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Sound Off - 3/19/14

Posted 3/18/14

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“In actuality, we do not need a new school…”


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Sound Off - 3/19/14



:( “Let’s all thank the Borough Council for lowering the electric rate only to raise the water and sewer rate to make up for the shortfall.


:( “John Brubaker forgets where he came from, but his coworkers don’t forget when he was a union member.”


:( “Why does the Press And Journal not put in all the articles for Sound Off? What are you afraid of, and who are you protecting? It’s my right to say anything I want.”


:( “I already do not drive to Hummelstown or Hershey because Middletown-Hummelstown Road is clogged with traffic, and Union Street/Fiddler’s Elbow has a stupidly low speed limit, and that equally stupid traffic light at Union Street and Fulling Mill Road must have had the timing set by a certifiable idiot. Now Vine Street is going to have a truck stop, Sheetz and Rutters store to make the situation even worse. Oh, and I can’t wait for all the drugs and prostitution that’s going to go on with the truck stop. I’m sure the State Police will get right on that.”


:) “Well, we’re almost through the winter and the borough’s streets were cleaned and we dealt with power outages and the world did not end. We all didn’t go to hell in a hand basket, did we? Still don’t like our council? Don’t be ignorant of the reality. Keep up the good work, council.”


:) “I was at the Londonderry Fire Company Fish Fry on Friday and it was very good. Everything was organized, the food was delicious and you didn’t have to wait long to get your meal. Kudos to all the people who organized the event and to all the helpers making the food and serving. Keep up the good work. I will be back again.”


:( “I wonder how long the Lower Swatara police are going to let that abandoned vehicle sit along the street? My neighbor called them in January and told them the vehicle had not moved since well before Christmas, and it has an out-of-state license plate, and even provided them with the plate number. The registration expired at the end of January, so it is no longer a legally parked vehicle. I don’t understand why aren’t the cops more observant in the first place? Didn’t they notice the vehicle covered in snow, or the length of time it’s been sitting there?”


:) “The Seven Sorrows BVM varsity (7th and 8th grade) boys basketball team not only won the Harrisburg Diocese league title several weeks ago, but recently completed a sweep of the Harrisburg CYO regional tournament at Lancaster Catholic and won that title as well. The latest feat had only been accomplished one other time in the school’s history and that was back in 1970. They now advance to the state finals in Philadelphia, where only the champion from each of the eight statewide Diocesan regions qualify. Way to go boys, you now stand with an elite group forever! Good luck. GO EAGLES!!!”


:| “I’m going to give up Facebook for Lent. Really isn’t a sacrifice, is it?”


:( “Funny, it seems the police chief wants to be everything but a police chief. He’s never at the police department. He may know how to do a lot of things, but being a police chief isn’t one of them.”


:| “Be considerate of the cops. They have a new system to do their reports in and it takes a course to learn it.”


:) “Thank you to the Public Works Department of Middletown Borough for sending the power and light crew out so quickly to fix the streetlight on Girard Avenue!”


:( “I’m tired of reading Paul Heise’s weekly Obama column in Viewpoints. Clearly, he’s a left wing tool that never has anything clever to say. Can you at least even the editorial section a little and put in some national conservative viewpoints regularly?”


:| “Does the borough still sell mulch at that place on North Union Street?”


:) “Amen to Pat Sherick’s article about the ridiculous ban of former employees from entering Frey Village, including former chaplains.”


:( “Many are questioning when the meeting took place to discuss firing Mr. Courogen? How sad that our new council members are having secret meetings. Was it another back-door meeting like the one the new council members had to discuss voting in Ben for council president to replace Chris McNamara? Your platform was truth, trust and transparency; how are secret meetings being transparent? Ben takes the credit for something Mr. Louer Jr. brought up at an authority meeting. Mr. Louer Jr. requested a rate study, plus having the authority ask the council to examine its options in terms of whether it should keep the authority as it is, or to lease it, or sell it! And please, Anne, think on your own! When it’s your turn to vote, you look over across the room at Ben for a signal to see what he wants you to do. Most people realize that you’re a pawn for the GMEDC (your own husband’s group) who refuses to cooperate with the auditors and turn over the receipts to show where all that government grant money went. If there’s nothing to hide, turn over the receipts! That’s called truth, trust and transparency!”


:| “Snow’s gone. Time to clean up Middletown’s square. Can we have the Penn State students do this? I saw in the Journal they volunteered to help at the Elks. Perhaps the borough manager can arrange this. If it happens, I’d like to read about it and see it in the Journal. Thank you.”


:( “The traffic light at Fulling Mill and Union stinks! It is so short! Please do a time study. I can sit there though two, three cycles before I can get through. One rig or maybe two cars get through there at 5-5:30 p.m.”


:| “What kind of theme is going to be used when they fix up downtown Middletown? Will it be Colonial, the ’60s, disco, the Old West? I hope there’ll be a plan and guidelines to follow. How will we know about this?”


:) “I go to a lot of churches in the area. I don’t belong to any of them but I like going to hear the different ministers preach. There are some wonderful people here in this town. You truly are blessed to have so many wonderful kind, loving people.”


:) “When was the last time you said hello someone you pass in the street? Try it. It usually brings a smile to people. Sometimes it startles them, but it’s all good. Try it, and pass it on.”


:( “You people drive crazy in Steelton. What’s the matter with you?”


:( “Why is gas still more expensive in Middletown?”


:| “So, a new gas station and truck stop just outside of Middletown on Vine Street – oh, baby. Look out – a casino can’t be far behind, or how about a roadhouse? Maybe get one that has a mechanical bull and plays country western music for line dancing. That’s what this place needs. Entertainment. Good music. A place to let your hair down and have fun.”


:) “Thank you, Middletown Are School Board, for putting our future in the spotlight and having a new high school built. We can never go back to just teaching the 3 ‘Rs. The world won’t allow it and neither should we. It’s our future, people. Don’t get cheap.”


:| “Why are the phone lines into the Borough of Middletown still a mess? Wrong people answer, if indeed they answer at all. Let’s fix this.”


:| “Can you tell me who I should call if I have a neighbor who has a junked-up yard?” I live in the Second Ward of Middletown.”

  Editor’s note: The Borough of Middletown has a codes enforcement office. The borough’s main number is 902-0706.


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