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Sound Off--09/11/13

Posted 9/10/13

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:( “To whoever stole my area rug from my yard on South Lawrence Street: I just …

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Sound Off--09/11/13


“Yes, my wife and I live in Royalton on Water Street …” (Listen online at www.pressandjournal.com)


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:( “Why is there so much concern about making the intersection of Emaus and Union look pretty? We should be more concerned about Union and Main! That is where visitors get the first impression of our town, and it is not favorable!”


:| “Does anyone know what was causing the loud ‘boom’ sounds Saturday (Aug. 30) evening? Sounded like construction explosions within borough limits.”


:| “Nice try, Middletown, but can’t compare to Galeton’s fireworks.”


:( “Hill Island gave Middletown a run for their money with fireworks. Maybe they should organize and plan the fireworks next time. Bet they would be better and not cost as much.”


:( “The fireworks were nice, but that money would have been better spent elsewhere than for 15 minutes of self-gratification and pats on the back for Borough Council!”


:( “I thought when they say ‘we’re broke’ that means there is no money. When you’re broke and file for Act 47, you don’t spend money on frivolous things such as fireworks, parades, parties, unnecessary renovations and uniforms – especially after you lay off needed employees and cut community services like the library. The people need to remember this and all the other non-truths this council is trying to shove down our throats, and vote for change this coming election!”


:) “The fireworks in Middletown were beautiful! Thanks to all the organizers of this great event!”


:| “Something for our lower class, hyper-conservative friends to think about: ‘If you don’t have money, you cling to your freedoms all the more angrily. Even if smoking kills you, even if you can’t afford to feed your kids, even if your kids are getting shot down by maniacs with assault rifles. You may be poor, but the one thing nobody can take away from you is the freedom to screw up your life.’ – Jonathan Franzen.”


:( “After trying to talk to the chief about several issues, I give up. Who hired this guy? Can we get someone in there that knows what they’re doing?”


:) “Just want to say a big thank you to Middletown for the very beautiful fireworks display on Sunday, Sept. 1. Hope this will be a repeat next year.”


:) “Great fireworks, Middletown! To the complainers: Too bad you didn’t enjoy it. You will always find something to complain about anyway! I hope to see these back again. I heard local businesses donated towards them, and we really should start making this an event. MYC had their concession stand open – let’s see more next year! Take pride in our town and bring the community together.”


:( “To have a Labor Day parade in Middletown that contained nothing more than councilors that are up for re-election makes me sick – and that you allowed the biggest slumlord in Middletown to drive his old box truck in it also is the icing on the cake. I cannot wait ’til November’s election!”


“The end is near. Striking Syria is the beginning of WW III.”


:( “This is to the lady on the bike, whom I almost hit. Pennsylvania LAW states that if you are biking between sunrise and sunset your bike must be equipped with a front lamp and rear and side reflectors that are visible from 500 feet. As well, you must obey the same laws as cars. You were riding after dark, you had no lights or reflectors, and you were riding on the wrong side of the road. Your excuse that I have headlights doesn’t fly with the law. Way to set a good example for your kid, who was also riding his bike without lights and reflectors. I hope the cops caught up with you and gave you a fine, but seeing as how calling county dispatch is like calling customer service and getting someone in India, I very much doubt that they got you in time – but I can always hope. Oh, and if I see you going past my house again at night without the proper equipment, I will call them again, and again, and again, until they finally find you.”


“Anyone miss the old high school principal and athletic director? Didn’t think so. They had zero impact, anyway.”


:) “Great job, Mrs. Arnold, on an awesome weekend of events for Labor Day. The kids enjoyed the movie and the town really enjoyed the fireworks and swimming.”


:) “Hey, Borough Council, what an amazing fireworks show.”


:) “Excellent letter, Mr. Givler. This council needs an enema.”


:| “This Borough Council has given respect to the working poor by reducing electric rates. The minority elite keeps sounding off.”


:| “All parents had to sign a form on how to act at a sporting event for school. Again, hearing parents belittling and making downright negative comments to certain kids. Maybe I should turn in the video to the athletic director and get them banned from the games.”


:| “Scary world we live in. Parents bringing guns to children’s games or other countries wanting to hurt us. Doesn’t matter which party is in office. No one has ever gotten it right.”


:( “Since we moved into Royalton Borough in 2010 we have had substandard water pressure. The fire hydrant in our development tested WELL below the required minimum. Very little outward progress has been made in the past several years. I understand now that part of the holdup is the Borough of Middletown. Apparently, the powers that be deemed it necessary for a water rate survey. Here is my suggestion: Offer Royalton a fair rate quickly, or you may find yourself facing litigation.”


:| “For those that have said that Middletown has no athletes coming out of the school and no one receiving any athletic scholarships: It is certainly not true. There has been athletic scholarships awarded to athletes this past school year, and some being substantial amounts. When the athlete is awarded a scholarship it is up to them whether or not they wish to let the public know. Some feel that only those important in their life need to know. The school even announces to athletes to let the guidance office know if they want their scholarship announced. It is the senior’s choice to have it revealed. It is called confidentiality, and that is how it works.”


:) “Mrs. Arnold, thank you for a great weekend my children enjoyed since I did not have money to do things.”


:( “Mike Dalton, you should get your act together before you make comments about council. I talk to Mrs. Arnold – she has great plans to keep the borough residents involved with a lot of activities to improve our town. You complain a lot – why not talk to her and help? Or don’t you really want to help – just complain for your cronies?”


:) “Thank you, Chris McNamara, for a wonderful weekend.”


:) “I was amazed on how many hours our council volunteered this weekend. Thank you, my family enjoyed it.”


:) “Great job on the Labor Day events in the borough! Middletown has the right people on council.”

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