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Sound Off -- 10/23/13

Posted 10/22/13

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 :( “I live near the intersection of Lumber Street and Spring Garden Drive in Lower Swatara …

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Sound Off -- 10/23/13


“Most people know that you get a ticket for going through … ”




“One of our borough officials needs to call the trash collectors … ”



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“I heard the borough offered to buy Tom Handley’s house … ”



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“Was just wondering why Middletown Turkey Hill … ”



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:| “Looking forward to Benjamin H. Kapenstein’s and Anne M. Einhorn’s Meet the Candidates Night, Oct. 17 from 6:30-8:30 at the Event Place. Should be a fun night!"

:) “Hey, Blue Raiders, you took a loss to the Rollers. No worries about that! You’re a great team and I appreciate your heart and desire. I also like your coach. This town is behind you 100 percent!”

:( “Rachelle Reid done nothing for years when she was on council except raise electric to a all time high. Now she wants to decorate the park. Surprise, surprise, surprise.”

:| “Support all fall sports – not just football! All them kids work and play hard and it’s OUR job to support and cheer them, through thick and thin.”

:( “To all you sofa coaches out there: Let our high school sports teams alone. If you’re so knowledgeable, volunteer to help coach or help with fundraisers. There are plenty of ways to be constructive and supportive rather than criticizing.”

:) “Tom Corbett is doing a great job.”

:( “Teamsters is destroying Middletown.”

:) “Vote Arnold, Brooks, Louer back into council. They are doing a great job.”

:( “It’s funny that when Middletown did not have a deficit the newsletter was printed on regular paper. Now it is printed on very expensive high gloss magazine-style paper. No cost cutting measures in place here! The fancy paper still can’t hide all the inaccuracies. The latest issue compared Middletown’s electric rates to PPL and stated Middletown is lower. That may be true to PPL customers that stay with PPL as their supplier. Since PPL customers can shop for the best rate, their rate can be much lower. I know someone who is a PPL customer that just signed up with a rate locked for one year of 8.6 cents per kilowatt. This is an option Middletown electric customers do not have, to shop for the best rate and pick their supplier. Everyone else in the state can do this but us. Please remember this when you vote on Nov. 5.”

:| “MMMMM, another week of collecting unemployment and eating McDonald’s! Gonna get some frozen pizzas, beef sticks, and cigs with my Access Card tonight. Stop and get a 30 pack of Keystone Light and watch some Monday Night Football! Livin’ the dream! Thanks, everyone!”


:( “Ahh I see the borough council is doing its best Gestapo impression again. This time it’s with the Elks Theatre – saying it’s theirs to take and then give away. Despicable! Time and time again the bullying tactics that have become commonplace are employed by these Bozos – these elected Bozos and their sarcastic and rude employees.”


:( “Remember when Tropical Storm Lee caused major flooding in Middletown two years ago? Remember all the devastation? Remember when our current council called an emergency meeting? Rightfully so, everyone who attended the meeting thought it was to discuss the town emergency – but no, the meeting was held during a major emergency in order to realign council, and McNamara was selected as president. Keep this in mind when it is time to vote.”


:( “Arnold, Brooks and Louer … your time running this town into the ground is limited. You are indeed the poorest example of town leaders I have ever seen.”


:| “People, are you better off today then you were four years ago?”


:( “Do you know the real reason Middletown doesn’t want to decorate for Christmas? They want to do away with God and anything to do with religion.”

:( “How can anyone sit back and watch this council destroy our town? McNamara, Louer, Arnold and Brooks all need to go. Your back door deals, two hour executive sessions and downright lies to the public have made me embarrassed to say I’m from Middletown. Oh, yeah, did I mention that you gave all the borough assets away such as all the parks, Main Street Gym, pool – and the taxpayers no longer own them or have a say on how they are managed? There better be a change this election or I am out of here.”


:( “I like how management at Harborton Place made people take their fences down, and then they put one up at their office. I like how the park has no money but yet they move out of their office, buy another trailer and put the new office in it. I like how the roads in the park are falling apart and they don’t fix them. And when are they going to tell the people there that their moving the mail boxes up to the office? Harborton is getting like Middletown Borough, they have no money but keep on spending it on stupid things instead of things that can help with improvement.”


