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Sound Off - 10/30/13

Posted 10/29/13

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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.


:( “Dennis Basonic from Steelton should come run Middletown.”

:( “Can someone …

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Sound Off - 10/30/13


 “Yeah, this is to the Middletown Police Department: You are a joke … ”


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“Middletown sure likes to take it to the local people … ”


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  “In regards to the violation of the Sunshine Act … ”


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 :( “It’s kind of funny when you go on social media and complain about people who don’t work and live off the system, yet your own aunt is on disability and Section 8 housing, and your grandmother is also on Section 8 housing, and I’d have to guess that the single parent who raised you got some assistance along the way.”


:( “Yes, there is a big financial crisis; and no, council did not make it; and yes, the unions are to blame; and we need to sell everything for money. Hey, McNamara, did I do a good job putting your lies into Sound Off?”


:( "If I was Curry I would pay Jack Still to remove my sign of endorsement. Does Jack really think he is helping? Lol!"


:| "I hope council paid close attention to Curry. They publicly endorsed him and Curry publicly denounced them, LOLOLOL!!"

:( “Have you been in the Elks Theatre lately? Nets holding up the ceiling, rows of seats roped off to keep patrons from danger, and the awful musty smell icoming from the standing water in the basement from the cooling system. What happened to the $500,000 grant money? What’s the big secret? Why won’t Mr. Einhorn turn over the receipts to the borough auditors? If there’s nothing to hide, show the receipts! The people here want truth and transparency! Let’s have it!”

:( “In response to the person who said, “Sell the water system because councils says we are broke”: I guess you won’t mind paying higher taxes to make up for the loss of revenue.”

:| “Agreed; that all sports should be supported by the school and community as equal. Not one more than the other, fairness. Maybe cheerleaders at every home event.”

:( “McNamara, you and this council have failed miserably.”

:( “There are a lot more important issues facing this town than decorations. Don’t decide your vote based on who likes to see the town decorated. Barbara Arnold is only doing what she was told to do anyway. She never made a decision of her own!”

:| “Good point! These rich men in charge don’t live in the real world. They don’t have to budge as long as they are getting paid. It’s time to look at their salaries and pensions. Maybe they would have things done before the actual deadline date if their money was being held back.”


:( “Thank you, Mayor Reid, for standing up to those bullies. And to you, Council Prez – you didn’t have the respect to look the mayor in the eye when you repeatedly interrupted him. You belittled and insulted him. You showed your true colors as a bully. This town is ashamed of you.”


:( “I believe you are what you attract. It’s no surprise to see who has signs for Louer and Arnold in their yards.”


:( “Wondering if the Section 8’ers who support Louer and Arnold will even live in Middletown in another six months.”

:( “Let your voice be heard: Vote out Louer and Arnold! They have done nothing for this town except drive it into the ground.”

:( “I cannot wait until this crooked council is disbanded. You are all an embarrassment, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. How do you even look people in the eye? Oh, that’s right I’ve been to council meetings – you don’t. Funny how everyone has something to write down at the exact same time.”


:( “Did anybody else notice that since the jack-booted thugs do not park our taxpayer-owned assets for days at a time in their yard, driveway, or in front of whoever’s house they parked in front of, the body damage is not there. Coincidence? I think not; maybe we finally have some oversight; albeit very minimal.”

:( “Management at Harborton Place needs to put a stop to these noisy tractors going through the park at night. There’s about three of them. They go down Adelia Street, turn at the water treatment plant at the deserted park, then go over the railroad tracks to go four-wheeling. They do this quite often.”


:) “Enjoyed the benefit concert for Bethany Christian Services at the Middletown Area Middle School on Saturday night. The band Fellow Heirs was outstanding! Thank you to the middle school for the use of your building for this worthy cause.”


:) “Great community concert at the middle school last night. Fellow Heirs was great.”


:| “Great Homecoming weekend. War Memorial Field looked good. We lost the game but this coach has been lucky. Kids that had big numbers at 1-9 do not at 4-4. Look at stats and this team is much better than a 4-4 team. All I am saying is do not give the coach all the credit when you have these kids who are making him look good while he is not using history to bust this team to the level they could be at and has good talent for at least the next four years.”


:) “Thank you, Seven Sorrows basket raffle committee. This was my first, but I see why you sell out every year. Lots of fun and very well run. The men are good sports and are a hoot. We will be back next year.”


:( “What is this football coach thinking? Coaching lost that game. Have they not looked at the past three years? You have strength. Do not rebuild the wheel. Use it. New coach just cost this group a playoff birth. Place blame where it belongs.”


