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What outdoor games do you enjoy most?: LaVonne Ackerman

Posted 8/14/19

Hello, folks. Less than two weeks before school begins and there is still time for some fun things to do!

What must you do before summer vacation is over? How about playing some good …

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What outdoor games do you enjoy most?: LaVonne Ackerman


Hello, folks. Less than two weeks before school begins and there is still time for some fun things to do!

What must you do before summer vacation is over? How about playing some good old-fashioned games? Do children get opportunities to play outdoor games anymore? I’m thinking simple ones, such as Mother May I? Or Red Light, Green Light? Duck, Duck, Goose? Or Spud?

Let’s not forget Tag! Freeze Tag, TV Tag, Elbow Tag, Flashlight Tag or any other kind of Tag, and just plain Tag! We have kickball, Wiffle ball, basketball, and softball. Pickup games of volleyball, kickball and football are fun, too!

How about after-dark games? The kids in my neighborhood played Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, and my favorite, Ringolevio (up until the writing of this piece I thought the name of this game was pronounced “Ringalerio.” I Googled it and saw the correct spelling. I also learned it was invented in New York City in the 1950s.)

There is something very special about being outside in the dark with the neighborhood kids! This was a magical time, for sure! I hope kids these days have the opportunity to experience their own magical times.

Let me know your news to share, and have a great week!

Israel Trip Day 6

Our tour continued June 16 in Jerusalem with Dr. Jim Ayers. What a jammed-packed day we had. I believe this is the day we put in more than 20,000 steps!

We visited the Temple Mount where Solomon’s Temple was built. Herod the Great’s Temple once stood on this site now occupied by Islam’s Dome of the Rock (2 Chronicles 3).

We visited the Church of St. Anne, a beautiful crusader church with incredible acoustics. Our group sang “Amazing Grace.” What a beautiful, moving sound it was to our ears.

We stood by the Pools of Bethesda. This is where Jesus healed a man who was paralyzed for 38 years (John 5:1-17).

We saw the Church of Dominus Flevit, where Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-42). Our group walked over to the Garden and Grotto of Gethsemane. Jesus and his disciples often stayed in this olive grove (Mark 14:32-36).

We learned about the Kidron Valley. Anyone entering or departing Jerusalem or the Temple Mount from the east had to cross this valley (2 Samuel 15:23).

The Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu was another stop on our very busy day. Here we saw the very steps Jesus took that fateful journey ... when he was taken to the house of Caiaphas the high priest after his arrest (Matthew 26:57-75).

We waited, with many other tourists, to see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This was overwhelming because under one roof we saw the location of Golgotha and the tomb where Jesus was buried.

Finally, we had time to shop in Old Jerusalem. We were told what to expect as far as fair pricing. We were warned about shopkeepers who inflated prices. We were introduced to trusted friends of Doc Jim’s, storekeepers who would not cheat us.

The time in Israel was overwhelming, yet simple. People ask me if I felt the presence of God in all or any of these places. It’s a good question, and it was on my mind as I considered each place we visited and listened to the accompanying scripture.

I did take some time to have quiet moments, while taking in ancient sites full of history, to ask God, what do you want me to experience here? Is there a special message for me?

Always it was impressed upon me that Jesus Christ is in me, all the time, wherever I am. Whether in the Holy Land or in a waterlogged place in New Orleans or on a beautiful beach in Florida or admiring the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, he is with me.

Next week, we will continue with Day 7.


Happy cake-and-ice cream day to Maddy Doncevic of Middletown. Have a wonderful time on Wednesday, Aug. 14!

Laron Woody of Middletown marks his big-deal 20th birthday on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Congrats!

Nathaniel Perry of Middletown celebrates his happy birthday on Thursday, Aug. 15. Enjoy it all week!

Happy birthday greetings are sent all the way to Karen Wise Gelbogis in Delaware. Her cupcake-and-streamer day is Thursday, Aug. 15.

