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Sound Off: 07/09/14

Posted 7/8/14



“There is a beautiful stone house and out-building …” {play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2014SoundOff/There is.mp3{/play}


• “The Clintons are broke – is that a joke? When they’re eating Ramen noodles …

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Sound Off: 07/09/14



“There is a beautiful stone house and out-building …”
{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2014SoundOff/There is.mp3{/play}

• “The Clintons are broke – is that a joke? When they’re eating Ramen noodles and eating Spam, maybe I'll believe them. Everyone wants to be a comedian.”

• “OK, here are the facts on Middletown: Do you know there are only nine full-time police officers now? Do you know there are some police officers that never met the mayor yet? I can see this mayor is going to be a winner. Why is the borough worrying about remodeling the downtown area and bringing in more people when there aren't enough police officers to keep them safe? Do you know there was only one police officer patrolling the whole Middletown Borough Friday night? People of Middletown, that's why you don't see a police presence. Me, personally, I’d rather have more police officers patrolling our streets then remodeling the downtown area. Is the borough nuts, bringing more people to the area with less police protection? The police building is all locked up – you can't even go there to talk to anyone. As a matter of fact, I can't get hold of anyone in this town. People, we should fire everyone in the borough, even the new mayor, and start from scratch. Now doesn't that sound like a plan?”

• “To the lady that left a comment to Ed. I'm sure Ed paid into Social Security while working here in the USA, so he deserves to collect what he paid into Social Security no matter where he lives! If Pennsylvania would eliminate property taxes, people who do retire could afford to stay!”

• “Leave our assets alone. Before you know it our water bill will be sky high and our electric will be sold.”

• “I read an article about all the illegal children coming across our border. The medical staff was told to keep their mouths shut. The nurses are scared for the health problems these illegals pose. They have scabies, measles, chicken pox, Strep throat –and lice is an epidemic – and they’re putting these kids on buses and planes, and the American public knows nothing about it.”

• “Why don't the U.S. dig a big ditch around our southern border and then fill it up with quicksand. That way we would not need anyone there to stand guard. Problem solved. Why does everyone make everything so complicated?”

• “The only town to have an airport, train station, bus pickup, college, movie theater, river, creek, newspaper, radio station, two pools, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, nuclear plant and police force. Bust on Middletown all you want – we still have more than most communities and cities.”


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