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Sound Off--07/17/13

Posted 7/16/13

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“I am writing about how long it takes to get a handicapped parking space. I submitted an …

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Sound Off--07/17/13


“Summer lunch program is great, but like the old lunch – colored tickets before PIN codes – this would label a kid.”

“What was the school board thinking when hiring an administrator whose credentials are pending? Certainly there were candidates/applicants with both experience and necessary credentials who were not considered or given the opportunity to interview!”

“Lower Dauphin sends 23 students on to college for sports, Middletown sent one for soccer. Wow, things are looking up in Middletown.”

“The Press And Journal website is so much better than PennLive.com – much easier to use!”

“Looks like the Elks Theatre is getting its legs back. That was quick! Donation is in the mail :)”

“Can you tell me if Middletown’s police chief passed the certification that he didn’t have when he was named chief? If he has it, would have been nice for the borough to tell the public. And don’t put it on the Internet because I don’t trust what’s there. If he didn’t get it, what’s taking so long and why are we paying him to be only half a police chief?”

“I think it’s horrible the borough is organizing movie nights without contacting the Elks Theatre campaign. People should be going through their doors for entertainment in their time of need.”

“I will be going to the Elks for my movies. And will pay to see them.”

“Did the borough contact the Elks for their movie nights? Why aren’t they involved?”

“To person about getting Big Mel off school board. You are so misinformed. He is about the only school board member you see in and around the schools. Always offers a smile and an ear if you have an issue, and the issue does not fall to the wayside, big or small. I am proud to say I have known him for about 10 years and you obviously do not know him well. Fight on, Mr. Fager.”

“People bashing Big Mel are the ones sitting around doing nothing to make a difference.”

“Let’s analyze the Middletown restaurants. You can’t get food after 9 at the Brownstone, JD’s Junction, Alfred’s and Lamp Post. Kuppy’s closes at 7. That leaves three pizza shops and Hardee’s. We need one more good restaurant that’s going to serve food until midnight!”

“Rhen, King Little, Louer, Sullivan and Arnold. You need to go away. Not an original thought between all of you. You follow King Little. His thoughts are bizarre. I’ve heard the borough secretary say, ‘You can’t let the inmates run the asylum.’ But I say the inmates are better at running it then the insane!”

“I think no code officer was better than the one they got in there now.”

“I want to thank the people who speak to you when you go the Elks movie house. They’re very helpful and kind. They always go out of their way to make sure everything is fine and dandy. I’m one patron who is always happy and proud of our town’s movie house. What other communities can boast of that?”

“I think the Press And Journal needs to do a little more independent investigation regarding borough policies and business. The articles they are printing now are coming right out of the borough secretary’s mouth.”

“They wait so long to hold tryouts. Then if you don’t make the team or too many try out, they make it so you cannot join another sport or league in time for that season. Stop waiting until the last minute.”

“The Editor’s Voice editorial stated, ‘Councilor David Rhen voted for the switch on the condition that the Borough make (sic) sure Nixle isn’t locked into a contract with CodeRED.’ Should that sentence have read ‘…on the condition that the Borough make sure THE BOROUGH isn’t locked into a contract with CodeRED?’ It would be more logical that the Borough and not Nixle would have a contract with CodeRED. Either way, the crux of this posting is Rhen’s ‘aye’ vote was a vote for the switch and nothing else, regardless of what he or anybody else said after the vote was taken. If the original motion did not have the language that spelled out Rhen’s condition, Rhen should have voted against it or Rhen should have amended the original motion before the vote was called so he could attach his condition, which would then be voted upon by the body. The lesson here is for our councilors to listen carefully to the exact wording of the motion being made and cast their vote for or against that motion based on those exact words and not what may be intended or implied by vague wording or comments made after the fact. Having a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order wouldn’t hurt, either.”

“Answer me this: If the borough has so much money to toss around – $290,000 for the police, $150,000 for another group – why can’t money be given to the Elks Theatre? It’s run by a non-profit organization with members who all live in the Middletown area unlike some of the other boards and commissions that are the favorites of the current borough council.”

“Is Middletown still trying to take ownership of the Elks building? And how much is that going to cost?”

“Still no crosswalk markings throughout town. What the heck? Waiting for someone to get hit? You people are pathetic!”

“Will the new mayor put cops on foot patrol? I would like to see that.”

“The business next to the Journal office is doing a wonderful job with planting trees and flowers. So nice to see that. That’s downtown pride!”

“Has anyone thought of having a first Friday event in downtown Middletown? Close a section of the street and just have people hang out – maybe some acoustic guitars or singers – or even a drum fest? That would be fun. I’d rather see it there than in Hoffer Park because there are too many mosquitoes there and it’s too dark at night.”

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