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Sound Off - 3/5/14

Posted 3/4/14

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“Where is Borough Council? After reading…” …

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Sound Off - 3/5/14



:| “Dennis Morris, you were a good asset to our town. You will be missed. McNamara made a bad decision on this one. Our loss is some other municipality’s gain.”


:| “Can anyone tell me if the new police contract in Middletown is working? I haven’t heard anything about it and I know it cost the borough of bundle to get things worked out.”

  (Editor’s note: Middletown Borough Council ratified the new police contract at a meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18.)


:| “Who has the best burgers in the area? And please, don’t say ‘McDonalds.’ ”


:) “Tell you what: Tony’s Pizza is the absolute best - bar none! Take that to the bank.”


:( “Whatever happened to someone saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you?’ ”


:| “Whatever happened to the Sheetz across from HIA? What is holding up that project? More lawsuits, or egos, or what?”

  (Editor’s note: The Lower Swatara Twp. commissioners approved a final land development plan for the Sheetz, planned at Route 230 and Meade Avenue, in March – contingent on the issuance of an encroachment permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection and a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit from the federal Environmental Protection Agency.)


:| “Hey, I’d really like to use HIA to fly, but your tickets cost too much. Why? Please explain it to me – and use words I can understand.”


:( “It’s almost tax time - are you all ready to take another hit for the home team?”


:) “Glad to see that through it all the Elks Theatre in Middletown is still operating. Don’t know how you can afford to keep it open, but I appreciate it. Come on, people – support it. The place has so much class over the fancy place at the Harrisburg Mall. That place is pure trash through and through.”


:| “Highly suggest a coffee shop in downtown Middletown. I know the kids from Penn State would be there. The building that was torn down would’ve been a prefect place for it. It’s my understanding a local businessman wanted to buy it but he was ignored by the borough. Sad. Sad.”


:( “I just saw the design for the new high school. It’s so ugly! There are two different kinds of bricks, and it looks like we’re reusing some of the old drab bricks. It’s a brand new building and it already looks dated. Sigh.”


:( “I miss Frank Linn on the Lower Swatara board.”


:) “I want to say good luck to the new manager in Lower Swatara Twp. Welcome to our community. Please remember you serve the residents. We welcome you and have high hopes for you.”


:| “Are they going to name the new high school after someone? I think it should be called the ‘Edward Brunner High School.’ What do you think?”


:( “I, for one, just cannot understand how the school district can spend thousands of dollars on a running track and other sports fields. Are we spending the same for our bands and actors at the school? I think not. That’s plain unfair and discriminatory.”



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