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Sound Off - 12/4/13

Posted 12/3/13


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:( “Where exactly are the 200 acres that are being zoned commercial on Beagle …

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Sound Off - 12/4/13


  “ ‘New school, no new taxes.’ What a joke…”


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:| “Hope the new mayor will bring Sweitzer back so we have a descent police chief in this town. You can’t even talk to Wheeler. He’s never around and doesn’t seem to want to talk with residents. Sweitzer was always available to talk and answer questions. Please ask Sweitzer to come back.”

:| “It’s a little late, but it’s good to see the lady on the borough who filed all the grievances to stop Christmas in the Park has dropped the charges. Thank you, employees who stood up for what is right.”

:| “Let’s see if Kapenstein and Einhorn spend the next three weeks volunteering to decorate the park like Mrs. Arnold did. She spent over 100 hours working in the park and the square besides the council meetings. I would bet they don’t have time to help out. We will watch and keep you updated.”

:( “The Teamsters, with this borough manager, that represents the borough employees makes the Teamsters look weak and pathetic.”

:) “As I drove past the high school and down North Union Street into town this morning, I was excited to see the Christmas lights hanging across the road. I can’t wait to see them lit soon! Thank you, Middletown for providing such a boost to my spirit. On Thursday, no matter what our circumstances, let’s be thankful to God who gives us so many blessings. Think of all the good things that have happened in Middletown this year. If He didn’t do one more thing for us, it would already be so much more than we deserve. I am so thankful for my community, my family, my friends, and a God who loves us through every up and down.”

:( “It was posted on Facebook that the borough union employees were never paid to decorate the park. They volunteered with their families to decorate the park on their own time. Then why would the union workers file a grievance to be paid for all the hours that volunteers worked decorating the park? Our borough workers work hard and are good people. It’s too bad that one greedy worker who doesn’t even live in the borough would take it upon themself to speak for everyone else on the payroll. You’re lucky that your co-workers even speak to you.”

:( “My family and I offered to help decorate the Ferry House but were told we were not needed. I’ve never heard of any organization turning down volunteers. That’s the problem with people in this borough. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians! Cattty people who have deep egos and aren’t accepting of others. What a shame!”

:( “The state police ran a ‘safety’ checkpoint on 11/25 in the area of the old 230 Diner in Londonderry Twp. Can someone please explain to me why this was being done, anywhere, ever? To me, it’s the same as stop and frisk, which violates the 4th Amendment.”

:( “Democrats cannot run their lives without the government telling them how to run there lives and spend their money. Big government will destroy America.”

:( “I hope all that supported Obama lose their health insurance. That’s what you voted for.”

:( “You will never have a Republican tell you to vote for something so we can find out what’s in a bill.”

:( “Your president negotiates an agreement with a country like Iran on nuclear weapons. They are terrorists. They help kill Americans. Our president turns his back on Israel.”

:( “This country is about done. When we turn our backs on God we will have to deal with the consequences.”

:| “There is no hope in a pastor or a priest. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ. Please find a church that teaches that Jesus is Lord and through him is our only way to heaven.”

:( “Obama continues to make decisions to destroy America. He needs to be impeached.”

:( “To the person who owns that big black truck and does U-turns on Maple Street: You need to stop doing that. You’re going to get fined. First you were driving on the wrong side of the road, went over two curbs and did an illegal U-turn and went through a stop sign. I got your license plate number. If I see you do it again, it is going to cost you a lot of money.”{jcomments on}