor: I came to you for your medical expertise, which you provided. However, after several comments from you about the amount of money that my private insurance was going to reimburse you, and other comments and actions about money, I have decided to find another doctor. You actually recommended a treatment for me, but then looked at my chart to see what insurance I had, stated that you would only be reimbursed a small amount for the procedure, and you changed the subject. Not one provider has ever complained to my husband, children, or I about the reimbursement amount being a problem. It is my understanding that you are not forced to participate with my Fortune 100 insurance company, so please do not hold me responsible for your choices.”

“Who do we call if someone isn’t cutting their lawns or weeds in Middletown? I tried calling one of the numbers at the borough but no one answers. I left a message and no one called me back. That’s progress, I tell ya.”

“So I just read the article that Mr. Morgan stated that the borough has only $1.7 million to spend. Then tell me, why does the borough continue to spend money on attorneys and the financial adviser, and want to take the Elks and dig up our roads and sidewalks? And why on earth would they have put out all that money to pay off the flood victims with our taxpayer money when they could have waited ‘til FEMA bought them, like anyone else is? What is the real scoop on this? Use your heads, people. It doesn’t add up.”

“From reading your article and hearing Mark Morgan, it sounds like this Borough Council is doing everything it can to financially destroy this town, while crying about their structural deficit. They want concessions from the unions, yet they laid off over half the workers. If the council barely had the minimum amount of money for the start of 2013, then that says they spent and acted irresponsibly during 2012. November can’t come soon enough. Open and responsible government is what I’m voting for.”

“Previous councils could balance the budget, with a full staff! You cut the library, closed the communications center, spent almost $1 million in legal fees and laid off over half of the workers. And now you want to sell off our town assets? What’s wrong with this picture? This town should be suing current council members.”

“After seeing the 2011 audit balances, and the 2012 balance, you have to ask who in office is profiting from our tax dollars besides the borough solicitor and Mark Morgan? Hmmm!”

“You’re all a bunch of crooks! Vote them all out.”

“Wow, Louer, it must be bad if you need to pray to God at a council meeting to help us town folks see the wisdom of your bankrupting this town. Your council career is not worth bragging about.”

“I need to say I voted for the people who are already on my town’s council. They said they would lower electric rates, and they did. It wasn’t by a lot, but it was something.”

“I noticed that the Facebook sites for the Middletown group and that Penn State student don’t have any new stuff on them. Why? Truthfully, the stuff on there was embarrassing – low class.”

“As someone who is not very vocal regarding politics, I have to say if this current council keeps going the way it is, there won’t be anything left of our town. They spend way too much on the things that are not in the best interest of the taxpayers of Middletown – and they cut the things that are in our best interest.”

“Middletown Borough employees, hang in there. I know there are not a lot of you left, but we appreciate your service to this town. Thank you.”

“People of Middletown: How far are you going to go before you say, “Enough?’ You’re losing your library. The town looks a mess. You have no say in how things are done. There are secret council meetings. You have a borough staff that is belligerent and combative. How far will you let it go?”

“Mr. Morgan is the problem with the financial situation we’re in, letting this council spend taxpayers’ money left and right – $300,000 to renovate the new electric building, $2 million given out of the general fund for Tropical Storm Lee to buy properties that the federal government should have paid for. And how much money has this council spent on legal fees? We got Rhen out, now we have to vote out Louer, Arnold and the rest of McNamara’s cronies.”

“If you find yourself without power and your council representative won’t answer the phone, go knock on their door! Arnold and McNamara live on Pine Street two blocks from each other. Sullivan is on Adelia Street, and Brubaker is about three blocks away on Hoffer Street. And, of course, you can always call Chris Courogen who, may I remind you, doesn’t even live in Middletown, along with Mark Morgan.”

“A big shout of gratitude to all those who attended Helen Shelly’s 80th birthday celebration at the 230 Cafe. We were so thrilled that she enjoyed the homemade gingerbread woman cake. There isn’t anyone else like you, Helen!”

“Come on people, stop complaining. Anyone that has dealt with our council president knows he is a con artist and rarely tells the truth. I just wish it was his term that was up because I don’t think I can take two more years.”

“That’s right, council, keep catering to the slumlords in the front row. Just drive through our town and look at the garbage, weeds and crack houses. This is your legacy – turning our town into a little Harrisburg and blaming it on previous administrations.”

“After doing a little research on the recent eight-hour power outage, the length of the outage rests solely on the shoulders of this Borough Council. That power outage would have lasted two hours if Mr. Willsbach had the right amount of qualified linemen he needs to get the job done safely. But Sue Sullivan doesn’t want to pay a high electric bill. What a joke. So everyone should go out and buy a generator because of Louer, Sullivan, Arnold, McNamara. The normal two-hour outage is going to last eight hours. Can’t wait ‘til November.”

“Is it within code to have blacktop on sidewalks?”

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