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Sound Off - 4/9/14

Posted 4/8/14

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“What is the Middletown Borough Council, the Laurel and Hardy Show…”


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Sound Off - 4/9/14



:| “I just read some of the comments about Coach Nauman. I do not have kids in the school anymore but I can say I saw this coming and am shocked it took this long. I agree he does a lot for kids but there was a lot in our day that I thought was a little questionable. School Board: Kudos to you for handling what I am sure was not easy. Keep ignoring things and winning is the easy way out. But as you saw, it was not a good situation for the kids.”


:( “Your kid steals from you and gives it to my kid, and you want to act like my kid is the villain? You need professional help just as much as your kid does.”


:( “This is in response to the person who responded about my ‘complaint’ about Lower Swatara police leaving an abandoned vehicle along the street. It is you who needs to get your facts straight, as your comprehension skills are quite lacking. I did not say the car was there since January – I said the car was there since December. I believe I said before Christmas. I said the police were called about it in January. You mentioned the multiple snows we’ve had, and that is exactly what brought my attention to the car sitting there in the first place, and exactly how I know it never moved. You don’t live here, you didn’t look out your window every day and see the car sitting in the same spot, still covered in snow, and all the snow piled around it Also, you’re wrong again about the police towing cars because it snowed. Lower Swatara can only have cars towed that are parked on a snow emergency route, and this car is not. Again, get your facts straight. The car in question is from out of state, and it does not have an inspection sticker. The registration sticker is invalid as of 1/31/14. The vehicle is not on private property, as your brilliant and know-it-all mind stated. As I said before (try to comprehend it this time), the car is parked close to the border of Middletown Borough. Most people would think it might even be part of the borough. It’s now April, and the car is still sitting in the exact same spot it has been in since mid-December. Please go back inside your little troll house, slam the door and stay there.”


:| “We have supported Coach Mike as a person. But there has to be more to this. The board seemed very firm and ready to take on all the support we showed. I just hate to admit, but I think there is something we really don’t know here. I just have a weird feeling that there is a bigger reason than anything we know – at this point, anyway.” 


:( “Not to be ignorant, but who cares about wrestling? Some are insanely heartbroken over this coach thing. Somebody else will step in. Seriously, settle down and shut up. It’s over. Go back to watching WWF with your TV dinner. I feel pretty confident Middletown wrestling will continue with a different coach. Don’t take your ball and go home.”


:( “Plain and simple, would somebody just investigate McNamara and some of his crew already? Geez, it’s right there waiting for you.”


:( “Lower Swatara, Longview Drive has a ‘crotch rocket’ rider that has no respect for anyone. LS police need to set a trap for this person. Besides noise, it’s the speed. Woke up my infant at 4:30 a.m. early Tuesday morning - disrespectful.”


:| “When is the new Middletown Historical Society museum going to open? It’s going to be on Main Street, isn’t it? That happened last year. What’s the hold-up?”


:( “A bad attitude athlete makes it unpleasant for everyone. It is embarrassing when other districts come and they see it, too. What’s even worse is when the parents are just the same.”


:( “Wrestling coach and soccer coach – so many problems with this school. The athletic director and superintendent support athletes and boosters who are clueless and arrogant. Blind leading the blind. Remove the blinders of being biased and do what is right.”


:( “Nobody cares about wrestling.”


:) “I really hope this coming fishing season is better than the last one.”


:) “P&J: Thanks for printing Tom Shank’s stories. He’s a great guy and his stories are from the heart. It makes your paper so worthwhile. Thanks again.”

  Editor’s note: Tom Shank won a first-place award in the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation’s 2014 Keystone Press Awards for his Woods & Waters column. The foundation announced the award recently. We’ll have more on his award, and others won by the Press And Journal, in a future edition.


:) “I loved the pictures about the dinner at the Londonderry Fire Company. Those people are real nice to everyone. I also enjoy the dinners at the churches in our communities. Friendly people and good food at fair prices.”


:) “So nice to read the names of the boys and girls who are on the honor roll. That’s quite an accomplishment. Way to go, kids.”


:| “So what happened with the Middletown police chief? He was supposed to be the best. Guess that’s what you get when you don’t involve the citizens in choosing such an important person. I’m disappointed that the new chief didn’t give the new mayor a chance and have them work together. How bad could it have been?”


:) “Press And Journal: The stories by the Highspire guy from the past are very interesting. Didn’t know so many things happened in Highspire.”


:( “Did you ever realize how all of the stories and talk about bad attitudes and problems in Middletown started when the Gang of Five took over? And you guys talk about unity and how we need it, yet you’re always blaming someone, suing someone, getting even with someone – and it’s always someone else’s fault.”


:| “Rodney King had it it right: Why can’t we all just get along?”


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