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Sound Off - 3/12/14

Posted 3/11/14

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“I live in Londonderry Twp. and I am so sick…”


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Sound Off - 3/12/14



:( “Over the past 3.5 years, all the teachers my child has had at MAMS have been great except one current one. Stop being unorganized, making fun of the kids whose parents complain, and step it up. Maybe their complaining is telling you something. Keep your deadlines and follow the rubric equally – not modified for certain students.”


:| “To the caller in last week’s Sound Off column who wanted to know why the Borough Council members aren’t concerned about putting the fox in charge of the hen house in reference to the ICDA board: Who do you think put the fox in charge? Borough Council did (excluding new members).”


:| “I would support the Elk’s Theatre more, but could they show better movies and have later shows? I’m middle-aged, but I can still stay awake past 9 at night.”


:| “Please don’t name the new high school after anyone. Just let it stay what it’s already called.”


:( “When I see someone still has their Christmas decorations up well past Christmas, I assume that they are just lazy and uncaring slobs. Thank you, Borough Council, for making the entire town look lazy and uncaring. I’m sure that will attract lots of new businesses and patrons.”


:| “The Beatles should come to the Giant Center in Hershey.”

(Editor’s note: Two of them have died.)


:| “I should open a radio station, am, 5:30 format: Format should be music from the 1920s ‘til now.”


:| “WHP-TV the TV tower should big like WMAR-TV. When I was growing up, WMAR used to be CBS in my mind. WMAR-TV is CBS.”


:| “To the person who filed a complaint and the Middletown Borough police were slow to follow up because of a backlog of cases: You can fine a personal complaint against any individual in district court. Just be sure you have correct name and address of defendant and have a witness or proof that a borough code was broken. You will win your case.’’


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