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SOUND OFF: 1/15/14

Posted 1/14/14

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Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

:) “Welcome home from a great trip to Disney to the high school band! …

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SOUND OFF: 1/15/14


Submissions to Sound Off appear as written. The Press And Journal edits only for clarity and punctuation.

:) “Welcome home from a great trip to Disney to the high school band! Thanks to Mr. Fisher, the parent chaperones, the band boosters and all of you parents and grandparents for giving the kids such an opportunity. Middletown band rocks!”


:( “I want WHYL AM 96 back on air, ‘cause I like the format.”


:( “Tell me something: I read the P&J editor’s story about the borough. Really, Courogen, snubbing the Journal? How childish of a high-paid, under-worked employee – an employee who is paid by my tax dollars. If I was his immediate supervisor I can tell you how an annual review would go: You’re fired!”


:| “What's unfortunate about Middletown field hockey is that there is NO program to develop skills before middle school and NO ONE dedicated to a respectable program even though there is/are individual(s) within the district that could do so. Linda Kreiser is proud of her program, but Middletown just doesn't have that. There are a few girls that play on club teams all year but most just play August-October, and you just can't compete in that division where most teams are well-trained throughout the year – not to mention play on turf fields. I wonder how any of the LD parents would feel if they were in that predicament for their girls?”


:) “Lancaster mayor is a good mayor, I don’t care what anyone says.”


:( “What kind of a Sound Off column was that? Pitiful.”


:( “Council President MacNamara and Council Vice President Louer: It is embarrassing how you let your pathetic egos get in the way of donating some money to help pay for the party to honor a true public servant, Bob Reid. You had me hoodwinked for some time, but your true colors really came out. How petty. How childish. How embarrassing for my town. You are –and your cronies.”


:) “I don’t always agree with Diana McGlone, but she was spot on for doing the party to honor Bob Reid. You truly won my heart with that.”


:( “That was a shame what they did to that poor dog, Trigger. Where were the dangerous dog charges when the child went to the hospital? Lord knows what kind of environment that poor dog had to live in. And Lord knows what that dog suffered at the hands of its owners, the same people who wanted the dog’s throat slit.”


:( “I wish they would keep Rodman in North Korea.”


:) “Elks Theatre is the best! Enjoyed seeing the second Hobbit movie there. Your staff is so warm and friendly. Your movie screen is larger than many in the area. Your prices are fair And your popcorn is the BEST!”


:( “Obamacare is going to destroy America. Remember, you voted for it.”


:( “I can tell you what’s going to happen if the minimum wage is raised - businesses will get rid of people. It’s simple economics. Businesses will not be able to pass along an increase to their customers. If you think the customers will pay more, the only thing I can say is look how people will cut your throat for a quarter.”


:( “If you lost your health care, I hope you are a Democrat. This is what you voted for.”


:( “Tell me how deep in debt Middletown will be with a public relations person, a secretary and now a financial consultant on the payroll? And really, why don’t we know how much Mark Morgan is costing the borough? Mr. Courogen did not answer that question - he said he didn’t know the answer to it.”


:( “Impeach the whole Democratic party.”


:) “Seeing the Klahr building torn down looks a lot better. Borough Council, continue your march.”


:| “God hates the act of homosexuality. He loves the person.”


:) “Thank you, Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Rhen, for your service. You did a great job.”


:| “Phil Robertson for president.”


:( “Hillary Clinton turned her back on the military. Now she wants to be President. What a joke. Just destroy America now if she gets in.’’



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