:( “People of Middletown: Whatever you think you see or hear is only in your head. Things aren’t as they seem; it’s a figment of your imagination.”


:| “Kids nowadays are in such a hurry to grow up and be adults – kids today. Eleven-year-olds trying to act and talk like grown ups is sad and embarrassing, and these kids are clueless at how silly they look. Be young. Have fun. You have the rest of your life to be older! I never realized how desperate some kids are to be told they are attractive or have more “best” friends than anybody. Parents: If your kids are on any social network, Facebook, Instagram, etc, stay in their business because it is scary how they behave on the Internet. Alsotake a good, long look at your kids’ profiles and posts/comments. You can get a pretty good idea of what kind of kid you’re raising. Are they constantly fishing for compliments, accepting any strangers’ ‘friend’ request, posting 100 photos of themselves a day? Check it out. Tell your kid to get a grip and remind them of their age. Don’t act like some in-control good parent when, in reality, you have no clue what your kid is doing or how insecure they are. Dig deep into their business. Protect your kids and make sure they aren’t growing up to be mean, conceited, desperate and naive kids. It’s not easy being a good parent. It requires actual work, but it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love!”


:| “I am very surprised that I have only seen two comments concerning the president and the shutdown/debt limit ongoing fight in Congress. Having lived in Middletown for a number of years, this lack is somewhat appalling. While certainly not in any near term, President Obama will be viewed by historians as one of those rare presidents who fought to preserve the Republic and those Tea Party members of the House regarded as traitors. We are at a state of declared war by a previous president – War on Terror. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the U.S. to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given – the subversive act being hampering the Republic’s ability to sufficiently maintain its economic status, which seriously degrades both the military and those industries and other persons supporting it. While Congress, per the Constitution, shall be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going to and returning from the same, and for any speech or debate in either house, and shall not be questioned in any other place, there are exceptions for treason, felony and breach of peace.”

:( “Neither party has ever gotten it right. It doesn’t matter which side. We are all working for the same thing. The blame game is the old ‘fuddy-duddy’ finger-pointing way. Not helping, is it? Maybe these men who have to hold their ground need to go. Time for a single hard working parent to take the reins. These rich men are getting us nowhere.”


:| “The school district needs to help all kids who cannot afford iPads or laptops, not just certain kids and certain grades. Fair, across the board. If a teacher expects an assignment done online, remember: Not all have access or the downloaded programs after school hours.”


:| “Why do they ask for gross pay and not net pay when applying for help? No one has access to their actual gross pay. They should only go by the take home net pay.”

:( “Why was all of that money spent on the new police station when there’s a brand spanking booking center in Swatara Twp.? That’s what Lower Swatara Twp and the other police departments use. Talk about tossing around money that I thought Middletown didn’t have. What a cluster!”

:( “The downtown looks terrible. I’m jealous of Highspire’s scarecrow contest.”

:| “Middletown Council, I know you hate Sound Off but it’s the voice of the people who know you would retaliate if you knew who was putting the articles in. You have shown this town time and time again that you will do everything possible to get even. So why don’t you respond to the comments? What are you afraid of? I’m sure the P&J would permit you space in the paper to talk back. In fact, you could call it ‘Talk Back!’ ”

:( “Can someone please stop calling in and praising councilors Arnold, and Brooks? All they have done for the last two years was vote how McNamara told them to vote, and neither provided any common sense, positive ideas to better our town. I commend Arnold for her decoration capability, but that is it. As long as they continue to follow someone who is willfully trying to bankrupt our town so he can have a parking garage and fire truck museum named after him then I do believe it is time for change. Incompetence within our council can no longer be tolerated by this taxpayer.”


:( “Another 2-hour executive session by this dirty, unethical council, and for what? Guess we will find out next meeting. My solution: VOTE THEM ALL OUT.”

:) “I couldn’t believe it when I saw a few negative comments about the new Middletown football coach. How about a little support? You obviously must not have kids on the team. This coach actually has a game plan, stresses defense and has completely changed the attitude of the team from the last couple of years. He has them playing hard and has dealt with injuries, etc. He also gets these kids fired up instead of what had seemed like a don’t-care-what-happens attitude. Yeah, he has some great seniors to lean on, but he also has a lot of young kids to try and learn the system. Let’s be thankful for what looks like a winning season and support our coach and our kids.”



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