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Sound Off--10/17

Posted 10/16/12

Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


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Sound Off--10/17


“I saw one of our council members at the grocery store. He wouldn’t even look me in the eye. A sure sign of a coward and a bully.”

“Visiting Eagle Heights, I found the college housing charming and uplifting to the area. The community had long been an eyesore – the college construction is helping to change that image. There didn’t seem to be any traffic problems and the area was very quiet. This is exactly what the neighborhood needed to increase their property values.”

“The so-called top news story is nothing but a bunch of nonsense, to put it politely! Cutting people out - what is wrong with the borough? Someone took money and now everyone in the town pays for it! Sending someone out of town (at our expense) is just a way for a nice trip! It’s time we the people get our butts out of the house and get to the meetings! Look what happened to the water, and they sent out letters. WHAT is wrong with them? The tainted water WE were drinking and they had no respect to announce it. I just now received my letter in the mail - OCT. 11 and all this was taking place back in August. Unbelievable. The press should have been notified for our safety – BUT NO, WE WEREN’T! Doesn’t anyone care about their children drinking the water, boiling their bottles or anything in this? My opinion is this should be taken to the media! No, instead they want to lay people off or decrease their wages. I find this appalling! My blessings go out to the families who have to deal with this! This is something that the head of the borough who’s messed things up NOT THE EMPLOYEES and whoever found our water undrinkable. I THANK YOU and pray your job is not in jeopardy. PEOPLE, WAKE UP. WE ARE WHO MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN THIS MESS. ATTEND ALL THE MEETINGS AND HELP MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!”

“Libraries are for books and information, not for kids’ programs. Stick them in front of ‘Sesame Street’ or read online. It’s time to start saving money.”

“Has anyone else in Middletown experienced poor Internet connection and slow loading speeds with Verizon within the last month or two? I pay $46 a month and am constantly experiencing pages not loading and my Internet connection crapping out on me.”

“Bus driver M82, slow down! The speed limit on Union Street is 25 mph. You were doing way more than that on Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m. Not trying to get anyone in trouble, but there’s a big difference between a few miles over the limit, and excessively being over the limit. Thank you.”

“I would like to address the person who posted in the Sept. 26 Sound Off regarding the ‘professional thug force’ patrolling in the area of Penn State/Wharton Avenue. While I’m not normally a fan of the Middletown Police Department, I applaud them for their efforts in the situation to which you referred. Before Penn State became a four-year school, this neighborhood had one-tenth the traffic it has now. When school starts every year, it’s like a totally different neighborhood. When the elementary school was here, we only had traffic twice a day, not all hours of the day and night, and nowhere near the volume we have now. Every fourth car that passed our house didn’t have a loud, booming stereo, and we didn’t hear cars whizzing by. Whizzing is the sound a car makes when it goes by fast. The speed limit is only 25 mph. More volume also means more problems. On the night you are referring to, I was not home. However, when I arrived I saw the officers and told them that since school is back in session they are running the stop signs - again. He told me they cited numerous people for just that, as well as someone whose vehicle was impounded because he was driving with forged documents. In other words, he had no insurance and no license. While the officer may have gone through a stop sign to apprehend someone who ran a stop sign, I would MUCH rather a police officer who is trained in such maneuvers AND carries insurance to run a stop sign than some teenager with no insurance. I would also like to point out that on Monday Oct. 4 I arrived home around 10 p.m. A car came speeding down Wharton Avenue, from the direction of the school, driving at least 30-35 mph, and went through the stop sign at Spring and Wharton as if it wasn’t even there! I wish the police would sit here so much, and so often, that it would become legendary at that campus. P.S.: Anyone who doesn’t believe me just needs to come to the intersection of Spring and Wharton and park there for 10 minutes. It’s permit-only parking, and I’m sure you can guess why.”

“If your garbage is at the curb, it’s fair game for anyone, including the police.”

“I agree that most of the houses in this town could use a good pressure washing!”