John Ponnett Jr. of Lower Swatara Township celebrates his special 22nd birthday on Friday, Aug. 16. A very happy weekend to you!

Happy balloon-flying day to Leo Nissley of Lower Swatara. He turns 14 on Friday, Aug. 16.

A very beautiful wish for a special birthday, on Saturday, Aug. 17, is sent to Stacey Frost of Royalton. Keep looking up, Miss Stacey!

Gerardo Ortiz of Lower Swatara celebrates his 22nd awesome cake day on Saturday, Aug. 17. Enjoy it all weekend!

Best wishes to Marie Triplett on Aug. 17. Her party day is Saturday. Have a sensational time.

Cindy Knaub of Lower Swatara celebrates her confetti-popping day on Saturday, Aug. 17. Happy birthday to you, Cindy!

Happy landmark 21st birthday to Kenya Littles of Middletown. Her brand new adult cake day is Saturday, Aug. 17.

Molly Strite of Lower Swatara celebrates cake day No. 14 on Sunday, Aug. 18. Enjoy your birthday week, Molly!

A snappy-happy birthday to Michael Sabol of Middletown! I hope your Sunday, Aug. 18 is super-duper!

Happy beep-honk-beep day to Melissa Soto of Middletown. She turns Sweet 16 on Sunday, Aug. 18. Enjoy!

Happy birthday to Tim Nissley of Lower Swatara! Have a marvelous Monday, Aug. 19!

Canar Morrison of Lower Swatara celebrates his big-deal 21st birthday on Monday, Aug. 19. Enjoy and congrats!

Alexandria Fish of Lower Swatara hits her frosty-filled 18th happy birthday on Tuesday, Aug. 20. Congrats to you!


Happy 49th wedding anniversary to Paul and Norma Wagner of Lower Swatara Township. They celebrate on Thursday, Aug. 15. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

Congrats to John and Stephany Davidson of Lower Swatara as they observe their 51st wedding anniversary on Saturday, Aug. 17. Enjoy with lots of chocolate and flowers!

Best wishes to Norm and Karen Gelbogis, formerly of Middletown, on their eighth wedding anniversary. They celebrate on Tuesday, Aug. 20. Enjoy!

Class birthday

The Middletown Area High School Class of 1967 is having a 70th birthday party from 4 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31, at the Lower Swatara Lions Clubhouse, 2 Theodore Ave., Shope Gardens.

This party is for class members and their spouse or plus-1.

For details, see the MAHS Class of 1967 Facebook page, or call Wayne Cox at 717-944-0884.

Stay Cool Fruit Salad

1/4 c sugar

1 c water

Juice from one lime









1/2 c chopped walnuts

1/2 c coconut flakes

Combine sugar and water. Stir over low heat, heat until sugar is dissolved. Add juice of lime. Boil for 2 minutes. Cool syrup. Wash and chop fruit, then combine in a bowl. Pour cooled syrup over fruit. Stir and refrigerate.

Before serving, add nuts and coconut. Mix.

Quantity depends on amount of fruit used. Delicious as a salad or dessert.

Quote of the Week

“The external will not change until the internal changes.” — Rebekah Howell, opera singer.

Question of the Week

What is your favorite summertime game to play?

“Dodgeball!” — Logan Benner, 12, Royalton.

“Marco Polo in the pool.” — Ayla Windows, 8, Susquehanna Township.

“I like to catch fireflies at night. Is that a game?” — Ayden Windows, 5, Susquehanna.

“I like playing yard games, like Big Jenga!” — Ann Seaton, Harrisburg.

“I like playing Pokémon Go with my Dad. Eevee is so cute, and I like to battle!” — Emmelin Rondorf, 5, Boston.

“Baseball!” — Jayden and Ean Benner, Royalton.

“Catching lightning bugs and playing Kick the Can!” — Scott Ackerman, Singer Island, Florida.

Proverb for the Week

A man’s spirit will endure sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear? (18:14)

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