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Sound Off--09/04/2013

Posted 9/3/13

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:( “If you …

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Sound Off--09/04/2013


>:( “Nothing like finding your ex-boyfriend on social media and realizing he’s a Rethuglican. Thank God I dodged that narrow-minded bullet!”

:| “People, don’t forget – you don’t hear much about this on the news (I wonder why?): On Sept. 9 there is a march on Washington to take our country back.”

:| “Lady, the next time you chase my son down, lay on your horn, illegally pull up beside him in the left turn lane and then go straight, follow him, and block his car in at Giant, all while screaming and yelling obscenities ‘because you have your children in your car,’ and threaten to call the cops on him because you perceived that he pulled out in front of you onto Main Street from opposing stop signs by Turkey Hill, please do call the cops. You are the one who will have some explaining to do. I hope the cop is smart enough to charge you with endangerment and call child services. Loss of license and mandatory mental counseling are in order.”

:( “Are there background checks done on people before they become fire police? If you live in Highspire you should be wary. I make sure my windows are up and doors locked anytime I have to drive past when they are directing traffic. The uniform doesn’t mean they are law-abiding citizens.”

:| “Maybe it’s a possibility your mother should no longer be driving. I see so many older people driving very badly around here, and it’s scary! Police, be aware of this!”

:( “VERY disappointed the Swim Club cancelled their BBQ.”

:) “Thank you to the Lower Swatara police officers who have stepped up their traffic patrols on North Union Street and enforced the speed limit and truck violations. It’s great to see you guys out there catching the people in a rush to Route 283 and the truckers who try to take a shortcut to the industrial park by Penn State. Keep up the good work guys. I hope that these patrols will continue.”

:) “If you are ashamed to live in Middletown, move out. Great job, council.”

:) “Mrs. Arnold for president.”

:) “Keep up the good job, council. We must reelect the present council to keep our town going in the right direction.”

:( “Obama is destroying America. Nobody fears us anymore. They laugh at him.”

:( “Goodbye, tattoo parlor. One less junky business corrupting our youth and taking money from the town’s welfare dirtbags.”

:| “To the person that was complaining about the Fill the Bus campaign: Had you any knowledge of the program, you would know that the bus was staffed by school district volunteers and not a single one of those staffers received any payment for their time with the bus.”

:( “Many of the borough council members can’t get their personal lives squared away. Why are we trusting an entire town to their care?”

:| “It’s funny listening to dads think their kid is the best and makes no mistakes. Sorry, but look with less biased eyes. You need to realize a couple parents kept count of the errors your kid did. No better than anyone else on the team. Blinders off!”

:| “Hit that nail on the head: If an athlete misses tryouts or practices for any sport prior to school there should be a rule. Time to cut or make it mandatory to sit out the first three regular games. More responsibility starts with parents.”

:( “I have finally figured it out what’s wrong with this country” It’s not the politicians or government, it’s the PEOPLE. All they do is complain how everything is going but yet they keep voting the same people in office. So shut up, people. Look how the people of Middletown have been lied to. We got rid of the communications center because the town has no money; we have no fireworks because the town has no money; we want to sell our water company and the electric company, and yet we are going to remodel the downtown area. What’s wrong with you stupid people? Just like Obama – Congress says he can’t attack Syria without congressional approval, but if he does attack this Congress will do nothing about it. Why do we even have a Congress? They do nothing to make things right. For one thing, we are not the policemen of the world. We have no right to tell another country what to do unless we are attacked. Where did Iraq get us? All the U.S. servicemen that died or got maimed from that war ... and look at Iraq now. Yeah, we did a lot of good over there – we changed the way they live all right. I really believed the world doesn’t want saved.”

:( “Will someone please tell me the difference between Bush and Obama? Obama is doing things he was against Bush doing. And look at Biden – he threatened to impeach Bush if he went to war without congressional authority. So if Obama does it, we should impeach him. But Congress has no backbone. At least Bush had the guts to lead the country. Obama does one thing better than Bush: He is a good preacher. Why is Obama going around the colleges telling the students to get a good education? When Obamacare kicks in, most companies will put their employees under 30 hours so they don’t have to give them health care. There goes the end of the full-time jobs. ONLY IN AMERICA.”

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