:( “If you drive around town as I did, and see the quality, genuine, educated and respectable residents that have Tom Handley, Ben Kapensteen,, Anne Einhorn, Marcia Cleland, Bob Givler and Rachelle Reed political signs in their yards, versus the signs of our embarrassing incumbents which are mostly advertised by the town’s slumlords and village idiots, you will be amazed!”


:( “I think it is almost criminal that McNamara and this council get back more than $500,000 of taxpayer money from that developer, and they turn around and give it to this new commercial authority because King Mac knows his corrupt council is on their way out, and his only bit of power anymore will be on that authority that he just unethically handed all the deeds of the borough properties over to. I cannot believe these clowns are not in jail yet.”

:| “I’d just like to say thank you to Diana McGlone for all she does for the town and for keeping the town informed of current council’s shenanigans. Council should be ashamed of themselves for how they constantly target her and her family.”

:) “I want to thank WINK-104. They always throw the most candy to the kids and us hungry adults during the parade!”

:| “It really pays to observe. You learn quite a bit. Yes?”

:| “Row, row, row your boat, it’s such a lovely day. You can’t you say? It’s been repo’ed. Karma’s on the way!”

:( “Tom Corbett is the worst governor Pennsylvania has ever had. I think he’s a profanity toward the great state of Pennsylvania – and I’m a Republican.”

:|  “Way to go, Mayor Reid. The way this corrupt council has lied to the residents will be exposed when they are voted out, and the way McNamara and Louer treated you was totally disrespectful for a person that has served Middletown well.”


:( “OK: First of all, you desperate council people need to stop posting stuff in Sound Off to bash your competitors, trying to sound like you’re residents who love you. And, secondly, you need to stop telling the people out of one side of your mouth that the town has no money and is bankrupt and then continue to spend what’s left like it’s going out of style, hoping the rest of the residents really aren’t as stupid as you think they are. Spending all the money so you can then qualify for bankruptcy or some other state intervention – then Ms. Arnold wants to install military statues or memorials at the square? With what money, Barbara? And first order of business in the future should be to end the stupid concept of segregated voting. Time for the entire town to get to vote on ALL candidates who affect how they live. Ward voting is antiquated.”

:( “Oh Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. You just gave away Council’s best-kept secret (or poorly kept secret): You wanted to have the Community Development meeting prior to the council meeting in a hurry, so that they could actually hold the VOTE at that meeting, thereby denying the residents the opportunity to hear anything about it and giving feedback or trying to stop it. This is classic! And you were well aware of the Sunshine Act, and have been told about it many times in the past – so whether you feel it was well-intentioned or not, you broke the law! You’re no better than a common criminal– intentionally breaking the law.”

:( “Middletown, this is it! On Tuesday, Nov. 5 you must vote. The only way we are going to be able to right the terrible wrongs of this current borough council is to vote them out of office. I understand the concept that each ward must be represented on council but it is not right that we cannot vote them all out. Act now! Vote Nov. 5, please. The future of Middletown depends on you.’’

The following Sound-Offs were submitted recently about the election on Nov. 5, but were not in time for print:

“Is there anyone who can't make it to the polls because they don't have transportation? We need to make sure that every available voter is at the polls to get these clowns off council. If you're a senior and need a ride, call the senior center. If you can volunteer to give rides, call the senior center. If you're not a senior, call them anyway, and maybe they can give you the name of a volunteer.”

“Shame on everyone associated with Middletown Citizens United for their very mean-spirited and non-warranted attacks.”

“Thomas Handley: Really, you had the audacity to exploit the Cub Scout Pack with your political signs in the Halloween Parade? Very, very sad.”

“Get out and vote, people! If you are tired of the antics of current council get out and vote!”

“Everyone needs to get out and vote on Nov 5! It's so important not to have the mindset that other people will do it. That is how Harrisburg got their current mayor. Come on, Middletown, it's up to us to make this important change!”

