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Sound Off-09/18/13

Posted 9/17/13

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:| “I give my sister a world of credit. To be a single mom and to be on …

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Sound Off-09/18/13


“Hey, Emaus Street sidewalk psycho … ”


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“I was very disappointed in the Middies game the other night … ”


{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/09_2013/091813/I was.mp3{/play}

“Uh, the Middletown High School football coach … ”



{play}/images/Audio-Soundoff/2013_SoundOff/09_2013/091813/Uh the.mp3{/play} 

“John Wilsbach, are you kidding …”


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:( “I believe council made a speech about living outside our means. But here they are living outside their means. This town can’t afford your reckless spending. You’re giving away all of our assets while going into debt. I believe these people running our town are destroying it on purpose.”

:) “To the borough, council and Officer Rux, and every other person involved in the many community activities: Just want to thank you for the fun this summer. It was great to get out and see and talk with so many fellow classmates and see children happy everywhere. Bravo! Looking forward to many good memories like I had in this town. It’s been far to long. I’ve missed my old town feeling. Fall activities are great too! [Hint, hint.]”

:( “McNamara, Louer and Arnold, you cannot fix the damage you have done to this once-proud town with movies in parks, fireworks and parades – and how convenient that it’s right before an election.”

:( “Scott Sites: The only thing I can say bad about him is that he was foolish enough to remain on council with the rest of these clowns who will bring his good reputation down.”

:( “Could you imagine a Borough Council with Mrs. Arnold as president? We would be celebrating every holiday with fireworks and flushing a continuous stream of money down the drains.”

:| “Not everyone that has tattoos are on welfare. I have them and I work for a living and have my own business. So stop judging a book by its cover.”

:| “Time for the boys to sign up for girls’ volleyball since Middletown won’t offer a boys team. Maybe add a lacrosse team.”

:( “How is it that the school board has enough money to replace every single window in the Fink Building but can not find enough money to replace the sound system at Memorial Field? At the first football game with Lower Dauphin you could not understand a single word the announcer was saying – and they had a 50-50 drawing and you could not ever understand what the winning number was, and the people were asking each other if they understood what he said. After a while, someone passing by said that the last three numbers were 730. If you cannot get another sound system or get the old one fixed, turn the system off completely because it is interfering with the games to hear this mumbling.”

:| “Well, it only took two weeks for the new football coach to get to a .500 winning percentage at Middletown. The old coach knew he was in over his head and bailed. Thanks, you did us all a favor.”

:) “WAY TO GO BLUE RAIDER FOOTBALL!! QB out so they are rushing everyone, no air attack and you pull out a win. Well done.”

:( “Another football game and the school district did not fix the sound system at the stadium. It’s a disgrace that we can’t get the thing fixed so you can understand what is happening on the field. We depend on the announcer for information that the officials, by their signals, convey – just what is happening on the field when they throw their yellow flags. It is annoying to listen and not be able to understand what he is saying so the people in the stands know what the penalties are for. PLEASE GET THE SOUND SYSTEM REPAIRED OR DON’T USE IT!”

:| “To the person thanking the Lower Swatara police for catching the truckers and speeders on North Union Street: I, too, thank them, but every day there are at least 10 truckers that I count. I know they don’t have the time or manpower but I wish that they could be there at least once a day, and maybe catch more of these people.”

:) “I want to express my thanks to Cafe 230 in Highspire for their support of the Middletown Area High School band on Monday with their ‘Pay it Forward’ program. Their generosity means a great deal to the band and to the Middletown community. Students: Join the band – you’ll love it! Parents, grandparents and families: Please remember Cafe 230 as a wonderful place to eat, a treasure in our community, and a supporter of our kids.”

:( “I’m sick and tired of businesses that require you to leave a voicemail and then never call you back. I guess you don’t need my business. Luckily, the businesses I’m referring to have lots of competitors.”

:( “The communications director at Middletown Borough did a great job posting Sound Offs for this current council. Maybe he allowed the borough manager to post a few also.”

:( “A truly great woman passed away last week, and not one council member or borough manager showed up to pay their respects.”

:( “If only the people in charge of the Borough of Middletown could run the borough as well as they can run an event. Your party skills do not delete the fact that when I call in I still can’t get anybody on the phone, and when I need a police officer we are not allowed to see them unless we call Dauphin County first.”

:( “I’d like to know who’s responsible for processing my permit application. I have not heard anything in weeks. I’m afraid to call because I’m afraid they will withhold my permit. This is no way to run a town. I will definitely be voting for change in November. I am a Republican in the Second Ward, but I will be voting Democrat just so we can have some responsible people running this circus.”

:( “A Labor Day celebration without any laborers? You want them to work but not celebrate on their day? The fact that this council has no respect for anyone came through that day. Thank you for showing your true colors.”

:( “Good riddance to the ship jumpers of Middletown. Live vicariously through your kids much? You guys made yourselves appear way more important to this town than what you were.”

:( “To the lady who complained on Press And Journal’s Facebook page about Steelton-Highspire High School students not receiving a valuable education: She blamed the teachers, school board, council, police and community for the students who decide school isn’t for them and drop out. The students need to ‘value’ their education! How much time do the students spend reviewing material the teacher covered in class, completing assignments, writing papers, reading, or studying? How many students participate in extracurricular activities or have jobs after school? Don’t blame the teachers, school board, council, police and community! The teachers in that school are dedicated to their teaching professions. Spend one day observing in that school before you place blame on anyone other than the students and parents! A little bit of respect and self-control goes a long way! Many students never learned that at home they may indeed be the star, but in school they’re part of the audience.”

:( “To whomever broke in and stole EVERYTHING from the MYC concession stand: You should truly be ashamed of yourself!! You stole from a NONPROFIT organization and 200+ kids. Hope they catch you!”

:| “Why wouldn’t someone want anyone to know they got a scholarship? Are they embarrassed? That is a great gift no matter where – especially if only one or two get one yearly.”

:( “I am so happy that the trees and brush have almost completely covered the view of the Star Barn off Route 283. Now we don’t have to watch this previously beautiful structure just fall apart from neglect by the new owner that had such big ideas of moving the structure some place else but, low and behold, he couldn’t get enough contributions to pay for the move – so now it just sits there and rots away.”

:) “Nice to see Middletown graduate success stories. It makes our community proud.”

:( “Your sidebar story classifying John Wilsbach with “Hollywood celebrities that own a sports team” was unfair. Everyone that knows John knows he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity, but instead is just a regular, hardworking Middletown guy.”{jcomments on}

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