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Sound Off - 12/25/13

Posted 12/23/13


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:| “The Confederate flags are flown because my husband is from the South and …

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Sound Off - 12/25/13


 “Yes, this is utterly ridiculous with Highspire Borough…”


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“To the gentleman who harmed the dog…”



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  “Yeah, I’d like to take the time and wish…”



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:( “I hope Middletown people and present council members saw what happened in Mechanicsburg – how present leaders were voted out. I hope it happens here.”


:) “Yes! I have already been given my Christmas presents this year. They are just inside my front door – my wonderful wife, my awesome stepdaughter, a great family and a warm home. Even a crazy little dog that brings joy to our house. I could never have a better Christmas than this. Thank you, God, for my blessings, and for sending your son on Christmas Day.”


:) “The Middletown Holiday Home Tour was wonderful this year, as it is every year. I would like to thank Carole Shanaman and the Home Tour committee for working so hard to make this festive event a success. I would also like to thank the families who so graciously opened their homes for the tour. All of the homes were so beautiful, and it was a pleasure having the opportunity to tour them and to talk with the residents. This event is a special part of the area’s holiday celebration and just one of the many things that make Middletown a wonderful place to call home.”


:) “Love them Raiders on the basketball court – boys and girls. You kids make me so proud.”


:( “This is directed to the person who told Lower Dauphin field hockey to move up due to their success. Please get your facts straight – AAA is the highest level of field hockey there is in high school, so there is nowhere for them to move. LD field hockey is where they should be. I agree that it is a disgrace that Middletown has to play such tough teams. But I also know that the members of Lower Dauphin’s hockey team work extremely hard. The girls train and lift all year long to be strong and well-skilled. It’s unfortunate that the Middletown team doesn’t have the same level of dedication from the vast majority of their players. So don’t bash the Lower Dauphin team for their well-deserved successes.”


:| “Mr. Morris in Highspire, God bless you! I enjoyed listening to you talk about the problems there. I was also surprised. I live in Middletown and I thought our police department was the highest paid in the area, as well as the highest taxes in the area. Thanks for letting me know.”


:( “So why hasn’t the codes officer in Middletown been out to cite people who didn’t shovel their sidewalks? I saw elderly people walking down the middle of Race Street because sidewalks were snow- and ice-covered. I ask again, where was code enforcement?”


:( “This is in regards to the sidewalks that the Middletown Cemetery is responsible for: Please explain why you are not clearing the snow from the entire width of the sidewalk. You have a snow blower, for God’s sake. One pass up, one pass back, the entire sidewalk is done. You actually have to make an effort to only clear a path, as opposed to clearing the whole thing. What are you doing all day that you don’t have the extra 10 minutes it would take to do the entire sidewalk? All that money for that land that they sold for student housing, you would think they could afford to clear the sidewalk properly. I guess you’re safe, since code enforcement’s only concern is harassing the theater.”


:) “Superb job by the Middletown Area Middle School chorus and band members! A huge thanks to Mr. Schlicher and Mrs. Kelly for such a great show. I was so impressed with the talent of those young students. Already looking forward to the next show.”

:) “I would like to applaud the effort of Mitchell Lee in his attempt to raise money for the Middletown Area Middle School Band’s new drums and marching equipment. Best of luck with your Eagle Scout project!”

:| “Is it true there are no committees in Middletown that one could volunteer for?”

:( “I know a lot of people remember the jewelry store that was downtown – Klahr’s Jewelry Store. It’s gone, and its loss can be blamed squarely on the shoulders of council, led by McNamara. You, sir, have no respect for the past and no regard for the future. So you plan to turn it into a walkway. What a lasting tribute to the history of a once-proud town.”{jcomments on}


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