“Over the last several years I have seen many articles and editorials that promote regionalism and I have come to a few conclusions about the people and the powers that be who promote it. The first conclusion is that some people were never taught, don’t understand or care about history. They don’t know how to recognize a threat because the marketing job being done on them feeds into their personal agenda, greed, fears and insecurities. When most townships and villages were formed, it was to establish an area where people agreed to maintain their community in a standard established by their residents and reflected in their codes and ordinances. Those codes and ordinances targeted the needs of the specific area. The residents elected people who were residents of the area to set standards for law enforcement, fire protection and other services and the residents paid taxes to cover those costs, or people volunteered their services. The communities met the very definition of ‘sustainable’ by living within their means and not constantly looking to other communities, the federal government or other grant sources to pay for things and decide what is ‘fair.’ They didn’t need people telling them what toilet to buy, what light bulbs to buy, how big their soft drink should be – and they didn’t need people micro-managing their lives in other ways. The second conclusion is that some of the non-government organizations (NGO’s), politicians and some in the media know exactly what they are doing. They know that farming out their power to NGO’s – appointed boards and committees - absolves them of guilt when unpopular decisions are made. They can point a finger at agencies like a zoning board or the EPA and say, ‘They made the decision, not me.’ The politicians can shirk their responsibilities to defend their local charters by claiming they have no power to act to correct a situation. Some may even be promoting the concepts because they have been promised a seat at the bigger table. The truth is, they have a LOT of power. They can reject that comprehensive land use plan that infringes way too heavily on private property rights. They can help make their community a place where people want to live and work and encourage the residents to work together and look out for each other so the need for outside intervention is marginalized. They can reject that grant money that ALWAYS has strings attached. They can be leaders, rather than followers. Many communities have good leaders, but they need the people’s input to better serve. You have elected them to represent you, not to be your keeper or worse, your dictator. The media feeds off the small local government when they seek outside assistance, calling the politicians in the townships and villages ‘outdated layers of government.’ The media is helping to brand and sell to the unsuspecting public a form of tyranny that our Founding Fathers ran from like the plague: A top down, dictatorial form of government by people who are removed from responsibility for their decisions because the decisions are made by people who are appointed, not elected and often don’t live anywhere near the area their decisions are affecting. Through regionalism, communities are given the hope of tapping into others’ resources rather than developing their own. Independence is discouraged and even frowned upon in favor of the collective. The current brand of ‘sustainability’ being sold is not the same as mentioned above. It relies heavily on a top-down, appointed authority to decide what’s best for us. The entire concept of regionalism is directly related to a United Nations treaty (Agenda 21) that was never ratified, but has been implemented through stealth since the early ’90′s. Executive orders signed by successive presidents from both parties have encouraged its advance through ‘soft law’ and are binding an unsuspecting public to international policies. Every community is unique. If not stopped, the broad brush of ‘regionalism’ will wipe that out. It’s up to the people themselves to wake up and recognize it. NEVER willingly surrender your responsibility to elect people who will be making decisions that will affect your life. Find out who in your community is promoting these regionalistic programs and ask questions. They may be mistaking your silence for approval. They may not even know what they are promoting and are only ‘going with the flow.’ Elect people who care about your community and will welcome your input, even if it challenges their decisions. Creating a regional government is a tricky proposition. The people you surrender your power to will not be here forever. The ones coming in behind them may have power you don’t want them to have and have power that they were never intended to have.”

“Attention, Barb Arnold – you are not what I voted for. You promised honesty and transparency and you have not held up your end of the deal. You don't vote to better the town; rather you vote to push McNamara's pet projects, no matter what they are. You are supposed to be the voice of the Second Ward, not McNamara. You have failed us miserably. In addition, you have lied about the (hardworking and dedicated) borough employees; for example, Christmas decorating at Hoffer Park and grievances and somehow you decided the number of employees was aligned to the number of snow- plows. I still can't believe you said this out loud. At council meetings you (and the rest of council) don't acknowledge anyone. It's as if you all actually believe you are above the community. You should be ashamed of yourself. You had my vote before and you proved you cannot handle the job. You do not have my vote in November.”

“I thought when the closing of the Middletown Communications Center was announced it would result in increased dispatch times for emergency calls within the borough, and, unfortunately, on Friday morning, Oct. 25, my fears came true. The first call for the Pineford fire was made to County around 7:08 a.m., but the units were not dispatched until approximately 7:12 am. The dispatch wasn’t made immediately when the first call was received, which cost precious time and made the fire much worse than it should have been. This delay needs to be investigated! Closing the Communications Center is not worth the few dollars I am saving on my electric bill, which is less than $25 dollars a month. Peace of mind is priceless. I hope a delay in dispatching did not contribute to the tragic fire on State Street Saturday morning.”

“Being that it's a week before we vote, I thought I should review all candidate information. The Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government website is a complete joke. You can actually feel the bitterness with each word that is written. It's almost as if the writer knows their time is coming to an end.”


“Why is Middletown Citizens for Responsible Government coming at Mr. Kapenstein with such ugly personal attacks? Ever hear the old saying people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? I'm looking at you specifically, Chris McNamara. Your list is as long as your arm. How hypocritical of you. You should call off your big mouth dog. And I am eagerly awaiting your fall, too, Mr. Courogen. How long have YOU lived in Middletown? Oh, that's right – you don't.”

“Get out and vote next week, Middletown! If you don't and current council stays as is you have no one to blame but yourselves. The shady politics needs to end now.”


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