“So you want a bigger boat to make up for you lack of manhood?”

“What do we need to do about council’s violation of the Sunshine Law?”

“I was raised in Steelton, I will always bleed blue and grey, BUT, my kids are being raised Blue Raiders and they are my world, so I am now a Blue Raider and proud to say it. The kids that go out there every Friday night and play their hearts out need to be commended. It’s not their fault that they don’t know how to play under a top-notch coaching staff. Coach Deibler and his staff are whole-heartedly committed to these kids, day in and day out. For all of you who think that it’s the coaching staff that is causing the problem, you are sadly mistaken. Stop trying to place the blame on a staff that takes time away from their lives to build a strong program, and look in the mirror. Sitting in the stands and yelling at the coaches and kids is NOT going to help. Be supportive, bleed blue and gold like my children do. When the team is down, pick them up instead of breaking them down. They NEED you, they WANT you, to support them and defend them. After all, they are kids – don’t forget that, who need to know that. No matter what, they are loved and appreciated, win or lose. I am proud to be a Blue Raider, win or lose. Are you?”

“Who’s the idiot welcoming back Penn State students now? They came in August and soon they’ll go home for break. Way to keep on top of it!”

“Why is Middletown and Lower Swatara allowing this gross overdeveloping in the name of student housing? Look at the big picture! For our communities to thrive, we need to attract long-term residents and families! What families are going to settle in a college town? What happens when college scales back? When more class offerings move to online? And there is not a need for so many physical campuses!”

“Carlisle is losing its four-year Penn State program, in favor of having students at Main Campus. The effects will be devastating to their local economy. One should watch how that plays out before allowing Middletown and Lower Swatara to willingly put ourselves in the same situation! No more student housing! Keep trying to attract permanent residents!”

“Could anyone tell me when the haunted walk in Middletown is? Not seeing anything in the paper about it.”

“Move over, Stephen King – seems Mitt is being nominated for his first Nebula award due to his triumphant first debate with the president. I don’t think it will be so easy the next two rounds, and IF it is, when voters step behind the curtain the majority are not voting for Mitt, especially in the swing states. So, righties, don’t get your hopes up because of the latest polls. In the end, Romney’s not going to win. – jb.”

“What wonderful decorations the borough has placed downtown! The smashed pumpkins were a particularly nice touch. To whoever smashed said pumpkins, next time put a little thought and consideration into your pathetic attempt at angst-driven mayhem. For example, you’d have gotten much more enjoyment out of it by throwing them as high as you could and having them land in the street. It certainly would have been more fun for you, and people wouldn’t have to step around the guts on the sidewalk. :)”

“If they do away with our borough electrical company and choose Met-Ed, you are in for a surprise. We came here from Grantville and had Met-Ed. When there were problems you called a number; they would look into it, if and when they decide to fix the problem ALL offices and ALL trucks come from the Allentown area. Most times we were without power for six hours minimum. Do you want that? Not me. I believe in local utilities.”

“To the person who supports council: It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. And I would like to know how you know it’s the same 100 people commenting in this forum. This is the first time I am commenting on Sound Off and it’s only because your stupidity has induced me to do so. By implying it’s the same 100 people would mean you have inside information to know such facts, or you think the public is stupid enough to believe you. Which is it?”

“You said, ‘This place brings out the worst in me.’ Well, you were paid off, and live out of town. So why are we still dealing with you?”

“I just had my house appraised – 10 percent lower than last year. Thank you, council. What you’re doing to this town is a disservice, and nothing more. Maybe next year will be the year I can leave this town behind.”

“The arrogance of council is shocking. This is definitely an ego thing, I believe, because they are not representing anyone but themselves. You’re raping this town. Grow up!”

“Thank you, Middletown Borough workers, for vacuuming the leaves I raked to the curb!”

“If the Borough of Middletown is so BROKE how does the Police Department get $20,000 to fix up a building that was so bad they had to build a new electric department building to replace it?”

“Attention: Looking for a few professional men and women who are looking to do good within their community. Where you would put the people in your community ahead of your own gains. It’s part-time and it only pays minimal, but you can gain so much satisfaction in growing the community and enriching the lives of your neighbors. PLEASE APPLY. Run for council next year.”

“How much money was spent on attorney fees since January? Do we have to file a Right to Know request with the borough to find out? Or is it listed somewhere on their website? I tried to find the meeting minutes on the web page, and found that they never posted them since, like, March. Someone is not doing their job.”

“If you worried about your own township as much as you do our borough, we would all be better off.”

“Fix our economical situation! BUST ALL UNIONS! Especially teachers’ unions! They are bankrupting our government and our homeowners.”

“Some people still can’t get over it! The South lost many years ago!”

“Rent-A-Center or Aarons? Answer: Save your money, and when you have enough pay for it outright. You pay double the cost with them. Those places are for fools that can’t budget their money – don’t be one of them. ‘Bad credit, no credit, no problem.’ Oh, please.”

“I can’t wait until Romney and a Republican Congress kill Medicare and any other program that benefits the middle class while handing out tax breaks to millionaires. I can’t wait to hear the whining and complaining, much like what’s directed toward the Borough Council. You get what you vote for!”

“It’s sad that a guy who used the Gish Gallop (look it up) strategy in a debate is declared the winner.”

“The economy is struggling? Well, how come corporations are raking in record profits and record stock gains? Why isn’t the middle class seeing any of that? Can anyone still call them ‘job creators’ with a straight face? Mitt Romney will only expand on the disparity between the 1 percent and the rest of us.”

“What kind of man protests in favor of the draft and then goes and dodges it? Mitt Romney.”

“It’s comical listening to parents moan about how their kids have to eat fruits and vegetables rather than the old junk food in the school lunches. Oh, your poor babies! What will they do without their greasy 4,000-calorie lunches? Ha, ha, ha!”

“The residents of Middletown and sports fans will never change. First, the residents are always complaining about council – and then when new members are elected, wait, wait, here we go again. As to the Middletown sports fans, especially the ‘ones who know it all’ and are ‘lifers in Middletown,’ having a winning team isn’t everything. Giving our students a chance for a better and higher education and earning scholarships is more important. It’s very rare that a Middletown athlete has received a scholarship to college.”

“Time to limit presidents to one term. Look at the history: Johnson expanded Vietnam, Nixon had Watergate, Clinton had Monica, and now Obama wants to keep destroying the country! Reagan was the only one worthy of a second term!”

“Why can’t Trick-or-Treat just be on Halloween night, Oct. 31?”

“If you fly any flag above the American flag, it is against the law, let alone flying it upside down.”

“Do you realize that Mitt ‘Love-You-Ann-in-1968-While-Avoiding-the-Draft-in-France’ Romney has yet again flip-flopped, this time on abortion? Go ahead and Google it. Exactly who should I vote for? I really believe President Obama had a rough first term, but the obstructionist Republicans are a big part of that. Can you imagine if John McCain had been elected – oops, a couple of more wars and all the related tragedy. Sure, Sarah would have been fun to watch for a while, but really, there was no real choice in 2008. Thank you, President Obama for keeping a cool head while those chest-thumping Republicans, including Mitt ‘No Sons in Harm’s Way’ Romney. Really, Mitt is an empty suit with a life-long ‘me and only me’ attitude. Just think – every day of his life he did what he wanted to do and no sacrifice for country was included.”

“I’d just like to take a moment to thank the people that voted for Tom Corbett. What the hell has he done for this state lately? Why do you folks keep voting for state Republicans?”

“Now that the borough has laid off workers, it is time for the people and businesses that do not agree with the council to support those folks without jobs. You voted them on to do their dastardly bidding, now we are stuck with it. I believe we should seek out these poor fellows and give them whatever work we can afford to keep them going until the present council can be dealt with or removed.”